Mysterious Mistress

Mysterious Mistress


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This is my second year as a mistress, the sisters in my circle all call me Big Sister, admiring my current status. Yet, they are oblivious of the years I had to surrender myself to those men just to survive, the unspeakable bitterness and sorrow...
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A while back, a female university student asked me, "What should I pay attention to if I want to be a mistress?"

I told her, "The most taboo things for a mistress are greed and arrogance."

And yet, she fell foul of both of these points.

The young girl, just starting out, didn't know any better. Relying on her peach-like buttocks, she managed to latch onto a high-ranking official, and she grew greedy for more.

In the end, she was caught by the official's wife, and suffered greatly; her promising future was ruined in that instant.

In this profession of being a mistress, how many women dream of making it big without lifting a finger, and how many can actually retire with the wealth they desired?

Yao Yao is considered one of us who has had it easier. She's well-known by the moniker 'Tan'.

She's quite a capable one; when any man encounters her, the luxury brands like Hermès and LV can't escape. Last year, she got lucky and became involved with a bank president. Within a year, she had three houses under her name, and had six abortions. The last one was just last month.

But then, the doctor told her that her womb was too thin, she would never be able to become a mother. She broke down the moment she walked out of the operation room.

She said she was still young, she had so much money, and had already planned to go home and start a business, but now she can no longer be a complete woman.

This is the sorrow of being a mistress, yet countless young and beautiful girls are willing to do anything to join this circle.

As for me, like them, I am also a mistress.

However, the man behind me is a civil servant, so I have to keep my identity even more hidden on this level. Those who know me know that I stand strong, call me Sister Lan, but they don't know who is behind me.

Most of the time when I'm free, I would meet up with a few sisters from the circle to hang out. But I avoid the upper-class places where the wealthy wives often go as much as possible, in case I accidentally run into a main wife, it could cause some difficulties.

I thought life would go on like this indefinitely, until an unexpected event at my twenty-fifth birthday party completely disrupted my future.

That day, I had made an appointment with Yao Yao and a group of her friends to celebrate her birthday at the "Passionate Flower Capital". As the name suggests, it was a place to seek entertainment. Nowadays, it's not just men who enjoy going out, but women, too, often have an even greater time, which is why the business of young masters is thriving.

On that day, each of them had picked two young masters for themselves. Yao Yao said she was tired of being used by men, and now that she had money, she wanted to experience the thrill of using men.

Those young masters were sharp-eyed. Seeing that we had a few bottles of Louis XIII, they started fussing over us, fawning and calling us "sister" affectionately.

Due to my patron's unique status, I didn't dare to go wild, so I just asked one young master to accompany me for a drink. Unfortunately, my luck was bad, and just when I decided to let loose for once, trouble arose.

There was sudden commotion outside the private room, and we heard someone exclaiming, "The cops are here!"

I went to the staircase and saw a group of people in police uniforms searching our place.

The lead officer was someone I recognized, named Chen Yong, a subordinate of my patron. If he saw me having fun with a gigolo and reported it to my patron, my easy life would be over.

Cursing under my breath, I turned and ran.

When I reached the rooftop, I had nowhere to run. They'd started making a huge scene downstairs, and seeing that they were already leading a team upstairs, I made a dash into the largest private room.

In that room, the lights were dim and there was no music playing, so I didn't expect that someone was in there - a man, no less!

He was leaning against the wall. Despite the strong smell of smoke in the room, I could still detect an underlying note of blood. His eagle-like eyes were fixed on me.

I instantly felt that this man was not kind. Just as I was about to turn and sneak away, I felt the cold muzzle of a gun pressing against the back of my head.

"Don't move!"


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