Spoil My Beloved Wife

Spoil My Beloved Wife



A night filled with passionate errors and romance, he became utterly captivated by her, seeking her affection every night. Being manipulated by her sister, she ended up finding fortune amidst misfortune, becoming entangled with a cold and domineering CEO... She was chased out of her home by her father, and he told her he had a vacant house. When she was schemed against and kidnapped, he became her knight in shining armor, her saving grace... What is pampering in this world, you ask? He spoils her to the extent that she doesn't need to use her brain when she steps out the door.
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Top floor, Room 2208, Meyer Hotel in City A.

Inside the luxurious presidential suite, it was completely in disarray and a lingering sense of ambiguous pleasure filled the air. On the bed, the woman nestled in the man's arms sleeping soundly, while a subtle curve appeared at the corners of the man's mouth. It appeared that the two had a very harmonious night.

The sun pierced through the floor-to-ceiling windows, casting a blinding light. Lu Lu felt very uncomfortable. She used her hand to cover her eyes, avoiding the strong light, slowly opened her eyes, and peeked out from the gaps between her fingers.

She wanted to pull the blanket over and continue sleeping, but a wave of soreness came from her body which caused her eyebrows to knit tightly and suck in a sharp breath.

She figured it was probably because she drank too much liquor last night and ran amuck, causing the pain. She didn't think much of it.

Usually when she gets drunk, she creates a terrible fuss. The last time, she gave her class monitor a swollen nose and bruised face. After that incident, anyone would make a detour to avoid her.

There were only two outcomes when she got drunk – either she got hurt or someone else did.

She simply turned her back to the window and snuggled in.

Hmm, it seemed like she bumped into something. It's warm and hard. What is it?

She sleepily opened her eyes. When she saw the wheat-colored chest muscles in front of her, she was stunned! She poked it hard with her finger and bit her own finger.

"Ouch! It hurts so bad!"

Just as she was trying to put the puzzle together, a sexy, magnetic voice floated from above.

"Press harder!"

Gu Leng propped his cheek on one hand, teasing the clueless woman in his arms.

Upon hearing that, Lu Lu lifted her head and gazed at the handsome face magnified in front of her eyes, suddenly turning pale. When she lowered her head and saw her own naked body—


A sound that penetrated the eardrum echoed, spreading throughout this nearly 100 square meter room.

She abruptly sat up, vigorously pulling the bedsheets to cover her vital parts.

"Who are you? Why am I here?"

It seemed as if she thought of something and then screamed out.

"You bastard, pervert, you are so despicable and nasty!" As she said this, she didn't stop slapping the unfamiliar man in front of her.

By now, she was consumed by rage, rationality completely gone, not caring about the image she was presenting.

Gu Leng caught her hand, pulled her into his embrace, and whispered charmingly into her ear, "Am I despicable? Am I shameless? Even someone as despicable and shameless as me, you dared to seduce. So, in the end, who is more despicable and shameless?"

What? From his tone, she was the one who slept with him, and it turns out he is the one at a disadvantage? The situation was changing too quickly.

"So, I was the one who seduced you? You push the responsibility on me so easily?" It seemed she had truly met an incredibly shameless man. Lu Lu wanted to break free from his clutches, struggling desperately.

However, the disparity in their physical strength was too great. Her struggles were like a mayfly shaking a tree.

Tired, with no energy left, she had no choice but to stop.

Gu Leng's mouth displayed a hint of a smile, his appearance was strikingly charming.

"Do you dare to say you didn't sleep with me?"

Looking at the simple and cute woman in front of him, his mood was unusually good. He hadn't felt this relaxed and joyful in a long time.

She must be cursed to end up dealing with such a scoundrel. Is he really expecting her to take responsibility for him?

Upon hearing this, Lu Lu got enraged, "You...you, you shameless wretch, didn't you sleep with me as well? I'd say we're even."

"Let go, I still have to go to..." Class was the word that Lu Lu swallowed.

If they continue this pointless argument, she will be late for the old hag's class. To be called out is a small matter, to have to retake an exam is a big deal, and the worst-case scenario would be having to retake the whole course.

Gu Leng saw right through her thoughts and tightened his grip on her hand, "What if I don't let go?"

"Not letting go? Are you reminding me to call the police?" Lu Lu's tone became more threatening. He might not be afraid of her, but she didn't believe he wouldn't be afraid of the police.

However, such harmless and non-intimidating words seemed like a joke to Gu Leng.

Who was he, Gu Leng? He was the most valued man in the whole of City A, with immense power and influence. No one dared to offend or provoke him. Well, except for someone fearless like Lu Lu.

"Call the police? For them to arrest who?" Gu Leng's lips twisted into a slight smirk. He said in a teasing manner, "How do you plan on explaining this to the police? Don't you know the degree of professionalism of the police officers? They will ask a lot of detailed questions. Are you certain you want to call the police?"

What? Detailed questions? About such embarrassing things...


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