The Luna's Unwanted Marriage

The Luna's Unwanted Marriage




“Fuck me,” she whispered as a small giggle escaped her lips. I felt my heart jolt from her request. If I had been holding back, this was enough confirmation. I clambered on the bed and hovered above her as my eyes swept over her beautiful body. She was so sexy, I wanted nothing but to claim her —not just for the night but forever. I was not going to rest until I had her. "I will make you feel so good, you will not regret this Alina" I whispered huskily as my cock twitched with need. I claimed her lips,kissing her with all the unfilled desire. —---------- After being cheated on by her fiance with her step sister. Alina, the daughter of the Alpha king, feels that she lost everything. Feeling betrayed, she went out in the night to relieve her emotion but there she got kidnapped by a group of people who ultimately took her in the room of a ruthless cursed hybrid-Alpha. He offered her to sign a contract to become his mate to save his throne, to which Alina agreed. But later on she finds that he is her father's enemy. Will her being contracted to the Alpha be a grave mistake? Or she will take revenge on everyone. Little does she know that she can't recognize her mate too.
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Alina's Pov-

I walked into the jewelry shop with a bright smile on my face. I had been planning for this for months, ever since he proposed to me. I wanted to buy him a special gift for our wedding.

I searched through the display cases of gold and silver and diamonds and pearls. I picked a few that looked elegant and classy and headed to the counter.

As I tried on the first ring, I looked at myself in the mirror. Though it wouldn't fit me, I still wanted to check. It was a simple band of white gold with a small diamond in the center. I felt like it matched his style and personality. I imagined slipping it on his finger, seeing his face light up as he saw it for the first time.

I smiled and showed it to the salesperson, who nodded approvingly.

"That's a lovely choice, ma'am. It's one of our best sellers." he said.

I nodded and felt happy and proud of my choice. It was another gift that I wanted to give him on our honeymoon.

I was excited and nervous at the same time. I couldn't wait for that day anymore. I glanced around the shop and noticed a young couple in the corner. They were holding hands and looking at each other with excitement in their eyes. They reminded me of how I felt when he proposed to me. I felt a burst of joy in my chest.

A smile formed on my face as I saw them smiling and deciding their rings. Choosing a wedding ring was such a special moment. I remembered when James and I chose our rings. We were just nervous and were too confused as we wanted the best rings for engagement. I looked at the engagement ring in my finger which was sparkling.

I looked at the couple again and saw them pick a ring together. It was a beautiful solitaire diamond ring with a platinum band. I heard them say yes to each other and hug and kiss.

I felt a surge of emotion in my heart. I wanted to hug and kiss him too. I wanted to feel his arms around me, his lips on mine, his voice in my ear.

I turned away and looked at myself in the mirror again. My cheeks were all red, I was blushing on his thought of kissing me and hugging me. I couldn't wait,the day he will take my innocence.

I told myself to be patient. I told myself that it was only a matter of time before. Our wedding is soon.

This was the happiest day of my life. Since I was missing him so bad. I decided to meet him before going home. I took my phone and called him but he didn't pick it. He was always busy, god knew what was he doing now?.

'Let's surprise him! 'Sophia gave me the idea.

I got in my car and ignited the engine. It was already too dark and I wanted to run wild in the woods. The stars twinkled above my head. I knew my mother must be watching me from the skies. Tomorrow, I will get rid of that cranky step mom and step sister, Ava.

I was quiet enough to not disturb him as I gently closed the car door behind me. With slow steps, I reached the main door and turned the knob.


But I knew the key was hidden by the flower pots. I could hardly surpass my laughter.

As soon as I put my foot inside the house, the scent hit me. My insides churned at the thought. I kept walking to the bedroom and my head was filled with that scent all over.

"Yes! Fu*k me! " It was Ava.

"You want daddy? Huh? " My legs wobbled when I heard James.

Still, like a pull I couldn't stop myself from walking closer to them. I couldn't believe it was my James with Ava…

"Yes, I want you… so badly. " Ava said.

I heard their skins clapping against each other and the scent of sex made me nauseated. The gift pack dropped from my hands as I heard those words. I managed myself and grabbed the bag and covered my mouth with my palm and turned my head away from the painful sight. I grabbed the lamp stand by the staircase and dragged my feet to walk down.

"Am I better than Alina? " She screamed as she hit her orgasm.

"Yes, you are so fu*ing beautiful than her. " James replied.

My vision was blurred with tears and mistakely I collided with the vase on the table. It fell on the ground, creating a large noise. This made James and Ava to stop talking. I quickly looked back and before he could come to check I hid behind the curtains.

"Who was it? " James said to himself as he looked around.

"It must be a cat. Come back here. " Ava seductively called him and he smirked before entering the bedroom and locking it from inside.

He was changed from the sweet loving guy to the one with hatred dripping off his face.

"You think she must be keeping an eye on you! " Ava screamed, laughing hard.

"She can do anything! " James said in an irritated voice.

Was it all a foul play? When he said he loved me! I cried covering my face and falling on my knees.

"She is really clingy and loves to feel special about herself" James said laughing and the disgust in his voice for me was evident.

"She's crazy, baby. " Ava talked in her baby voice.

Then it dawned on me. He never loved me. I was used like a tissue and he threw me away once his ego was satisfied.

'Get up! Don't let them enjoy your helplessness. ' Sophia was growling and fuming with anger. She wanted to rip off their hearts and take her revenge.

I got up on my feet and watched them both with bloodshot eyes.

"You will never see me again, James. " I gritted my teeth before turning to my left and leaving them laughing at my back.

My legs wobbled as I took long steps outside the mansion. The lightning flashed in the sky illuminating my surroundings. I saw my disheveled state in the mirror. My eyes were red and puffy from all the crying and all the glow I had for my wedding was gone.

I howled with pain into the sky and cried until no more tears were left to shed.


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