Marshal's Fall

Marshal's Fall


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He was a good-for-nothing, but he used to be the Commander in Chief of the Long State, which was admired by everyone!
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"The war on the northern border is urgent. The army of the Yun State is on the border. If the border is lost, the enemy will go straight to the capital if they go deep into the hinterland. The consequences are unimaginable!"

At eight o'clock in the evening, on the official news channel, the host said with a serious face.

"Commander Nie is the true lord of the border and the God of War of the Yun State!"

"Three years ago, the famous commander of the Long State, who made the enemy tremble with fear, suddenly retired, as if he had vanished from the world."

"In the past few years after Commander Nie's departure, the Yun State has been testing him frequently. It seems that they know that he is no longer in the army. Recently, they have led hundreds of thousands of troops to go straight to the border and want to swallow the Long State."

"Only Commander Nie can solve this crisis."


When he saw this boy, Nie Feng directly turned off the television and rode his electric motorbike to attend the Han family's dinner tonight.


At the Han family's banquet, everyone was having a good time, talking and laughing happily.

"Xiao Ran, you are now a money cow of our Han family. Let me propose a toast to you!"

"That's right. The Sun family is a prominent family in Jiang Xia District. Their businesses are all over the country. If Xiao Ran marries Young Master Sun, our Han family's business will be easy to do in the future!"

"Weiguang has just dated Xiao Ran, and he has brought more than 20 million yuan to the Han family. You are really our lucky star!"

In front of the dining table, everyone looked at Han Xiaoran and raised their glasses, praising her endlessly.

Han Xiaoran was about to marry the young master of the Sun family. Of course, she had to celebrate such a big event.

"Young master of the Sun family, Sun Weiguang is here!"

Just as everyone was chatting happily, there was a shout outside the door.

Old Madam Han's old face was trembling with excitement. She waved her hand excitedly and said, "Hurry up, please!"

Soon, a tall and thin young man wearing gold-rimmed glasses came in with two bodyguards.

"Grandma, these are some gifts prepared by my son-in-law!"

The young man was none other than Sun Weiguang.

The bodyguards behind him opened the box under his gaze.

"A hundred and eighty thousand in cash!"

"Sancha's Hindian Diamond Ring!"

"A picture of Wu Daozi's hundred sons celebrating his birthday!"


The crowd gasped when they saw the cash and gifts in the box.

There were at least hundreds of thousands of pieces of Hindian diamonds in the three- fired box!

What's more, there was a calligraphy painting of Wu Daozi!

Everyone knew that there were only a few Wu Daozi's portraits left until now, and each of them was worth a thousand gold coins!

Old Madam Han smiled from ear to ear. She praised him, "He deserves to be my good son-in-law. With you, I always feel proud. Unlike some people, except for buying vegetables and cooking every day, he is like a good-for-nothing. I'm afraid he has never heard of the things you give him!"

After saying that, he cast a disdainful glance at Nie Feng, who was in the corner.

Standing next to Nie Feng was a charming woman with a graceful figure. Her legs were particularly eye-catching. She was Nie Feng's wife, the most beautiful woman in Jiang Xia City, Han Muxue.

Han Muxue was speechless. She had been shot even though she was lying down. Of course, she knew who the good-for-nothing that her grandmother was talking about was.

She looked at Nie Feng with disdain. If she wanted to blame someone, she should blame her dead grandfather.

For some unknown reason, Grandpa forced himself to arrange this marriage for her.

Three years ago, Nie Feng, who had just retired, was a poor man. Except for playing with knives and cooking, he didn't know anything else. In Jiang Xia City, he had no power.

Even so, Grandpa still recruited Nie Feng and made him his son-in-law.

Han Muxue still didn't understand why her grandfather made such an arrangement.

However, her grandfather didn't say anything. He only told her that she would know when the time came. He even left behind a few lines of poetry. How could the golden carp be an ordinary creature? It would transform into a dragon in the face of a storm.

However, after three years, Nie Feng was still as useless as before. He didn't look like a potential stock at all.

Han Muxue increasingly felt that her grandfather must have fallen into Nie Feng's trap and betrayed her.

"That's right. Look at their betrothal gifts, but look at Nie Feng. What did he give you? I'm afraid that you can't even afford an ordinary ring, can you? You must have suffered a lot to marry such a poor guy, haven't you?" Han Muxue's cousin sneered.

"Haha, it's funny to think about it. Not only do we not have betrothal gifts, but we don't even have a wedding ceremony. I, I feel wronged for you!" Han Muxue's cousin, Han Cheng, sneered.


In an instant, everyone pointed their weapons at Nie Feng.

Han Muxue felt even more wronged. She didn't know how many times she had been taken out to talk about this matter, but she didn't expect that with so many people present today, everyone would aim their gunfire at Nie Feng.

Han Xiaoran stayed with Sun Weiguang for a while, and said with a playful smile, "Sister, Weiguang and I are going to get married on the 15th of this month, which is set on the 18th floor of the Haotai Hotel in China. Weguang booked an entire floor with band and invited French chefs. By the way, I remember that your wedding party is also on the 15th, right? What does brother-in-law want to say?"

For the past three years, whoever poked at Nie Feng's back would have to endure silently. However, the only thing that could not be tolerated was Han Muxue being bullied.

Han Muxue's face turned blue and red. Just as she was about to refute, Nie Feng stopped her and said indifferently, "Don't worry. On the 15th of this month, I will hold a wedding for Muxue, but I won't take a fake as a betrothal gift. It's too embarrassing."

"A fake?"

The expressions on everyone's faces became particularly interesting, and then there was a burst of laughter.

"Haha, it's fake? This country bumpkin actually said that the calligraphy and painting sent by Wei Guang were fake. It's so funny! Have you ever seen the real work?"

"A poor cook who only knows how to cook has become an antique appraiser? The forest is really big, and there are all kinds of bird people!"

"Sister, I advise you to divorce such a man as soon as possible. You can't take out anything, but you still say that other people's things are fake. There must be a limit to your envy, jealousy, and hatred!"

Han Muxue was speechless. She really did not expect things to end up like this.

Han Muxue immediately pulled Nie Feng's sleeve and pulled him aside. She said angrily, "Can you think about me? With so many people here, don't always make me embarrassed. Stand aside and don't talk!"

Sun Weiguang looked a little nervous.

Of course, he knew that this painting was fake. There were very few authentic Wu Daozi's works. Each one of them was worth hundreds of millions at the auction. He couldn't afford it!

Therefore, she got a high-quality calligraphy painting from a friend. Most people couldn't understand it at all.

However, he was a little surprised. How did Nie Feng manage to tell?

If he wasn't a professional, how could he tell that this painting was a fake with just one glance?

After thinking for a long time, he came to a conclusion that Nie Feng couldn't eat grapes because they were sour.

If he couldn't take out a decent thing, he would think that other people's things were fake.

Thinking of this, Sun Weiguang suddenly had confidence. He sneered and said, "I say, Nie Feng, although you don't have enough money to buy a betrothal gift for Mu Xue, you can't be cheap to others, can you? You are a woman from a family who only knows how to cook and do housework. I am afraid that you can't even recognize the words on it. How dare you say that my painting is fake?"

"If you say it's fake, then that's fine. I happen to have a friend in the antique business. I'll ask him to come over and give the painting a good look. If the painting is fake, I'll kneel on the ground and call you grandpa three times! But if the painting is real, what should you do?"

Everyone's eyes were fixed on Nie Feng, full of ridicule and sarcasm.

Han Muxue stood on the side in anger. She wanted to stop Nie Feng, but it was too late. Now everyone was waiting to see him make a fool of himself.

Old Madam Han's arrogant eyes were full of disgust. She had already disliked Nie Feng for a long time. In the past few years, except for grocery shopping and cooking, he was useless. She didn't know what kind of madness the old man had done in those years, but he insisted on marrying his granddaughter to him.

If he married the Wang family, the Han family would definitely have business dealings with the Sun family in the future. It was only a matter of time before he made money.

This was a perfect opportunity.

Sun Weiguang said coldly, "How about this? If this painting is real, you can crawl under my crotch!"

Humiliation! Humiliation of red fruit!

Everyone's expressions became interesting.

Sun Weiguang, in particular, looked at Han Muxue with greedy eyes.

It turned out that he was going to marry Han Muxue.

Han Muxue's eyes were bright and her teeth were white. Her appearance and figure could be said to be top-notch in the Jiang Xia District. She was the goddess he had been thinking about all night.

But such a goddess, who made countless people crazy, married a good-for-nothing.

He had no choice but to take a step back and marry Han Xiaoran, who was obviously much inferior to Han Muxue!

A trace of anger appeared on Nie Feng's face.

"Okay, I promise you! If this painting is real, I'll crawl through your crotch."

Han Muxue was dumbfounded. She really didn't understand why Nie Feng agreed so easily. It seemed that he was full of confidence.

If this painting was real, then wasn't Nie Feng really going to crawl under Sun Weiguang's crotch? And she herself was going to lose face as well!

Han Muxue complained, "You don't know calligraphy and painting. What did you promise for?"

Nie Feng gave Han Muxue a reassuring look. "Trust me, I'm confident."

At this moment, Han Muxue was even more surprised. At this moment, Nie Feng's temperament seemed to be a little different.

"Well, I happen to know Boss Zhou of the Blessings Tower. I'll invite him over and check him out. Don't regret it when the time comes!" Sun Weiguang laughed.

"Boss Zhou? He is a genius in the antique world. I asked him to take care of him several times before, but it doesn't seem appropriate to invite him over because of a small matter, does it?" Another relative of the Han family echoed.

Sun Weiguang said with a smile, "It's okay. Let Boss Zhou come over. He has a high reputation, so no one will say that I'm a liar."

After that, he dialed Boss Zhou's number.

Han Muxue snorted. How could she not know what kind of person Sun Weiguang was?

Nie Feng had been fighting on the battlefield for several years and had experienced countless dangers. How could he not know what Sun Weiguang was up to?

It was nothing more than that she had long been angry with Boss Zhou and suppressed him with her momentum!

In the eyes of others, Nie Feng was a useless trash, a useless cook!

"Not even a fart in front of the Wang family?"

Boss Zhou said that this painting was real. Even if it was fake, it was real!

Pointing the deer as a horse and suppressing people with momentum!

Either way, no one would believe Nie Feng's words!

But this painting was fake.

Because the real painting was in his own hands.

In that year, he guarded the border area and accidentally caught several cultural relics dealers, including Dong Qichang's 100th son's birthday picture.

Since the old man liked this painting very much, he used various means to keep it. However, the old man left so suddenly that he had no time to bring it back.

"Commander Nie, the Yun State's army is on the border, and the border is in danger. The Dragon Lord specially asked me to send a message. As long as you return to the team and reorganize the 12 Demons of Heaven Punishment, no matter what conditions you have, the Dragon Lord will satisfy you! Please go back quickly!"

While they were talking, a burly bear spirit, who was dressed in a military uniform and full of murderous intent, barged in aggressively.

The moment he saw Nie Feng, he knelt on one knee with great respect!

Everyone in the Han family, except for Nie Feng, was shocked!

When they saw Xiong Yuan kneeling on one knee in front of Nie Feng, they couldn't believe their eyes.

Just as everyone was in a state of shock, Nie Feng suddenly turned around, and the dejected aura on his body disappeared without a trace!

Nie Feng looked at Xiong Yuan indifferently, releasing a powerful aura that looked down upon the world.

At this moment, the ruler of the Heavenly Punishment Twelve Fiends, the Mighty Dragon God of War, who had fought on the battlefield and made his country tremble with fear, had returned!

"My Grand Dragon Country, the Land of even tigers and wolves, and the destruction of Military Di are all extremely powerful! Could it be that other than me, Nie Feng, there is no one else that can be used?"


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