Daily Check-in to be Mr. Billion

Daily Check-in to be Mr. Billion


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After his gold-digger girlfriend cheated on him, Su Chen accidentally bound himself with a daily sign-in system. From that day, he lost his ambition, because... he struck rich! The system casually rewards him a street, a listed company, and even globally limited supercars. Su Chen said, " I also want to remain low-key, but my power won't allow it!" If I continue to check-in daily for a year, would anyone in the world be richer than me?
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"Bai Lisha, aren't you going to explain this to me?"

Inside a mid-tier restaurant, Su Chen coldly interrogates with an ashen face, staring at the emotionless Bai Lisha.

"What a joke, Su Chen, who do you think you are? Is it necessary for me to explain to you?"

Caught red-handed cheating, Bai Lisha didn't seem flustered at all.

Instead, she casually continues to feed the scruffy man across from her while throwing Su Chen a derisive glance.

"Baby, who is this guy?" the man asked uncomfortably.

"He's just a bootlicker, I barely know him."

Bai Lisha sneered at Su Chen and said disdainfully.

"Fine, Bai Lisha, so you don't know me, huh?"

Su Chen immediately pulls out the brand new phone he had just purchased as a gift for Bai Lisha and hurls it at his feet.

"For almost three years, I've been delivering food to you, buying you bags, buying clothes, and you still don't know me?"

Upon hearing Su Chen's resounding words, Bai Lisha shouted impatiently: "Exactly! What's wrong with not knowing a pauper like you?"

She also glanced disdainfully at the smashed phone on the ground, "How much is this piece of junk phone worth anyway?"

Bai Lisha then revealed the Cartier necklace around her neck, her face triumphant. "See this Cartier necklace?"

"It was a gift from Chen Shao, worth over 80,000 yuan. You could buy over a dozen of your phones with it."

"Kid, wise up and leave, Lisa is my girlfriend. Do you think someone as poor as you is a match?" Chen, from the side, coldly cursed.

"Fine!" Su Chen, heartbroken and dejected, stared at the utterly guiltless Lisa and said in a deep voice, "Lisa, is that your decision?"

"Yes, from now on, you've been dumped by me, got it?"

Lisa stood up, and with her finger poking Su Chen's chest, she stated word by word.

"I see, don't regret it."

"Regret? You're just a long-term meal ticket to me, not even a spare wheel. How could you make me regret?"

Having said that, Lisa called out to Chen, "Darling, I've lost my appetite here. Weren't you going to take me out for Western cuisine?"

"Sure, let's go for Western food."

Chen, grinning from ear to ear, took Lisa's hand, shoved Su Chen out of the way, and they walked off.

Su Chen steadied himself; his mind was blank.

He bent down and picked up his phone, his eyes glaring red.

Su Chen was originally just an ordinary young man from the countryside.

After graduation, he worked in Yunhai city so that he could present his girlfriend with decent gifts.

He scrimped and saved, gathered his salary for three months just to buy this fruit-logoed-phone worth more than nine thousand.

He never expected that this would be the outcome.

So it turns out, he had always been unrequitedly in love.

Watching the waist of Bella wrapped by Mr. Chen, entering a red Ferrari sports car, his heart sank.

Su Chen was completely disillusioned.

How could he have fallen for such a vain and despicable person in the first place!

He shook his head, a voice suddenly echoing in his mind.

【Ding! Congratulations, Host, for successfully binding the Daily Sign-In System.】

Upon hearing this voice, Su Chen's body shuddered slightly.

"Sign-in system?"

【Yes, Host, you're in luck.】

"Then can you explain what it is?"

Su Chen, in no rush to leave, casually sat down in the restaurant.

【You can win a random reward each day you sign in. Would you like to know more, Host?】

"Every day?"

Su Chen's eyes lit up at the mention.

【Yes, you haven't signed in today. Would you like to do it now?】

Upon hearing this, Su Chen's originally desolate heart was immediately enlivened.

"Sign in now!"

Just as Su Chen's voice dropped, the system's prompt echoed again.

【Congratulations, Host, for successfully signing in. You've obtained the permanent property rights to the Eastern Financial Street in Yunhai City!】


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