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General Romance

THE SECOND PART OF HIS DESIRES ~ It started off as a hunger, a thirst, a desire. Now you're an addiction I can't seem to get a grip on. I'm not sure I want to anymore. ~ Rachel Sinclair was a stripper. After getting acquainted with a certain billionaire, everything changed, it can never be the same anymore. Xander McAllen met a stripper, made a deal with her, and got his life screwed. In a good way. Nothing seems wrong? Wrong. They can't be together. Even if they're addicted or there's a hunger for each other. Their past has come to haunt them. The only question is; will it consume them? Or will they find a way to overcome it and let love prevail.
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The story mainly focuses on two characters "Rachel Sinclair" and "Xander McAllen" they engaged in a deal which made miss Sinclair live with him for a period of time to convince his parents marriage wasn't for him. It worked with the help of a fellow stripper at that time "Rosaline" she wanted Xander and tried to spoil the plan, which didn't work and it turned out as a success.

Rosaline had to leave, it was left with the two of them who found themselves drawn and attached to each other.

As the story progresses, Rachel decidee to pursue her dream of being a baker, she got a job thinking that was her ticket to a quiet life, she was wrong since no matter how it went Xander found his way back.

New characters were introduced, her boss fell for her, but the feelings couldn't be mutual. Then her best friend returned to the city and his eyes fell on her as well.

The story takes a peak when an unknown character comes into play. He seems to work for someone else. Their sole aim is seperating Rachel and Xander. Who are these people?

They manage to pin them against each other and in Rachel's anger, she makes a decision to help Elena Lodge get together with Xander. Shortly afterwards, Rachel comes to regret her choice and tries to get out of it by making a counter deal with her father, Hiram Lodge who believes that Xander isn't a good fit for his daughter.

Meanwhile, Elena finds out Xander is truly in love with someone else, that someone else is Rachel. Rachel suspects this and tries to hide it from her seeing as Elena will do anything to get this woman out fo her way.

The first season closed off with a simultaneous events happening at the same time.

The unknown character has a master plot that he thinks will keep the two apart for good.

A kidnapping. Elena mistakes Donna as the woman Xander is in love with, she takes her out of the picture by kidnapping her, and Fallon is completely unaware as they had an argument preceding that.

Meanwhile, Rachel and Xander are on the verge of expressing their feelings for each other when Xander opens up about a secret he's been keeping. That unlocks her memory which has been blocked for some reason. Rachel realizes she is somehow responsible for the death of the love of his life. The first woman he ever wanted to marry.

This is where our story continues...



~One Month Later

“Hi, my name is Rachel also known as patient 126. I'm here for my medication”

I introduced, turning my head sideways. The nurse nodded then handed me a small cup with two tablets in them. I gladly took them and swallowed without requesting for water.

I looked around the mental institution I was in surrounded by creeps and crazy individuals who had one mental disorder or another. They were brought in by people who saw them wandering about, or their immediate family members when things got out of hands, then a small section of the hospital consisted of those who were bold enough to check themselves into the hospital. I was among that section. Let's just say I'm losing my mind.

It's that simple. I'm going crazy and I don't want to hurt myself. It's leading up to it, if I didn't have padded bed room walls, I might take my life. This place is the best for me.

I'm in isolation where I can't hurt anyone else or myself. I get an injection every week I think the nurses call it "Fluphenazine" it's a surpressant for mental disorders, it helps with the stupid nightmares. I can't stop thinking about that night. I don't want to remember it, I just want to sleep and let it all down the drain because it fucking hurts. It really hurts.

I held both sides of my head and went back to my room. Once inside, I crawled up in a little space shaking my head vigorously.

He's come at least five times requesting for a visit, I know who he is, but I tell the nurses that I don't. I tell them thinking of the possibility of a connection to anyone on the outside world is contributing to the derailment of my mental health, and they force him to leave every damn time. Aside from him, I don't want to see anyone. It's the same treatment for visitors, I don't even ask for names, I just want to stay alone.

He does the worst out of everyone, and It hurts to watch them do that him, I hear him screams, begging to see me, there's something wrong me, I don't know whaf it is, but being in this institute is the best thing for everyone, I know it is.

When I checked myself in that night, I was a ghost, I didn't say more than two words. I just needed to be admitted. They gave me a room pointing all these lights up in my face, I didn't react. I was too shaken to do anything.

In my head I heard his screams, he just kept screaming, he wouldn't stop and I couldn't take it any longer. It's all my fault that it happened. I ruined his life. I caused all the terrible things, and I'm not sure how ill ever fix it. I couldn't talk or touch me as the realization hit me. I began taking several steps backwards, he just crouched on the ground crying and screaming. Memories were flooding, I yelled to block them out and I ran. He noticed and started pursing me but I kept running. I took an alley and hid there, he ran past that spot, I got out and entered a taxi requesting the nearest mental institute and that's how I checked in here.

They gave me a sedative, physically I was asleep but mentally I was being haunted by my actions. What hurt was the memory block. His explanation removed the stock blocking the path and I was instantly flooded with memories I couldn't control. It hurts so much. It still does.

I lost contact with everything. I don't talk with anyone unless it's time for my meds. They stopped asking me about him, I know he comes around, I hear his voice asking to see me, it's best he stays away. I want to tell him to stay away, but I'm scared that when I lay eyes on him, my resolve will break. I can't take this anymore. Why does it hurt? What did I do to deserve such a painful life? Why can't I be happy? For now, I'll just stay in here, take my medications, and hope for all their sakes, they forget I ever existed. It's best for everyone.


“Don't even dare. Do not walk in here to give me the same crappy excuses I've been getting for the last one month. I will strangle you with my bare hands if you even dare. Do not test my patience.”

I threatned, a daring finger placed in front of me.

“I'm sorry Sir.”

He shook his head, turned around then walked away. I heaved a large sigh then buried my head in my desk.

This doesn't feel right. It doesn't feel okay. It's crazy. Everyone has gone absolutely mad. Donna has ran away it seems. That's what it all points to. I drove her to the edge and she goes missing. Her boss hasn't heard her from, she left all her stuff at her place which is weird because if you're planning to run you'll need a passport at the very least, but Donna got nothing. Clothes still at Rachel's place, her credit card hasn't been charged, but there's nothing pointing to a kidnapping, we can't file a missing person's report, so it was ruled out as eloping. But Donna didn't have a lover. Did she? She didn't. I refuse to believe that she did.

That's what's so frustrating.

Days afterwards, I hired an investigator to look into it, so far he's been very useless and came up with nothing. It's fucking crazy.

I have this huge office since the expansion pulled through, they sent another baker since Donna wasn't "available." Winn and the others are handling things back at my place, but this wasn't how things were supposed to turn out. Everything just went sideways after that night, and I don't know where it started. I'm more confusion than angry.

Don't even get me started on Rachel. She checked herself into an institute, Rachel isn't crazy. I saw her a month ago laughing her ass off after helping me with the plan, the next day I find out she's in a mental hospital and refusing to see anyone. That's crazy and I can't wrap my head around any of this.

Donna has disappeared right off the damn face of the earth. Her best friend and the only one who was actually capable of shedding any form of light on such disappearance is indisposed because of course she's not accepting visitors. And Xander. Xander has taken some time off to visit a church in Rome. How freaking fantastic. I seemed to stand as the only sane person around. Everything has been blown to bits, I'm confused, tired, and most importantly worried. I don't know what to do anymore. I don't know how much longer I can go without snapping like everywhere else.



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