Urban Legend of A Retired God of War

Urban Legend of A Retired God of War



"Dragon Soul" military king Ye Xuan returns to his hometown, only to find an unexpected child clinging to his thigh. He is ordered to woo ladies. Initially, the plan was to charm one, but he ended up attracting a horde — a stunning female president, a fierce female police officer, a lady from an esteemed family, a gang leader, and a series of exceptional goddesses, including his loyal childhood sweetheart and the mother of his child. Conspiracies, bloodlines, seals, revenge, domination... One by one, the secrets are revealed. Unbeknownst to him, he has embarked on a path against the heavens! To support this book, please join the group: 316064116 (new group)
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China, Dragon Soul Secret Base!

Ye Xuan slightly opened his eyes, the glaring light made him subconsciously tilt his head.

A burst of intoxicating and familiar fragrance invaded his olfactory nerves. He could not help but look down at the woman in his arms, and then... he burst out laughing bitter-sweetly.

As the only woman in China's most mysterious and potent organization, "Dragon Soul," code-named "Ice Phoenix" Ning WuFrost possessed an exquisite face that could topple nations, a curvaceous and enthralling figure. Her soft, white skin was smooth and moist, akin to top-grade silk that is irresistible to touch.

When such a woman climbs onto your bed in white lacy stockings and underwear, it's difficult not to be moved!

But he didn't do what most people would think.

It wasn't that Ye Xuan didn't want to take her; it was that Ye Xuan couldn't do that.

After all, if he wanted to, he wouldn't need to wait until now; he would have killed this woman, who was utterly provocative, countless times last night.

Yet, if it really happened that way, that would be terrible!

Ye Xuan lightly extricated his arm from beneath her shoulders, slowly getting out of the bed.

One minute later, Ye Xuan was neatly dressed, picking up the backpack that had been prepared in advance and headed towards the door.

"Are you still leaving?" At this moment, the woman who had been "sleeping" suddenly spoke.

Ye Xuan's steps faltered, he halted, silently nodded, and gently responded with a "hmm."

"Am I not pretty?" Ning WuFrost knitted her brows.

Without resisting, Ye Xuan turned back to look.

Like a waterfall, her black hair spread out on the snowy-white pillow, accenting her remarkably beautiful face, which was innocent yet radiant. Her perfect "S"-shaped figure sketched out a curve which was enough to quicken one's pulse, further complemented by those slender, sexy legs in white stockings... Who would dare to say that this hard-to-find beauty, isn't attractive?

Ye Xuan didn't need to utter a word, his physical response was evidence enough.

This scene made Ning Wushuang feel like laughing, but she couldn't bring herself to: "So you don’t like me?"

Ye Xuan didn't reply, instead, he quietly shook his head.

"So you're still leaving?"

Ye Xuan nodded.

"Then I'll go with you." Saying this, Ning Wushuang started to get up.

This time, Ye Xuan shook his head: “No, you stay here, if you left as well, there would be nobody to keep those guys in check."

Afterward, silence fell.

For a long while, Ning Wushuang sighed quietly: "You will come back, won't you?"

Ye Xuan didn't respond, instead he turned around, opened the door and walked out.

"I'll wait for your return. If you won't come, then I'll come find you." Ning Wushuang ran to the door and shouted towards that resolute and profound figure getting away.

But Ye Xuan walked away without looking back.

Because he was afraid that if he did look back, he would not be able to leave.

Ning Wushuang stood still at the door, even though that figure had long disappeared from sight, her gaze was still locked in that direction. Her beautiful eyes gradually becoming moist, yet her gaze remained firm. Her cherry lips slightly parted as if to murmur, "I belong to you, sooner or later! Always and forever!"


This is a train journey to Jing City.

Ye Xuan has been "sleeping" with his eyes closed ever since he got on the train.

The journey is long, from the noise after he got on the train to the current tranquility, Ye Xuan has not spoken a word, even though there is a beautiful woman sitting beside him.

The woman has long, shiny black hair, a delicate oval face, picturesque eyebrows, cherry lips, and a classical beauty. From the moment she got on the train, she's been engrossed in reading "Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea."

"Hu." The train enters a tunnel!

"Ah." A scream like that of a slaughtered pig suddenly echoes in the carriage.

Ten seconds later, the train leaves the tunnel.

At this point, everyone is standing there, dumbfounded, staring at the same spot.

The beauty beside Ye Xuan is also staring at herself blankly.

Because at this very moment, Ye Xuan is holding someone's arm, and this person's hand is reaching into the bag of the girl sitting next to Ye Xuan...

That's right, it's a thief!

The scream from earlier was made by this thief.

The thief only felt as if his arm was clamped by a pair of pliers, with pain making him grit his teeth and scream, "Ah... Let go... Let go..."

But Ye Xuan ignored him, he just pulled the thief's hand out of the girl's bag and said to her, "Check to see if anything's missing."

"Oh." Nangong Yiyao quickly put down the book in her hand and thoroughly checked it: "Nothing."

Ye Xuan nodded slightly, then unhurriedly let go of the thief, "Get lost! Don't let me see you again."

The thief, his left hand clutching the right arm that Ye Xuan had gripped, glared at Ye Xuan with gritted teeth. "Kid, you're ruthless, I will remember you..." With that, the thief subtly signaled to his accomplice in the carriage before reluctantly leaving.

"Thieves these days have really become rampant, they dare to be so brazen even after being caught..."

"Yes indeed! But, that young man is really something. When the train suddenly entered the tunnel, everyone was still disoriented, but he was able to grab the thief in the dark. He's truly impressive..."

"More than that, you know? I won’t tell you that this guy was sleeping just before!"

"Catching a thief while sleeping? This...he's simply unbelievable!"

After the thief left, the carriage was filled with buzzing discussions.

However, Ye Xuan turned a deaf ear to them, closing his eyes as if everything that had just happened had nothing to do with him. He continued to "sleep".


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