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Sweet Wifey Wants More



"Honey, I'm so hungry." Her being a little foodie, was again craving for a snack. With her big, pitiful eyes blinking, clutching her grumbling stomach, she was contemplating sneaking downstairs to steal some snacks. "Here, I promise I'll feed you well," said the cold, unsmiling man, his icy face unexpectedly spreading into a slight smile as he threw her onto the soft bed. "Ah... what are you doing?" The stunned and cute sweetheart screamed, once again of confusion. "We are playing the game of 'Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf', my little lamb!" The impassive man smirked, his smile unrestrained.
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Ye Xiaoxin has always been a bit of a ditz.

This morning, before the sun had even risen,

In her sleepy haze, she looked around, only to find an incredibly handsome man lying by her side.

His face was as sharp as a blade, his brows perfect in shape, his thick brows furrowed slightly, messy strands of hair scattered on his forehead...

The warmth of the quilt, the sleepiness of the morning, and the faint sense of fatigue from her body made her feel as if she was dreaming.

Dreaming a dream so beautiful she didn't want to wake up.

Let this wonderful dream continue, let her sink in it!

The corners of her lips curled up into a smile, and she leaned in, giving the man a kiss on his handsome face.

What greeted her was the warm breath of the man in his sleep, a faint scent of high-end men's cologne, and the lingering smell of sweat...

She greedily moved closer to him, her small nose twitching subtly as she was fascinated by the pleasing scent, completely lost in it.

She even stretched out a small hand, reaching for the man's bare chest, exploring...

Such well-built pectoral muscles, such wide and robust muscles, the healthy bronze skin, the perfect muscular lines made her involuntarily drool...

Moreover, also.

The warm and hot body temperature, the electrifying sensation transmitted from her fingertips, and the strong and powerful heartbeat faintly coming from his chest, she felt her breathing becoming erratic, her heartbeat also sped up a few ticks...

This dream was too fantastic, too real!

Hee hee, she likes it!

Come on, another kiss!

Ye Xiaoxin lunged with a laugh, ready to leave another lip mark on the handsome man's face—

But suddenly, she felt him roll over, and her petite body was heavily pressed under him…

Oh, he's so heavy!

Ye Xiaoxin slightly knitted her brows, realizing her limbs were weak, her body was soft and sore, she didn't have the strength to push him away.

However, it feels so, so good!

Her whole body was enveloped by the man's breath, the warm and hot sensation was like being swept by a warm current, the strong masculine aura that came head-on made her breathe a bit stagnant.

What made her heart race and her breathing quicken was—

Close at hand, that 360-degree flawless handsome face, those perfect dream-like brow and eyes, those thin sexy lips, were only a few centimeters away from her cheek!

Her small body trembled suddenly, her mind was blank for a moment, her heart beat stopped, and her breath was choked!

After at least one minute, no, after a centuries-long time—

She, who had come back from her infatuation, closed her eyes, her face full of joy, full of longing and sneaky happiness—

She leaned forward to kiss…

The electric-like sensation suddenly spread throughout her body, it was numb, soft, and warm…

"Wow, is this what kissing feels like?"

Having lived for twenty-three years, Ye Xiaoxin, who had never had such an experience before, was greedily and intoxicatingly clinging to the man in front of her...

She was intoxicated, truly smitten, utterly lost...

Closing her eyes, there was nothing but a sweet smile on her face, her heart filled with happiness and joy.

Outside the window, the subtle dawn unknowingly filled the room, casting a faint glow around the room.

Completely lost in her joy, Ye Xiaoxin didn't notice—

The man, in his sleep, was slightly furrowing his brows due to the obstruction of his breathing. The defined angles of his handsome face were also disturbed somewhat uncomfortably by her messy, flyaway bangs...


The man abruptly opened his narrow eyes.

A pair of still drowsy, jet-black eyes was now directly staring at the person who disturbed his sleep!

Did the temperature around suddenly drop by a couple of degrees? Is the air conditioner broken?

Ye Xiaoxin opened her somewhat confused, dazed eyes and immediately met the frigid gaze of the man standing near her!

Their eyes met, staring at each other!

The aloof man, with his icy cold countenance, squinted his scrutinizing eyes at her, appearing as though he wanted to flay and consume her alive, his expression fierce and terrifying!

"Ah! ……"

Ye Xiaoxin, no matter how dazed and cute or ignorant and stupid, suddenly woke up from her dream!

Her scream, just like a jet plane piercing the sky, broke the tranquility of the entire room in an instant.

Only then!

She realized, this wasn't a dream!

She noticed that she was lying naked with a man under a large quilt!

She realized that she felt weak and her head was still a bit foggy and throbbing, these were all aftermaths of last night's drinking and all-night torment!

She just realized, the man in front of her, she was very familiar with, was her husband, Huo Feng, whom she had been married to for more than three months!

Good heavens!

The two were simply in a marriage for the benefit of their families, there was no affection at all, they were like strangers who didn't even greet each other when they saw each other!

What kind of person is Huo Feng?

A cold man with a frozen face like a huge ice brick, arrogantly cool and lofty. Please, who would like him, he could freeze people into icy lumps!

The most fatal thing is——

He, who already in his thirties, was always rumor to be gay, utterly disgusted with all women! From childhood to adulthood, he had never had any scandal with any woman, not even a slight gossip!

Ah no!

There's another rumor that's scarier, saying that he's impotent, that's why he resists all women!

Oh, my god!

Did she... did she really... do that with him last night?

She tossed aside all cares... all worries, everything...

Summoning an inexplicable burst of strength, Ye Xiaoxin fiercely pushed him away, sprang up like a rolling ball, bolted off the bed as if she was out of her mind, and wrapped herself in a large bath towel by the bed, rushing into the bathroom...

Then, she hurriedly stripped down to examine her body...

In a split second, Ye Xiaoxin froze with shock!

Who was the wretched indidividual who claimed he wasn't capable? Show yourself now, if you dare!

Her body was covered in love bites, pinch marks, various red and purple bruises, all serving as ample testimony to the man's wild passion last night...

Her legs still felt somewhat weak, and there was a faint soreness in her body. Ye Xiaoxin was on the verge of tears...

Until last night, she was still pure, but now she was a woman!

This, in itself, was not important. The main point was —

The man she lost her virginity to, was Huo Feng - the cold, aloof man rumored to be gay and impotent!

When she had married him, she had done so purely for the Ye family, for her parents, fully prepared to live as a virtuous widow for the rest of her life.

Oh, my god!

She had been all prepared, ready to lead a nominal life with him, to remain undisturbed by each other, to ignore each other!

Three months had passed, and one would never have guessed that a night of drunkenness...

How...how was she supposed to handle this? How would she face him from now on?


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