Creatively Renting to Beautiful Tenants

Creatively Renting to Beautiful Tenants


Realistic Urban

The enigmatic mercenary expert returns to his hometown, inheriting the luxurious villa left by his parents. One by one, breathtaking beauties begin to move in: the beautiful teacher, the fiery policewoman, the adorable heiress... Each woman possessing unique charm and bewitching beauty, yet unexpectedly, various forces begin to interfere. The originally discrete master of the villa decides to discard his worldly low-profile demeanor, make a splendid turnaround, and become the strongest protector and landlord for these beauties.
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The night was as dark as ink, and a taxi sped along the road. Daphne Nicole stole a glance at the taxi driver and suddenly felt a bit uneasy.

In the middle of the night, she, a young woman, got into a taxi. Initially, she didn't feel anything inappropriate, but now this sense of unease was spreading across Daphne's mind, making her feel disturbed.

She was indeed extremely careless.

The taxi driver was a sturdy man in his thirties, with a fierce appearance. Bald, with a wide mouth and a bearded face, he looked intimidating.

What made it worse was that Daphne had noticed more than once, through the rear-view mirror, that the bald driver was sneakily observing her, occasionally revealing a strange smile at the corner of his mouth.

Daphne clutched her phone nervously. If the driver had any ill intentions, she would call the police immediately.

She nervously glanced at the bald driver again, then cautiously pulled her gaze back to the man sitting next to her.

The man was probably in his mid-twenties, reasonably handsome, tall, and donned in a black casual outfit.

However, his behavior was extremely repelling. After only one glance, Daphne had no interest in taking a second look.

The man was holding a magazine with an enticing cover. In the available light, she could see a naked woman barely covered by a damp towel; only a few blurry words were visible, and she could make out the term "18 Restricted".

At this moment, the sleazy man was unashamedly holding an adult magazine, fervently enjoying the content, his drool almost dripping from the corner of his mouth.

"I bet he's in cahoots with them!" Daphne thought to herself.

Ten minutes later, the taxi abruptly pulled over next to a rundown car repair place, illuminated by a few dim lights in the dark night, presumably a black-market operation.

The driver said with a fake smile, "There seems to be something wrong with the car, might have got the tire punctured by a nail or something. Both of you, please step out."

Daphne grasped her handbag nervously and got out of the car, her unease intensifying. The young man cautiously stored his magazine, opened the car door, and got out without uttering a word.

Not far away, a square table was set with four or five brawny men covered in tattoos gambling. They sat cross-legged, cursing and swearing. When they saw a car approaching, they immediately stopped what they were doing and stood up.

The men glanced at the bald man, then at Daikeni, suppressing a swallow as their eyes filled with desire.

As for the young man beside them, they completely ignored him.

One of them, a man with narrow eyes, chuckled and said, "Baldy, you've done well this time!"

"Of course! I'm leaving the rest to you guys now. Sigh, such a beautiful damsel, I can hardly bear to hurt her." The bald man spoke in this manner, yet his eyes on Daikeni were filled with a beast-like desire to possess.

The men with tattoos approached with evil smiles, Daikeni held her arms in front of her chest in fear, asking, "What are you trying to do?"

"Heh heh, what are we doing? Miss Daishi Corporation. Sorry, but we took someone's money. Someone wants your life. However... before that, let us boys enjoy ourselves." The narrow-eyed man spoke with a cold laugh.

"Ah!" Hearing his answer, Daikeni stood frozen, head spinning, and she found herself speechless.

"So be good to us. When we send you on your way later, it might hurt less!" Another man beside the narrow-eyed man walked over briskly, holding a bundle of rope, rushing towards Daikeni.

His pace was quick, his movements swift, clearly a trained man.

Standing beside the black car and being ignored, the young man Qin Ruo opened his sleepy eyes, emitting a shocking gaze.

"I can give you money, I have a lot of money! Please don't... aren't you doing this for money too?" Feeling the close proximity of death, Daikeni quickly tried to use money to save her life.

"Sorry, we in the Night Dragon Gang take money to do jobs for others, even if you gave us more money, we can't accept it. Otherwise it would violate the rules of the underworld, and we wouldn't have a business in the future." The man, upon hearing Daikeni's offer, remained unswayed, still quickly looping the rope around with a hint of hunger in his eyes.

"Am I going to die?" Daikeni closed her eyes with a bitter smile, tears streaming down her cheeks. Images of her impending violation filled her mind, prompting suicidal thoughts.

"Hey, isn't it embarrassing for a group of men to bully a lady?" At that moment, a masculine voice suddenly rang out: "Especially one as beautiful as this, don't you guys know how to cherish and respect a lady?"


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