My Wife Is In a League of Her Own

My Wife Is In a League of Her Own



She was the down and out daughter of a nunnery, a low-key embroidered genius. She had pretended to be weak, schemed against others, and abused scums. She wanted to be rich and to reach the peak of her life! Eh, why did her husband always come out to tease her from time to time? They had agreed on a fake marriage. Why had she been taken home to warm the bed!! Every time this man appeared when she was in danger, he was like a guardian. Until one day, when the man was abroad on a business trip, a certain woman secretly tried on sexy pajamas at home. He suddenly received a phone call from a man. "Rinsen, I like you wearing black laces..."
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The VIP ward of the private hospital in City S.

Old Madam Fu, from a family of embroidery, was seriously ill and had an operation. Now she was awake. After walking through the door of life and death, the first person she wanted to see was Fu Sheng, a granddaughter who had just returned from the Jade Spring Monastery and had been gone for ten years!

"Ah Sheng, Grandmother can't protect you for more than a few years. How can a little bald head like you stay in the Fu Family? Take this jade amulet and go to the Shang Family. The second young master of the Shang Family has been engaged to you since he was a child. He promised me that he would talk to you about this matter. Have a good talk with him, and you'd better get your certificate today. Shang's Second Young Master will go abroad for further study tomorrow and come back for half a year. Don't miss this opportunity. Do you understand?"

"Grandma." Beside the sickbed, under a shiny bald head, Fu Sheng's clear and round eyes blinked. His long and thick eyelashes flapped like two small fans. Fu Sheng dug out a pair of ear-ployals and walked over, "Speak loudly. The sun is ringing on the clock. My ears are no longer functioning."

"..." Old Madam Fu was so angry that she almost died. She grabbed her ear and shouted, "I want you to take this to propose marriage to the Shang Family! Marry them! So that I can rest assured!"

Fu Sheng finally understood what she meant. He immediately obeyed her orders and held the jade pendant, ready to escape...

"Come back!" Old Madam Fu pointed to the bag at the end of the bed, "Put on the wig inside and walk over with a light bulb-like head. Who wants to marry you?"

"Grandmother, I'm a famous bald beauty in the monastery." Fu Sheng pouted, expressing his protest. Her bald head was also very good looking, alright? She was truly a real grandmother. She was so strong that she disliked her granddaughter.

Fu Sheng's facial features were soft and beautiful, and he had the elegance and gentleness of a Jiangnan woman. He grew up in the mountains and was nourished by nature's landscape. He had fair skin and fair skin, and he was full of spirit. With his petite body, he looked weak and pure, and was particularly adorable. Every time she went down the mountain to beg for alms, every family would welcome him, and his looks were a great tool to make a living.

Grandmother, on the other hand, despised her. Fu Sheng felt so wronged that he rolled on the floor.

However, Old Madam Fu was in such a hurry to bring up the wedding because she was innocent and afraid of being bullied.

Her body wouldn't be able to hold out for long. If she didn't make the arrangements for this girl, how could she face her parents...

What Grandma didn't know was that Fu Sheng had his own plan.

After putting on her hair, Fu Sheng said goodbye to the old lady and left.

"Remember to speak properly and try to get the certificate!"

Looking at Fu Sheng's thin figure, some tears came out of Old Madam Fu's eyes and she quickly wiped it off.

Fu Sheng had just walked to the front of the elevator when two bodyguards came to stop her. "Fourth Miss, First Madam wants to invite you over."

"Oh, I know." Fu Sheng calmly made a hand-seal gesture. His expression was calm and tranquil, with a Buddha face, "Auntie is aware that she has met someone."

"Have you finished?" When the bodyguards looked at each other, Fu Sheng had already rushed into the elevator. When the bodyguards wanted to go in together, Fu Sheng frowned and waved his little hand. "Hey! Monks can't be dirty."

After hesitating for a moment, the bodyguard finally withdrew his foot.

She heard that Fourth Miss had returned from the nunnery. It was not surprising for a monk to be so particular about her.

"See you later."

Fu Sheng curled his lips slightly and smiled. The two silly bodyguards' big faces gradually shrank with the gap of the elevator door.

On the first floor, Fu Sheng rushed out of the hospital like a small whirlwind and almost threw the vacation away.

She stopped a taxi and asked the driver to drive away.

"Uncle, could you please take me somewhere."

"Where are we going, Miss?"

"Oh, let me think about it."

She was too anxious just now, so she forgot her grandmother's words. Which family did her grandmother ask her to propose marriage?

Fu Sheng knocked on his head and looked at the "Sun Xin Shop".

"Uncle, do you know how to do with a merchant? He is the richest merchant in the shop."

"Are you talking about the Shang Group?"

"Yes, that's right!"

"No problem. I'm familiar with that place! Miss, please have a seat!"

The driver took Fu Sheng to the headquarters building of Shang Group.

A towering building, emitting a sense of coldness of science and technology under the sunlight, seemed to be an unreachable god standing between heaven and earth.

After paying the fare, Fu Sheng walked into the building.

The clerk at the front desk put on a sweet smile and said, "Hello, what can I do for you?"

"I want to meet Shang shaoye here."

"You want to see the president? What's your name?"

"Fu Sheng, Fu Sheng's talisman of symbols, Fu Sheng's singing."

"I'm sorry, but your name is not on the appointment list of president Shang."

"Oh, I had a private meeting with him. He called me just now and asked me to come here. There was no power on my phone before I finished. Otherwise, I could have given you a recording."

The receptionist smiled but said nothing. "Girl, you can't talk nonsense just because you are beautiful. Do you believe in this story?"

Fu Sheng pursed his lips and put on a sweet and gentle smile. "You don't believe me?"

The receptionist smiled. What do you think?

"..." She looked up at the surroundings, and her eyes were fixed on a man dressed in extraordinary clothes. His clothes and cloth were very high-quality, different from the people around him. At first glance, it could be seen that he was a leader-level figure.

"Wait." Fu Sheng walked over and stopped the man. "Hello, I was called by President Shang, but I didn't make an appointment."

Shang Yunying, who was stopped, was stunned and looked at Fu Sheng. She was very beautiful, and people couldn't refuse her.

Shang Yunying had always been patient with beautiful women.

"Who are you? Why haven't I seen you before?"

Fu Sheng smiled, "Oh, you'll often see each other in the future."

How could he be so confident? Shang Yunying narrowed his eyes and asked solemnly, "Why are you looking for my brother?"

How could my mother be so stubborn? She always found a woman to seduce my brother, and my brother has just been discharged from the hospital!

However, today's dress was different from before. It was so pure and clean. The ordinary white shirt and blue jeans made her look like a clear spring, making people unable to have any evil thoughts. It was not bad to play with her.

"It turns out to be Shang shaoye." Fu Sheng felt that he was really out of luck. She said seriously with her eyes open, "It is a matter of life and death. You will know what has happened when you take me to see him."

Shang Yunying thought that this girl was really good at lying when she opened her eyes. She dared to brag in front of her master Shang.

However, Fu Sheng's eyes were too clear, broad-minded, without any sign of guilt. He was not like a liar at all.

Not to mention that a cheater could not be so bold.

Looking at the girl's firm eyes again, Shang Yunying was shaken. "Could it be that something really happened?"

"Follow me."

Fu Sheng's lips curled up slightly and he entered the elevator with Chu Tiankuo.

The president's office was on the 56th floor.

Fu Sheng was brought in and saw a handsome man sitting behind a huge desk, his back against the light. The sky that poured in from the French windows couldn't conceal his light at all.

Fu Sheng had never seen a person who looked so good-looking. Her eyes, nose, and mouth were all on her aesthetic point. Her long and narrow eyes, cherry-colored lips, a pair of gold-rimmed glasses with a tall, straight nose, and a snow-like elegant temperament.

It turned out that the martial arts novels she had read were not all fabricated. The appearance of some people in the world was no different from those of immortals.

"My brother is handsome, right?" Seeing Fu Sheng's little fangirl-like expression, Shang Yunying knew that from then on, there would be another girl in this city who was immersed in her brother's beauty and puffed out her chest.

He was also very good-looking, but his brother was so beautiful that many young ladies wanted to get in touch with them.

Fu Sheng nodded honestly and swallowed his saliva to show his respect.

Shang Yunying laughed and brought her forward, tapping the table with two fingers.

"Brother, this lady wants to see you. When did you meet her?"

Shang Yang did not even raise his head. He flipped through a stack of contracts and spat out three words coldly.

"I don't know him."


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