Reborn as a Rich and Powerful Son-in-law

Reborn as a Rich and Powerful Son-in-law



His son-in-law, Fang Hong, had been reborn. He had saved his wife and altered his life. The Jade Emperor's Way was long and slender. It was invincible in the city and was no longer a good-for-nothing! He was a king and a carefree man.
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"Boss, how should we deal with this piece of trash? Why don't we just kill him?"

"Wait, no matter how useless he is, he is still the son-in-law of the Chens."

"He's just a live-in son-in-law..."

"Let's wait for Master Wei's call. Be careful. Don't ruin Master Wei's important matter today. The Chen family, humph, tomorrow is the past."

A series of familiar words entered Fang Hong's ears. Fang Hong gradually woke up. He felt that if he moved slightly, his body would ache.

"So weak..."

While he was thinking, he suddenly opened his eyes. "Hmm?"

"Haha, good-for-nothing, you're awake?"

A burly man looked at him with a grim smile. "I don't even know how Chen Yuzhen, the most beautiful woman in Donghai city, fell in love with you!"

"Dong Hai City..."

"Chen Yuzhen..."

Fang Hong's whole body shivered, and then he suddenly burst into laughter. "It's this dream again, and it's this reincarnation again. God, are you kidding me? You're going to die. Why are you still here to play with me?"

Behind him, he roared almost angrily.

Bang bang...


"What the f*ck are you talking about?"

The man's first two fists hit heavily on Fang Hong's belly, making Fang Hong curl up into a ball.

It hurt!

It hurts!

"What? Impossible? Could it be..."

Fang Hong's eyes gradually widened, and then turned from surprise to ecstasy. He laughed again, this time it was a happy smile.

He, the God of Massacre, was reborn!

It was reborn in the historical history of the last life!

Chen Yuzhen, the woman he would never forget in his life. His wife, who was neither cold nor indifferent to him, but also very concerned about him, would soon be killed.

The Chens, who did not want to see him as their son-in-law, were also going to perish today.

The culprit of all of this was none other than Zhou Shaowei, who was known as Young Master Wei. He was the Crown Prince of the Four Great Families in Donghai City.

He wanted to dominate the Chens and the most beautiful woman in Donghai City, Chen Yuzhen.

However, because Chen Yuzhen would rather die than submit, she was killed by him by accident when she resisted. In the end, she was framed to Fang Hongjing, the son-in-law who had always been at odds with the Chens.

If Chen Yuzhen hadn't asked a very powerful friend for help in advance, Fang Hong would have been killed by the Zhou family.

But in the next ten years, Fang Hong gradually became a fugitive. When he was desperate, he met his master, Immortal Tai Yi of the Cultivation World on Earth.

Immortal Tai Yi then took him away from the secular world and entered the Cultivation World. Only then did he start his life of cultivation.

However, his rage was too strong and his cultivation progress was extremely fast. However, his inner demons were also heavy.

In the end, he failed to overcome the 9-in-9 Heavenly Tribulation.

Just now, he thought it was caused by the inner demon before the tribulation failed. Unexpectedly, his soul returned to 500 years ago before it was destroyed.

Memories flooded into his mind like running water!

"The Jade Emperor's Way is about to be broken, but the Jade Emperor's Heaven Book came back with me. That's great!"

Fang Hong gradually closed his eyes and knew his situation.

In his previous life, he practiced the Jade Emperor's Way in the later stages. Legend had it that it was the Way of the Emperor of the Immortal Realm, the Jade Emperor's Jade Emperor's Way. The Jade Emperor's Heaven Book was the supreme magic weapon that the Jade Emperor collected.

It was precisely because of the Jade Emperor Divine Book that he was able to fight for the title of God of Massacre in the Cultivation World!

Since God had asked him to come back, he naturally would not let God down.

In this life, he wanted to let Chen Yuzhen see his talent and make Chen Yuzhen his fairy companion. He would never let her suffer the pain and pressure of the last life.

All the pressure was coming from Fang Hong!

"Are you crazy or not?"

When the burly man saw that Fang Hong was laughing and crying, he was stunned for a moment. Then, he punched Fang Hong's head while cursing.

"This is f*cking annoying!"


However, just as he was about to punch, Fang Hong stretched out his hand and grabbed the man's fist.

"You think you can beat me?"

Fang Hong gradually became cold. He looked at the man with strong murderous intent in his eyes, and his tone made the man feel as if he had fallen into an ice cellar.

The instinctive fear surged in his heart.

His entire body trembled.

He didn't know that the other party was obviously a good-for-nothing, a toy boy who lived off a woman. How could the good-for-nothing be so scary?

Moreover, he was so strong!

"You, you..." For a moment, he did not know what to say.

"You good-for-nothing, you're courting death!" A skinny man, who was with the man, glared at Fang Hongjing.

"Those who humiliate me will die!"

Fang Hong took a deep breath. The cultivation method of the Jade Emperor's Way had been activated, and a wisp of Jade Emperor Genuine Qi was flowing through his body.

Just a wisp of Jade Emperor Genuine Qi was enough to make Fang Hong's power far beyond that of ordinary people.


After he finished speaking, he shook the man's hand, and the man was immediately thrown away. Then, he stepped forward and punched.



With a loud noise, the skinny man, who was watching from the sidelines, let out a shrill and terrified scream.

The skinny man watched as his boss flew out and landed on the ground. Blood had already gathered in a pool, and his entire body was trembling.

He saw with his own eyes that his boss's head had been smashed into pieces by Fang Hong's fist.

"Plop! Plop!"

Then, he saw Fang Hongshen, who was full of murderous spirit, come to him.


He swallowed a mouthful of saliva, looked at Fang Hongjing, and hurriedly knelt on the ground. He kowtowed and said, "Master Fang, I'm sorry. I was wrong. Don't kill me. I'm just a follower. It's none of my business. It's all..."

"It's all Young Master Zhou's fault. I know."

Fang Hong looked indifferently at the other party. "You're lucky and won't kill you. However, Zhou Shaowei won't survive today."


As he spoke, he kicked out.


The thin man screamed, and then slammed into the wall and fainted.

Fang Hong didn't kill him because he didn't do it. But because his words were disrespectful to Fang Hong, if he kicked him out, he would never be interested in women again.

"Zhou Shaowei, humph!"

Fang Hong's anger grew as he recalled Zhou Shaowei. Zhou Shaowei and he were not just enemies. They were not the only ones who framed him.

He, Zhou Shaowei, and Chen Yuzhen were college classmates.

When he was in love with Chen Yuzhen in college, Zhou Shaowei had provoked and played tricks many times to embarrass him. If it weren't for Chen Yuzhen, he wouldn't even know what would have happened to him.

Since he was a college student, Fang Hong had gradually become known as a softie, a gigolo, and a good-for-nothing.

Later, after graduating from college, when Fang Hong gradually became full of enthusiasm and was ready to make great achievements, Zhou Shaowei forced Chen Yuzhen to marry him with his family's power.

Fang Hong had no choice but to endure the humiliation of seeing Chen Yuzhen's parents, but he could only endure it for Chen Yuzhen's sake.

It was useless for him to endure. As an orphan, he had no power or influence. The Chens were the second-class branch of Donghai City and had billions of assets. How could they like him?

If Chen Yuzhen had not threatened him with his life, the Chen family would have had no choice but to marry Fang Hong into the Chen family.

For the sake of Chen Yuzhen, Fang Hong gradually endured all the humiliation from the Chens and even gave up his dream. He even promised the Chens that he would not touch Chen Yuzhen in three years, and then stay in the Chens as a family cook.


What made him suffer was that after a year of marriage, Chen Yuzhen took care of the family business. He had seen a lot of separation, so Chen Yuzhen became more and more indifferent to him.

Later, he learned that it was all because of Zhou Shaowei!

Even if Fang Hong gradually married into the Chen family, Zhou Shaowei did not give up. He used all kinds of means to put pressure on Chen Yuzhen and the Chen family.

Chen Yuzhen did not dare to express his feelings for Fang Hong, but also made the Chens' attitude toward Fang Hong gradually become worse. They wanted to force Fang Hongjing to leave.

It was not until today that Chen Yuzhen asked her friend to save him.

By the time he went to the Chens again, he would already have bad news. Then, he would have a painful life of wandering and going out day and night.

All of this was because of Zhou Shaowei.

"Zhou Shaowei, you must die!"

Fang Hong wiped away the blood on his hand and walked out of the house...


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