The Vengeance Of The War Goddess

The Vengeance Of The War Goddess




Doris Albert was the legendary war goddess, she was betrayed by her companions a year ago. After Doris escaped with serious injuries, she met her mate, Alpha Reed of the Red Moon Wolf Pack. She became Luna of the Red Moon Wolf Pack and helped Reed deal with the affairs of the wolf pack. At the same time she could hide herself and heal her injuries, and contacted her trusted minions to look for her brother. Her life in the Red Moon Wolf Pack was not going well. Doris discovered many dark secrets hidden behind in the pack. She also realized that her husband Alpha Reed was a disgusting demon. After discovering that Reed wanted to dry her brother’s blood to save his lover, Doris was furious, she could finally get her power back, and they were gonna let people who made her life difficult to pay for their stupid action...
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Doris gritted her teeth as she sliced through the succulent roast, her fingers working meticulously to ensure each piece was perfect. The kitchen was filled with the tantalizing aromas of a feast fit for royalty. As Luna of the Red Moon Wolf Pack, she had been asked to prepare this extravagant dinner for her husband and his lover Sophia on their third anniversary. The irony was suffocating.

"Isn't it ridiculous?" Doris thought, trying to keep her anger in check. She had to obey her husband's orders, at least until she revealed her true identity. For now, she could only live as cautiously as a mouse, biding her time.

The television hummed softly in the background, an interview with Doris Albert playing. She glanced up from her cooking, her eyes drawn to the masked woman on the screen. The mysterious figure spoke with authority and confidence that resonated deep within Doris' soul.

"Having the same name as the War Goddess doesn't mean you're anything like her," sneered Mara, Alpha Reed's mother and former Luna, as she sauntered into the kitchen. "You're not even close, dear."

Doris clenched her jaw, suppressing the urge to snap back at her. She focused on her task, carefully arranging the dishes on the table. In her mind, she couldn't help but think, "If only she knew the truth."

"Look at you," Mara continued, circling Doris like a predator. "Just a dumb beauty playing house. If my son hadn't found you injured in the forest, you'd have become the slave of the Red Moon Wolf Pack." She snickered cruelly. "It's hilarious that a werewolf of your low status is proud of having the same name as the Goddess of War."

"Your words don't define me, Mara" Doris thought, keeping her composure. On the outside, she appeared indifferent to the venomous remarks. Inside, her anger simmered, fueling her resolve.

"Whatever you say, dear," Mara replied with a smirk, clearly enjoying every moment of her taunts. "Just remember your place in this pack."

With that, Mara left the kitchen, leaving Doris to stew in her thoughts and continue her preparations. The clock ticked steadily, marking the minutes until the dreaded dinner would commence. Her heart pounded in anticipation, knowing that soon, everything would change.

Doris's fingers deftly chopped the vegetables, her attention unwavering despite the snickers and whispers that echoed around the kitchen. She could feel their eyes on her, but she refused to give them the satisfaction of acknowledging their cruel words.

"Look at her," said one female werewolf, elbowing her friend. "She thinks she's so important, cooking for Alpha Reed and his lover."

"Pathetic, really," another chimed in, rolling her eyes. "She's just a pawn in their twisted game."

Doris's grip tightened on the knife, but she didn't glance up from her task. Her mind wandered back to the beginning, when she was only eighteen and had defeated the most powerful werewolf in the world. The memory brought a fierce determination to her heart, but also a deep sadness.

"Can you imagine?" one of the gossiping werewolves continued, voice dripping with mockery. "A nobody like her, sharing a name with the War Goddess Doris Albert?"

"Ha! They say she vanished a year ago, after uniting several major packs and building a business empire," another snorted. "As if our Doris could ever be that cunning."

"Indeed," Doris thought, holding back a bitter smile. "If they only knew." But she wouldn't show them her true self; not yet.

"Remember the Blood Moon Pack? Wiped out overnight. Some say it was the work of the War Goddess herself," a third werewolf whispered, looking around as though afraid of being overheard.

"Ridiculous!" the first responded dismissively. "Our Doris isn't capable of such things."

"Your ignorance is my advantage," Doris mused inwardly, her wolf Shana growling in agreement. They were both ready to strike back when the time came.

Her hands moved with precision as she plated the meal, each dish a testament to her resilience and determination. The sneering female werewolves continued their taunts, but Doris simply focused on the rhythm of her actions, letting their words wash over her like water off a duck's back.

"Enjoy your petty games," she thought, placing the final garnish onto the plate. "Soon enough, you'll all know who I truly am. And when that day comes, none of you will dare to mock me again."

With a deep breath, Doris lifted the tray and walked out of the kitchen, her head held high as her past and future collided, igniting a fierce fire within her heart.

Doris's fingers tightened around the tray as she set it on the dining table, where Alpha Reed and Sophia sat, their eyes locked in a heated gaze. As she turned to leave, she heard Mara snicker behind her, but Doris simply closed her eyes for a moment, shutting out the ridicule.

"Your dinner is served, Alpha," she said softly, keeping her voice steady despite the boiling rage within her. She retreated to the shadows of the room, watching as Reed barely spared her a glance before returning his attention to Sophia.

"Is this all you're good for, Omega?" his cold voice echoed in her mind, a reminder of the disdain he held for her. But deep down, Doris knew who she was – even if they didn't.

A year ago, she had been betrayed by someone she trusted, left with no choice but to flee from her own pack, sending her brother Felix away for his safety. Her journey led her to the Red Moon Wolf Pack, where fate brought her face-to-face with Alpha Reed. Despite her wolf Shana's weakened state, they had felt the mate bond between them, and Doris had become Reed's Luna – though loveless and scorned.

"An alpha like Reed could never truly care for an omega like me," Doris thought bitterly, her heart aching as she remembered the cruel words he had spoken time and time again. "But I don't need his love or respect. I am the War Goddess, and I will show them all who I truly am."

She had spent every day dreaming of reclaiming her pack and her title, and now, with her injuries finally healed, she knew the time had come. Tomorrow, under the light of the full moon, she would sever the bond between herself and Reed, and take back what was rightfully hers.

As she finished cleaning the kitchen, the anticipation thrummed through her veins, igniting her resolve. She returned to her room, her thoughts consumed by the future that awaited her.

"Tomorrow," she whispered, her voice barely audible. "Tomorrow, everything changes."

A sudden knock on the door shattered her reverie, and she opened it to find a werewolf cloaked in black, his head bowed in reverence. The sight of him stirred something within her – a long-forgotten sense of power and authority.

"War Goddess," he said, his voice trembling with awe. "We've found your brother."


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