Mr. Charming's Bride

Mr. Charming's Bride



Discovering her three-year boyfriend's deceptive appearance, she turned around and got a little red book with a handsome man. The once awkward her, under the man's protection, welcomed the most exciting moment of her life! The scum of a man returned to entangle, green tea white lotus repeatedly sabotaged her, all were crushed to pieces by the man beside her! "If you think your life is too long and want to bully my wife, I don't mind sending you to have tea with the King of Hell." "Hubby, the King of Hell may be too busy to entertain them." "True. But hell is such a huge place, we might as well send them there for a tour." The handsome man smiled with unparalleled warmth.
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"Chen, I knew you are the best! You came especially to keep me company tonight!"

"I ditched a date with my girlfriend for you. You know what you need to do later, right?"

"Don't worry, when have I ever not understood you?"

Inside the sumptuous presidential suite, a young man and woman are commencing some ambiguously suggestive play.

In the corridor outside, Cheng Yuyang was staring intensely at her phone and biting her lip, a complex expression on her face. Half an hour ago, she received a provocative text message. Because of this message, she was here to verify whether her boyfriend of three years was inside with another woman.

"Yuyang, I got the room card!"

Her friend Yu Wei quickly approached, skillfully shoving the card into her hands, "Hurry up! Don't hesitate, or that disgusting couple will be finished!"


As the door opened, a delicate feminine voice rang out from inside, "Aren't you afraid that your little girlfriend will discover that you have been cheating?"

"She's not as smart as you."

In response to the woman's words, a charmingly lazy male voice sounded, followed by some embarrassingly intimate noises from the room.

Cheng Yuyang's breath hitched, her feet turned to stone, and she dared not take another step.

Yu Wei, trembling with anger, directly pulled her inside.

At this moment, on the big bed of the hotel room, a man and a woman were forcefully entangled, wholly engrossed in their own world, completely unaware of the intruders in the room.

Cheng Yuyang's pale face tenses up as a suffocating pain wells up from her heart. She watches, unbelievingly, her once gentle boyfriend in bed with another woman.

Yu Wei, fueled by anger, picks up a trash bin from the ground and hurls it forward, cursing loudly, "Lan Ye Chen! You son of a bitch!"

The couple in bed is suddenly stirred, turning their heads only to realize what's happening after the fact.

The next moment, upon seeing his girlfriend and another girl in the room, a hint of surprise flashes through Lan Ye Chen's eyes. He quickly turns to his side, grabbing a nearby bathrobe to cover himself.

"Yuyang, how did you get here?"

The girl, trembling, points at the marks on his neck in an accusing manner, choking out words, "Is this what you meant by 'entertaining a client'?"

Lan Ye Chen averts her gaze sheepishly, "Yuyang, I..."

From the side, Yu Wei pulls Yuyang behind her, glaring fiercely at the treacherous lovers, "Yuyang, don't even bother arguing with him. Break up with him now, this scum truly disgusts me!"

"Scum? Who's a scum?"

A soft feminine voice echoes in a gloomy tone as a slender, pale hand hooks around Lan Ye Chen's neck from behind, looking quite satisfied towards the two intruders.

Cheng Yuyang and Yu Wei both turn to look at the alluring young woman on the bed.

"Oh, I forgot. Aside from the scum, there's also you, the shameless mistress!" Yu Wei snarls through gritted teeth.

Ignoring Yu Wei's words, the woman smirks, sizing up Cheng Yuyang, "Chen, so you're into her plain and simple type, huh? Just looking at her bores me. No wonder you could only play a game of platonic love with her."

Lan Ye Chen's brows furrowed in displeasure, shooting a warning glance at the woman. He then pushes her aside, addressing Cheng Yuyang, "Yuyang, you should go home first. We'll talk properly about this tomorrow."

Talk properly? Could things really still be 'proper' between them?


With that in mind, Cheng Yuyang laughed bitterly and resignedly, her tone extraordinarily calm, "There's no need to talk anymore. I think, there's nothing more suitable than breaking up."

After saying that, she didn't linger any longer, she just turned around and walked towards the door. Yu Wei, disgustedly glaring at this pair of scumbag and cheap woman, also hurried to follow.

Lan Yechen's heart constricted, and he stepped forward intending to follow.

The woman beside saw this and quickly held his hand, pulling up the corner of her lips, and comforted the man by his ear: "Chen, she's not in the mood to listen right now, you can find her and talk to her tomorrow, she can't leave you."

Lan Yechen turned around annoyedly and simply continued what he had been interrupted before.

Seeing that she had successfully kept the man, Wang Jiayao's mouth corners lifted in a victorious smile.


After leaving the hotel, Cheng Yuyang, who just experienced an emotional blow, calmly said goodbye to Yu Wei, and absentmindedly walked in the bustling streets, unconsciously swaying into the most high-end and lively bar in the city center.

The glaring neon lights swept over every corner of the bar, the surrounding explosive music could be heard, the dance floor was crowded with men and women of all colors, wildly dancing and forgetting themselves, the place was filled with the smell of tobacco and luxury.

"Come! I want another drink! How is this alcohol like plain water?"

At an unremarkable bar counter, Cheng Yuyang had already downed several strong drinks in succession, her pretty little face flushing from the alcohol.

The unbearable scene she had witnessed just now, mixed with the once blissful past flashed one by one through her mind. When she regained her senses, her face was covered by tears that could no longer be suppressed.

"Wuu wuu wuu... Stinky men! There really isn't a good one amongst them!"

The girl lifted the glass slightly, and another shot of strong alcohol went down her throat.

Lan Ye Chen originally planned to take her to visit his parents this Sunday. Now it seems like it's less of a hassle.

"Beautiful woman, from the look of you, have you been heartbroken?"

A lewd-looking young man came and sat next to Cheng Yu Yang with an ill-intentioned smile on his face.

Cheng Yu Yang glanced at him indifferently and intended to leave.

But as soon as she took her first step, her body slumped.

Upon seeing this, the man quickly helped her up and said kindly, "You want to go home? Let me take you."

"Don't touch me!"

"Okay, okay, I won't touch you. Are you going to continue drinking?"

With that, the young man pushed his colorful cocktail in front of her.

Fuddled, Cheng Yu Yang didn't think much about it, directly took the glass and downed it all, then got up, picked up her handbag, and staggered towards the restroom.

Watching her retreating back, a hint of cunning flashed in the man's eyes. He rubbed his hands excitedly and stood up slowly, "Hmm, just you wait and see, soon enough, you'll obediently fall into my hands."


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