Immortal Son-In-Law

Immortal Son-In-Law



Xiao He was the Immortal Emperor,but when he was reborn, he seemed to have some trouble. He was still the son-in-law of the Su family, who had been pushed out of the family. He was still the "cripple young master" of the down-and-out family in Jiangnan City. However, at this moment, he was no longer the same person he used to be. "Since you all look down on me, I will make sure you dare not look at me in the future!" He made this oath in his heart because he knew that in the future he would be unmatched! In this life, the world would change because of him!
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"Is this... a car?"

Xiao He ran his hands along the leather seat under him and muttered to himself in disbelief.

He had not been inside of a car in a very long time.

He knew he had become an Immortal Emperor and he clearly remembered that he was still in cultivation.

How did he suddenly end up inside a car?

"Is this my Inner Evil Illusion?"


In the East Mountain Villa of Jiangxia City.

At this moment, a black car was being held up at the main entrance of the Su family's mansion. It was undergoing a rigorous security check.

Xiao He was sitting in the back seat. He was dressed in cheap clothes and his hair was disheveled. He also had a frail body. 

But at this time, there was a strange light in his eyes, as if he had absorbed the darkness of the night.

He closed his eyes and rubbed his temples with his fingers. He could only feel that the memories in his mind seemed to have awakened.

He felt the Immortal Qi flowing in his body, but his weak body was only at the Qi Refining stage. For a moment, he was lost in thought.

"Just remember, do not look up to avoid being scolded again."

An extremely beautiful woman was sitting in the front passenger seat. Her dress outlined her curvy figure.

Xiao He had been talking non-stop throughout the entire journey here. She frowned slightly and was about to teach him a lesson, but after thinking for a while, she decided against it and turned her face away, leaving the faint scent of her perfume in the air.

The woman was the daughter of the Su family, Su Yun. She had a marriage contract with Xiao He.

Ever since her parents passed away, Su Yun had been despised in her family. It was only Master Su who was concerned about her and it was also because of him that she was able to live a decent life.

"You have to be mentally prepared. I'm afraid that Grandpa might not make it."

Su Yun's brows furrowed even more tightly. Her eyes were filled with endless sorrow.

"Oh, I remember now! This is earth and I'm currently in the Su family's courtyard!" Xiao He thought to himself.

"This is the night that Master Su passed away. I was humiliated by the Su Family and was beaten to death!"

Xiao He narrowed his eyes. He had finally awakened the memories that he had suppressed in his heart all these years.

"It seems that I still can't get rid of this past."

Xiao He heaved a long sigh of relief. Back then, the Xiao family had been oppressed and he had been humiliated by the Su family. He had thought that everything that had happened would disappear in a puff of smoke, but he had not expected it to turn into a demon in his heart.

He failed to overcome the tribulation, but he was reborn, which means he would be able to start afresh.

Xiao He knew very well that since it was a demon in his heart, then he would have to kill it himself!

The two got out of the car and walked side by side to the gate of the courtyard.

Seeing that Xiao He was silent for a long time, Su Yun raised her eyebrows and asked, "What are you thinking about?"


Xiao He shook his head. Ever since he regained his memory, his thoughts had been all over the place. He felt as if the Xiao family had just been destroyed and he was humiliated and tortured by the Su family not long ago. He just could not get rid of the thoughts.

"If, and I mean if, my uncles want us to get a divorce."

Su Yun said softly, sounding as if she had been through a lot of pain recently. She continued, "Please agree. "

"What? Why?" Xiao He stopped in his tracks.

Although he and Su Yun had always treated each other with respect, Su Yun had no feelings for him. As for him, he did not have any presumptuous desire toward her, but Su Yun had never mentioned anything about divorce, up until today.

"Why did she suddenly bring it up?" Xiao He wondered as he looked at Su Yun. He really wanted to know.

"Grandpa is going to die. I will not have anyone to protect me in the Su family anymore."

Su Yun did not seem to want to give him a straightforward answer. She opened her mouth and looked at Xiao He in a daze.

"Huh? What did you say?"

At this time, Xiao He thoughts were all over the place, so he did not hear what Su Yun had said.

"Nothing. Let's head inside."

Su Yun sighed in disappointment, leaving behind a faint fragrance.

Xiao He watched as a dejected Su Yun entered the house. He felt somewhat relieved.

In his opinion, Su Yun was still a kind person regardless of how the Su family had treated him in the past.

In the past, Master Su treated the Xiao family and Xiao He with kindness and respect. He treated them like family.

He could not bear to see Master Su die.


"Ah! Su Yun, you're here! Oh, isn't that her husband, Xiao He?"

"Oh, look what the wind blew in! The jinx!"

As soon as Xiao He stepped into the living room, he heard the mocking laughter.

"Su Yun, I thought I told you to tell him to stay in the courtyard and not come in here?"

The one who spoke was Master Su's eldest son, Su Guangyao.

"Since he married into our family, our family has been experiencing all sorts of misfortunes!"

Even Su Yun, who had always been patient and polite, had a hint of anger flashing across her face when she heard those words.

Su Guangyao's eyes were filled with disappointment as he glared at Xiao He. After which, he turned around and led Su Yun up the stairs.

"You know what? Forget it. Come with me upstairs. The old man has been waiting for you."

Xiao He lowered his head and wanted to follow them upstairs. He was thinking of a way to save Master Su.

It was obvious that Xiao He was not the same person he used to be. Instead, he smiled in the face of these cold words.

He played dumb. In the past, Xiao He would have lost his temper.

He was about to turn around and go upstairs when a figure appeared in front of Xiao He.

"Xiao He, all of the servants are currently busy taking care of Grandpa. Why don't you go and make some tea for us?"

This person talking was a young man. He was Su Yun's cousin, the son of Su Ruyu.

Xiao He did not bother to talk to him and wanted to continue making his way upstairs.

"Hey, stop! I'm talking to you, you useless piece of trash!"

When Xiao He ignored him, the young man smoldered with resentment.

Hearing this, Xiao He stopped in his tracks.

At this moment, a sound that was similar to a heart thumping in a person's chest could be heard, but it also sounded like bells ringing.

Xiao He's aura rose sharply and a huge psychological pressure swept out in an instant.

"What did you say?"

Xiao He turned around casually and spoke indifferently. His gaze landed on the young man.


The young man immediately fell to his knees!

At that moment, the young man seemed to have seen the starry sky collapsing and the milky way vanishing into a dark void.

The fear that seemed to destroy the world scared the young man so much that his teeth were chattering. His raised fingers trembled violently in the air. "You, you..."

Seeing this, the rest of the Su family quickly stepped back instinctively and looked at the indifferent Xiao He in panic.

"He was fine just now, but now he's kneeling down in front of that good-for-nothing!"

Xiao He noticed the shocked gazes around him and frowned. He looked away wordlessly and continued to walk upstairs.

"How dare you! This is the Su Family! What have you done to my son?"

Su Ruyu wailed. She could not bear to see her son in such a state.

She pulled her son to the sofa before rushing up the stairs to stop Xiao He.

"B*stard! Bear in mind that you're in the Su family's mansion! You'd better kneel down and admit your mistake, now!"

Su Ruyu threatened arrogantly as she stood in front of Xiao He.

"You ought to take care of your son."

Xiao He hissed. He was already in a bad mood and at this moment, he could not be bothered by this petty person.

However, Su Ruyu did not stop as she felt a flicker of irritation.

On normal occasions, Xiao He would never continue to argue or talk back in this situation. What was going on today?

"Fine, if you don't want to kneel down and admit your mistake..."

Su Ruyu shouted, "Then, get the hell out of this place!"

The Su family looked at him gloatingly. Xiao He had to suppress his anger and say, "You're kicking me out?"

"Yes, I am!"

A sneer appeared on Su Ruyu's face.

"Su Yun has already agreed to divorce you! You're no longer welcomed in the Su family!"

Everyone in the Su family was pleasantly surprised upon hearing Su Ruyu's words. "What! Su Yun agreed? That's great!"

"I heard that the Du family has already given their betrothal gifts a few days ago! This is great. Even if Master Su is not around, the Su Family still has the support of the Du family."

Looking at Xiao He's gloomy face, Su Ruyu sneered even more unscrupulously.

"Hasn't she told you yet? You're so pitiful. Ha! After tonight, your wife will belong to Mr. Du!"

Su Ruyu was so angry that she wanted to spit out blood. She smiled meaningfully and said, "I'm pretty sure you have not consummated your marriage, right? I wonder whether Mr. Du would enjoy it?"

"You're courting death!"

Xiao He felt extremely uncomfortable. He felt like he was on the verge of exploding.

Xiao He had never been humiliated like this!

He suddenly remembered what Su Yun had said before he entered the door.

"If my uncles force you to divorce me, will you agree, please?"

At that time, he vaguely remembered that Su Yun looked a little impatient when she asked him. It seemed that she did not plan to consider his feelings at all!

Xiao He was so angry that he laughed. He finally understood.

He thought grimly, "Su Yun, do you really want to divorce me like this?"

Just as Xiao He was about to say something, the housekeeper's voice came from the door.

"Madam, the Du family's young master has arrived."


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