Supreme War God On Earth

Supreme War God On Earth


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Ever since his father's passing five years ago, Abbott had been appointed as a squad leader in a desolate prison. Little did others know that this seemingly ordinary facility was actually a high-security prison housing the most notorious villains. Responsible for supervising and preventing the escape of these dangerous inmates, Abbott's role was far from ordinary. Unfortunately, his fiancée, unaware of the true nature of the prison, believed it to be just like any other. Failing to see Abbott's potential and future prospects, she called off their marriage. Little did she realize that Abbott possessed incredible power, earning him the title of the supreme God of War!
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"Are you Abbott?"

Valentine looked Abbott up and down. His police uniform was worn casually, and his hair was unkempt, looking as if he had just woken up from a dream, devoid of spirit.

Compared to her, he was nothing more than dirt beneath her feet.

Valentine approached Abbott, making sure he saw the shining red star on her shoulder.

Abbott understood Valentine's implication and felt disgusted, "Who has been sent this time?"

"The biggest underground money boss, Asura. The higher-ups have clearly indicated that this person is a top-level dangerous individual, hence he must be confined here."

Saying this, Valentine handed a document to Abbott.

Upon receiving the document, Abbott took a glance and signed it casually, then returned the document.

"My subordinates mentioned that you have other matters to discuss with me. What is it?"

Valentine nodded, pointing to the shining gold star on her shoulder, "I want to tell you, we are not from the same world!"

Abbott's eyebrows furrowed, what does this mean?

She was a general, while he was just a small team leader among the prison guards.

There was a huge difference between their statuses, but it was pretty obvious, was there a need to emphasize it?

"What do you mean?"

"You still don’t get it? I want to call off the engagement."

Valentine spoke coldly, scorn filling her gaze as she looked at Abbott.

Regardless of her status or her beauty, she was the cream of the crop in Coolville!

At just over twenty, she already held the rank of Major General and a future filled with promise.

On the contrary, Abbott was still just a mere jail guard.

Even if he struggled for another twenty or thirty years, he still wouldn't be able to reach her current position.

Marrying such a man would only drag her life and status down!

"You don't have any objections, do you?"

Valentine chastised as if she were a leader addressing a subordinate.

Nonchalantly, she retrieved a marriage contract from a parcel and lit it aflame with a lighter.

All Abbott did was watch quietly, his expression unchanging.

Seeing that he didn't show any anger, Valentine looked at Abbott with a saintly demeanor. "I know it's unfair to you, but you need to understand that I am doing this for your own good. I am trying to avoid possible disputes in the future due to the disparity in our statuses and lifestyles."

Abbott still didn't say anything.

"Fine, considering your pitiful circumstances, as compensation for ending our engagement, I can help you out with two things within my ability."

Valentine laughed, feeling that she had bestowed upon Abbott a great favor.

After leaving those words behind, she turned, got into her car and drove away.

"Can't even utter a word, you're really useless!"

"But this is normal. Anyone stuck in such a hellish place—even a genius—would become a fool!"

"I really am just looking for trouble. This piece of trash has nothing to do with me from now on."

Even when leaving, Valentine did not forget to belittle Abbott.

Watching the departing car, Abbott furrowed his brows slightly.

Then he snorted derisively, "Another nutcase."

Turning around, he released Asura from his iron cage.

Asura flexed his joints and stared at Abbott with an evil grin, "Kid, I didn’t expect that you and that woman had an engagement! But now, you've been mercilessly rejected, what a shame, what a shame. Since you let me out, I'll spare your worthless life…"


Before Asura could finish, Abbott impatiently slapped him.

Asura's body fell to the ground in a parabolic trajectory, immediately fainting.

"Shut up!"

Still not satisfied, Abbott kicked Asura.

The prison guards on the side were long accustomed to such a sight.

This was the most mysterious prison in Coolville, those imprisoned here were the most heinous criminals whose sentences could not be carried out with their deaths.

Among them, some were the leaders of the world's gangs, some were arms dealers smuggling weapons, and some were ruthless killers who didn't think twice about murder...

But here, they were all firmly controlled by one person - Abbott.

"Captain, there's trouble, Bear and D&G have demolished our dining hall!"

One of the prison guards burst in hurriedly, panicking as he spoke to Abbott.


Abbott didn't even lift his head. "Tell them they must rebuild the dining hall in just two weeks. After that, they'll clean the toilets for half a year. That's the punishment for their mistake. If they refuse, I'll have them sunbathed under the scorching sun for a month."


The jailer quickly turned around and hurried away.

Bear was a notorious figure in the underground world, the boss of the Black Silk Gang, who was sent here because he was caught smuggling weapons.

D&G, on the other hand, was a notorious cold-blooded killer, who had been jailed for attempting to assassinate the Dragon Emperor.

"Captain, we have a big problem, Snow Wolf started a fight because his cellmate woke up late, and injured more than ten of their group!"

Another jailer ran in frantically shouting.

Abbott's face instantly turned grave, "Tell Snow Wolf to wash dishes for three months in the back office of the prison. If he dares to refuse, I'll reward him with five hundred lashes."

The jailer nodded, turned around and ran off.

Snow Wolf was originally the strongest special forces soldier in Adelanto. After retiring, he joined the mercenaries and assassinated nearly ten thousand special snipers on the battlefield, becoming a feared demon of all nations.

Finally, all nations united and dispatched over thirty thousand snipers. After the death of three thousand men, they finally captured him and brought him here.

"Team leader! There's a big problem again! The world's biggest drug lord, Poison Demon, has gone mad again, setting our lounge on fire!"

Abbott's face sank completely, "Take this wooden board and go find the Poison Demon, order him to immediately restore the lounge to its original state, and then kneel in the square for five days and five nights, he's not allowed to get up without my orders, let alone eat or drink! Otherwise, I'll kill him!"

The prison guard nodded again and again, turning around and hurrying off.

Abbott looked at the time and figured he should go on patrol.

Ever since his father passed away five years ago, he had been assigned to this desolate prison as a squad leader, responsible for supervising and preventing the escape of prisoners.

With him being there, prisoners don't dare to escape.

Even if they were let go, the island was surrounded by the sea, even the nearest port was ten thousand nautical miles away, thinking about swimming there was wishful thinking!

What's more, there were many sharks in the sea, waiting for them.

Abbott flexed his muscles and left the office.

The prisoners on the playground who were exercising saw Abbott, they dared not slack off, lined up neatly and saluted him.

"Abbott, you've been working hard. Come on, have a cigar... could you send a message for me back home? When the task is done, I'll reward you with ten billion dollars, I guarantee it won't be in vain."

A rich businessman who made a fortune from the arms industry, smiled and came forward to hand Abbott a cigar.

"Abbott, could you pass a message for me to my teammates? I'll reward you with twenty islands."

The prince of a certain Refton who committed a serious crime in Coolville, pleaded with Abbott, bowing down to him.

"Abbott, please, I beg you, just deliver a message for me. Not only can I offer you a hundred billion, but I can also marry off my daughter, the number one beauty in Oakes, to you!"

The richest man in the Oakes knelt down in front of Abbott, pleading.

Abbott just smiled faintly, ignoring them.

These people were not simpletons. If he helped them send out messages, all the dark organizations in the world would surely focus all their forces to come here to rescue.

In that case, wouldn't he be drained to death?


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