CEO's Pursuit: 36 Strategies

CEO's Pursuit: 36 Strategies



A despicable client drugged her and, through a series of unexpected events, she ended up in the arms of a diamond-level bachelor. The next morning, with a flushed face and mustering her courage, Chu Qingyan, spoke a shameless statement: "About last night... I... I won't... take responsibility..." The man's icy voice lingered in the air: "Was my performance last night so terrible that it makes you so eager to disassociate with me?" At his words, Chu Qingyan's heart skipped a beat. Even though she was in a haze last night, her body still tingled with the ecstasy of their wild escapade and just the mere trace of his presence was enough to send a thrilling pulse through her heart...
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"The number you have dialed is not in service, please check and try again... The number you have dialed is not in service, please check and try again..."

Chu Qingyan was like someone under a spell, dialing the same number again and again, but all she heard was the same message.

From morning to night, she finally accepted reality.

Her fiancé, Lei Haoxuan, had truly deactivated his phone number, and his residence was deserted. She didn't even know when he moved.

Catching a glimpse of the household register on the bedside table out of the corner of her eye, Chu Qingyan snatched it up in a fit of rage and threw it against the wall.

After throwing the household register, it seemed as though a dam broke inside her, she fell onto the bed and began to sob uncontrollably.

Tears flooded her face, and her beautiful big eyes swelled like walnuts.

Today was supposed to be the joyous day that Chu Qingyan and Lei Haoxuan were to pick up their marriage certificate, she had been looking forward to this day for three whole years.

But Lei Haoxuan had suddenly disappeared, Chu Qingyan stood outside the civil affairs bureau from morning to night, repeatedly hearing, "The number you have dialed is not in service, please check and try again..."

At first, she was worried about Lei Haoxuan's safety, but later, she went to his apartment, his company, she finally realized how naive she was.

Lei Haoxuan had run away from the wedding...

She never forced him to marry her, why did he run away?

Not only did Lei Haoxuan run away from the wedding, but he also vanished.

He deactivated his phone number, quit his job, and left his rented apartment.

He completely disappeared from Chu Qingyan's world.

Tears washed over Chu Qingyan's sorrow, her heart ached so much it felt as if she couldn't breathe!

Yesterday, they were happily discussing getting their marriage certificate, now, it felt like a dream.

Chu Qingyan cried herself out of energy, sobbing on the bed.

Her eyes were sore and aching, her nose was blocked, and she could only breathe through her mouth.

After crying, Chu Qingyan's mood became much calmer. Although her heart was empty, she no longer had the urge to die or live.

She leaned down to pick up her phone that she had thrown on the floor in her emotional outburst. Thankfully, it wasn't broken.

Suddenly, her phone rang loudly.

Chu Qingyan was in shock... Was it him?

Rubbing her tear-stained eyes, she tried hard to make out the caller's name – President Zhang!

A major client of the company, she was following up on an order. The other party had been dragging their feet and not signing the contract, which was making her incredibly stressed.

After scheduling several meetings with no luck, now the other party was calling her. Chu Qingyan didn't dare to be negligent, she quickly cleared her throat, pressing the acceptance button: "Hello, President Zhang, I have the contract here. Alright, I'll bring it over immediately, it won't take more than half an hour. Thank you, President Zhang, goodbye!"

The heavens weren't too cruel to her.

Chu Qingyan wiped her tears, jumped down from the bed, and went to the bathroom to wash her face.

So what if she had a broken heart? Who doesn't experience heartbreak a few times before they truly grow?

Set aside all sadness, the most important thing right now is to focus on work!

After washing her face, Chu Qingyan's eyes were still quite swollen. She covered her face with a towel soaked in cold water, hoping the cool compress would help lessen the redness and swelling of her eyes.

Peeling off the towel and looking at herself in the mirror, there was some improvement, but her eyes were still a bit puffy and she looked somewhat haggard!

Whatever, she thought, some fresh air during the journey would probably help!

After dressing up, Chu Qingyan grabbed a file from her desk, checked the contract, and put it in her bag before hurriedly leaving.

She took a taxi to the hotel where she was meeting a client. She caught a glimpse of herself in the lobby mirror.

Her eyes were not swollen anymore. She managed to crack a smile at her reflection in the mirror, and it looked quite natural. This boosted her confidence and she headed straight for her destination by pressing the elevator button.

Room 3151, this is it.

The cost of staying one night in a five-star hotel luxury suite is equal to her monthly salary!

Chu Qingyan knocked on the slightly ajar hotel room door.

"Come in!"

A slightly aging baritone voice sounded, his almost blatant desire well concealed.

"Mr. Zhang, I've brought the contract. Please have a look. If there are no problems, we can sign it," said Chu Qingyan. She quietly walked into the luxurious suite with her head bowed, presenting the files with both hands to Mr. Zhang, who was sitting on the couch, enjoying his red wine.

Mr. Zhang Qing Sheng swirled his red wine in hand, his lecherous eyes glued onto Chu Qingyan, swallowing intermittently. His fat fingers twirling the glass while his eyes traced up and down her body.

To Zhang QingSheng, Chu QingYan, who was only 23 years old, was like a tender bamboo shoot. When her outer shell was peeled off, the fruit inside was fresh and inviting, making his mouth water with desire.

"Come in and rest a bit, put the contract on the table, I’ll take a look at it later!"

Laughing, Zhang QingSheng put down his wine glass, walked to the bar, and handed Chu QingYan a can of cola.

"Thank you, Mr. Zhang." Chu QingYan placed the contract on the table, awkwardly accepting the can of cola from Zhang QingSheng.

The cola was unopened, so it seemed fine.

Chu QingYan was quite thirsty, so she pulled the tab and gulped down several mouthfuls.

Seeing Chu QingYan drinking the cola, Zhang QingSheng broke into a wide smile, a lecherous gleam darting in his eyes.

He extended his fat, bear-like hand to pat Chu QingYan’s shoulder, feigning kindness as he said, "Xiao Chu, you really are a dedicated employee. Just as you said, only a half-hour, no more no less. That's good. I like your meticulous work ethic."

Zhang QingSheng's behavior made Chu QingYan feel uncomfortable. She subtly shifted away from him, looking at his hand on her shoulder with a feeling of revulsion rising in her heart.

"Boss Zhang, thank you for your praise."

Chu QingYan's scalp tingled, her whole body going into a state of alert.

She had made up her mind: sign the contract as quickly as possible and leave without lingering.

As she found her throat parched, she put the can of cola to her lips for another sip. But strangely, her throat only felt dryer than before. Suddenly, a hot flush spread throughout her body. Her temperature kept rising, and her breathing became more rapid.


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