Sweet Doting on His Wife

Sweet Doting on His Wife



Su Peilin, blind in love, was bamboozled by a scumbag man, who not only cheated her emotionally but also robbed her of her career. As the saying goes, what can be endured shall not be endured any more; she who's been wronged vows to strike back, she who's been robbed strives to claim what's once hers. But what if she lacks the ability to do all this? No problem, a lifeline is voluntarily presented to her. Lu Muyi, a golden opportunity, says, "I can help you, but you must become my fiancée." Su Peilin nods, "No problem." Lu Muyi adds, "You must also marry me." Su Peilin nods, "That's okay too." Lu Muyi continues, "You will have to bear a child for me." Su Peilin nods, "Mm... Wait, what? I refuse!" A wicked grin appears on Lu Muyi's face, "It's too late, my dear, we're off to our wedding night now!"
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"Yu Yanhao!!" A woman's shrill scream coincided with a loud bam, as the door was forcefully pushed open.

The impact on the wall echoed throughout the room.

Inside, two entwined bodies on the white sheeted bed jerked apart.

A naked woman shrieked, her crimson nails moved away from the man's back to snatch up the quilt, hastily covering herself.

Yan Yanhao, naked but for a pillow shielding his modesty, turned towards Su Peirin who was gasping for breath.

Su Peirin stood by the doorway, clenching her fists so hard, her nails cut into her palms, but she was oblivious to any pain.

She coldly fixed her gaze on Yu Yanhao and the woman with him, a sarcastic laugh slipped out, "Having an affair, are we? Yu Yanhao, I must say you're bold, indeed. My wonderful fiancé! While I'm breaking my back at work, you're messing around behind my back! Yu Yanhao, we are done! Completely done!!"

In a fury, Su Peirin yanked off her engagement ring and threw it at Yu Yanhao's forehead.

Yu Yanhao, knitting his brows, nimbly dodged the flying ring.

Turned to leave, Su Peirin was blocked at the doorway by Yu Yanhao, who was now hurriedly pulling on his shorts, presenting a comically lewd figure.

He quickly shut the door, standing bare-chested against the door, barring Su Peirin's way, "Break up? I don't agree!"

Surprised at his shamelessness, Su Peirin sneered, "If we don't break up, then what?"

Laughing coldly, she reached to open the door, but Yu Yanhao wouldn't budge.

He stared at Su Peirin, pleading lamely, "You can't blame me! You're too busy with work to fulfil my physical needs. It's perfectly normal for me to find other women. Besides, my true feelings are only for you - those others were nothing but flings."

"An opportune show?" Su Peilin sneered, once again astonished by Yu Yanhao's shamelessness. Pointing at the woman on the bed, she scoffed, "You have the audacity to tell me in front of her that you've just been putting on a show with her?"

"What's wrong with that? That's the truth. She knows, we're using each other for our own needs. She's accepted that fact, Peilin. She can accept it, so why can't you? You, my fiancee, can't you accept this? Or are you suggesting that you don't love me at all? Or maybe you've already found someone else. Is that why you're mentioning a breakup?"

"Yu Yanhao!" Su Peilin made a move to slap Yu Yanhao across his face.

Yu Yanhao quickly gripped Su Peilin's wrist, his gaze intense. “Peilin, you really don't understand. Despite my love for you, you always seem to be too busy, to the point that it drives me to find other women, and you exhibit no remorse. As a woman, do you not feel failed seeing yourself acting this way?”

"Let go of me! Disgusting!" Su Peilin jerked her hand free, glaring at him in revulsion. "I don't understand? I should feel remorse? I am a failure as a woman?"

Su Peilin laughed coldly. "The biggest regret of my life is having you as my boyfriend! Yu Yanhao, let me tell you, I've never met anyone as shameless as you! If the sole purpose of a fiancée is to be a bed partner, then yes, I am indeed a failure! Yu Yanhao, people are not beasts, we do not just go around mating like wild animals during heat, disgusting! Get out of my way!"

With that, Su Peilin kicked brutally at Yu Yanhao's bare leg. The contact of her high heel against his flesh was enough to make him scream. Using this opportunity, she vigorously pulled open the door, hitting Yu Yanhao as she stormed out.

She ran out as fast as she could.

Yu Yanhao, backing up against the door, cried out holding his arm and leg.

He'd been kicked by Su Peilin, then struck by the door she opened.

As he wailed, the woman on the bed unceremoniously dressed herself, "What a killjoy." She rolled her eyes at Yu Yanhao, took money out of his wallet and left.

Seeing her leaving figure, Yu Yanhao spat out in anger, “Damn! Bitch! All women are bloody bitches!"

After cursing a few more times, he appeared to remember something. Ignoring his own pain, he quickly got up from the bed, put on his clothes, and left with a stern expression.


Heartbroken and disillusioned, Su Peilin lay at home for a full day before she managed to pull herself out of the sense of despair, feeling foolish and blind.

The next day, when she returned to the office and turned on her computer, she abruptly stood up, toppling her chair over.

Where was the software she had designed? Where was the APP, "Feast World", that she had single-handedly created? It was nowhere to be seen.

Su Peilin frantically looked for her program in the computer, to no avail.

The program had been maliciously deleted.

The few employees who had already begun their workday started to stir: "Boss, the APP program is missing from the computer."

"What?!" Su Peilin rushed out of her office and checked everyone's computers. The "Feast World" APP they had designed had completely disappeared from all the computers.

In a hurry, Su Peilin went to the security office of the office building to check the surveillance footage.

According to the footage, Yu Yanhao had visited the office building yesterday, and he had been on the floor where Su Peilin's office was located.

"Yu Yanhao!!" Seething with anger, Su Peilin stormed out of the office in high heels.

A few employees watched Su Peilin's retreating figure and whispered among themselves. Yu Yanhao was the company's part-time promoter, and being the boss's boyfriend, he had unrestricted access to the office.

What had happened between them?

It seemed like Su Peilin and Yu Yanhao had had a squabble.

Still, it seemed too much of Yu Yanhao, even if they had broken up, there was no need to destroy all her hard work.

The employees looked at each other, shook their heads, sighed, and returned to their desks.

Apparently, there wouldn't be any work this morning; they would have to see how things developed in the afternoon.

There are those with sharp wits who have already turned on their computers, silently browsing job postings. The company might be on the brink of collapse soon.


"Open up! Open up!!" The aggressive banging on the door echoed at the doorway of Yu Yanhao's room, with Su Peilin relentlessly pounding Yu Yanhao's door.

The door was suddenly swung open. Su Peilin stood at the entrance, her eyes glaring fiercely as they remained fixed on Yu Yanhao.

Yu Yanhao had a smug expression on his face. Looking at Su Peilin, he laughed scornfully, "What's the matter? Realising your bad attitude yesterday, did you come to beg me to get back together?"

"You damn bastard! You dared to cause trouble at the company?Where's the 'FoodWorld' app program? Give it back to me!"

"What are you talking about? Is your 'FoodWorld' app program missing? If it’s missing, you should call the police, why are you bothering me?"

"Fine! I will call the police then!" Su Peilin’s words fell, but she suddenly realised something was wrong. She looked at Yu Yanhao with a suspicious and bemused expression.

Yu Yanhao sneered, "Go ahead! What proof do you have that I did it? With only a surveillance video as evidence, I can tell you, it only captured me entering the building, but what I did inside, it didn’t capture that."

"So what? You're the main suspect. You went to the company's floor."


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