Supplier of the Three Realms

Supplier of the Three Realms



Zhang Feng, once a fruit supplier, was receiving one negative review after another on his online store. Just when it seemed like he could barely sustain his life, a large order came out of nowhere. Upon closer inspection, the delivery address was surprisingly a nearby graveyard!!! What's more chilling, the person on the other end insisted on personally picking up the goods. What in the world...
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"What the hell!" Zhang Feng, with a mouse in one hand, scrolled down the screen rapidly. The tens of negative reviews in his online store nearly blinded him!

"Negative review! This fruit store's imported fruits, they must have come from the moon! The delivery took a week, and I got a box full of peach pits instead of peaches!"

"Bullshit imported fruits! Extremely overpriced, I spent over 800 yuan on Thailand's Durian, it tasted like shit!"

"The mangosteens I bought were rotten to the core! I have photos, here's the proof!"

Looking at a series of negative reviews that suddenly popped up, Zhang Feng trembled out of rage.

As he casually checked over the orders with negative reviews, Zhang Feng suddenly realized, "Someone's messing with me!"

All of these orders belong to the same city!

This simply defies the common sense!

Owing to this pile of negative reviews, the customers who have already placed their orders and were to be shipped by Zhang Feng, initiated refund requests!

Well, that's the end of it!

Seeing what's happening to his online store and thinking of the batch of imported fruits he just ordered during the day, Zhang Feng collapsed onto the chair!

The business of his brick-and-mortar store has been on life support for the past few months, entirely relying on the online one.

Now, his online store is facing catastrophe, this batch of goods is going to be stranded on his hands!

20,000 plus yuan may not be a big sum, but for the current situation of his family, it could be the straw that breaks the camel's back.

"If my parents in the hospital knew about this, there'd be hell to pay!

What to do, what to do!

Zhang Feng franticly scratched his hair, feeling a wave of despair!

"Ding-ding, boss, an order has come in!"

Suddenly, a system notification sounded out, prompting Zhang Feng to jerk his gaze up towards the computer screen.

But seeing that order, Zhang Feng was stunned!

"Am I dreaming?!"

He rubbed his eyes in disbelief and when he confirmed that the order was the same as he saw earlier, Zhang Feng jumped excitedly from his chair, "A major order of 23,000! It's really a case of every cloud having a silver lining!"

This surprise order booked all the fruits on Zhang Feng's online shop. This sudden transition from hell to heaven was undeniably exciting!

After calming himself, Zhang Feng sat back down, his hand trembling as he reached for the mouse and opened the order.

But seeing the delivery address on the order, Zhang Feng was stunned again!

Zhongchang Road, Wanshou Mountain Cemetery!

The delivery address was actually not far from his fruit shop. It was a cemetery!

"Who the hell is playing jokes on me?!"

Zhang Feng roughly threw the mouse aside and cursed.

I'm tearing my hair out right now, and they're playing this kind of ill-timed joke on me. Are they crazy!?

"Ding ding, you have a new message."

Suddenly, the Wangwang app of his online store rang twice and an avatar started to flash.

"Let's see who this cheeky fella is!"

Zhang Feng grunted coldly and picked up the mouse from the floor, opening the message with a click.

"Pick up the goods personally tonight at twelve o'clock, hope the boss is well prepared."

A wave of confusion rushed over Zhang Feng as he read the message. He wanted to ask who this mysterious sender was, but their avatar had dimmed, indicating they were offline.

Pick up the goods personally, at midnight?

As a long-time fruit shop owner, Zhang Feng had never encountered such a bizarre customer.


Strange as it might be, it's better than having to deliver to the graveyard myself!

He glanced at the time displayed on the computer screen; there were less than ten minutes left until midnight.

Zhang Feng got up and walked out of the cabin, into the outer room. As he activated the ceiling lights with a touch on the wall.


He reached the entrance, once again lifting the roller shutter door. He turned back and took his seat at the register, eyes fixed on the shop's entrance.


Exactly at midnight, a gust of cold wind brushed over, making Zhang Feng lower his head and instinctively shrink his shoulders in an involuntary shiver!

A cold wind!

Definitely a cold wind!

Bone-chillingly cold!

Upon lifting his gaze back to the door, Zhang Feng froze in astonishment!

Before him, a woman of exquisite beauty walked in through the glass doors. Dressed in a white palace-style dress, her elegant eyebrows looked as if they were painted on, and her fair and lovely face was simply bewitching. She was casually taking delicate, small steps toward him.

"Shopkeeper, is the goods I ordered ready?"

Under Zhang Feng's astonished stare, the woman subtly grinned. As she lightly opened her peach-blossom lips, melodious notes flowed out. For the first time, Zhang Feng understood what it meant for someone's speech to be more pleasing than singing.

"You... Who are you?" Zhang Feng stuttered as he got out of his chair.

The woman, without a doubt, was the most beautiful, the most charismatic, and the most eloquent person Zhang Feng had ever met.

The woman had a graceful stature, all her moves were full of charm, which made Zhang Feng think she was like a fairy who had stepped right out of a painting. Moreover, her clothing and styling were very classically ethereal, leaving Zhang Feng dumbstruck for a moment!

"I am Yang Yuhuan."

Seeing Zhang Feng's stupefied expression, the woman covered her mouth and giggled, "Earlier, it was I who placed the order with you, is my goods ready?"

Yang Yuhuan?

Yang Guifei?

The woman in front of him was indeed beautiful, but there was something... off about her brain. She didn't seem like someone who has been hit by a donkey either.

It's true, would a normal person order over twenty thousand dollars worth of fruit at once?

Thinking about this, Zhang Feng pointed to the few large boxes lying on the ground in the shop, and asked, "Where's your cargo? Are you sure you want them all?"

Yang Yuhuan looked at the direction Zhang Feng was pointing, and seeing a few large boxes, her face brightened. With a gentle wave of her hand, the few large boxes on the ground disappeared in an instant!

Holy cow...

Zhang Feng was so shocked by what had just happened that he was at a loss for words, his mouth gaping wide enough to fit a fist!

Gone! Those big boxes, gone in the blink of an eye!

"Are you... human, ghost, or some kind of demon..."

Thinking about the special day today, Zhang Feng took two steps back, asking incredibly nervously.

Yang Yuhuan giggled behind her hand, "Don't be scared, I'm a ghost."


I'm supposed not be scared?!

Upon hearing Yang Yuhuan's words, Zhang Feng was utterly alarmed.

Comforting himself not to be afraid, yet revealing an identity that made himself immensely fearful.

However... if this batch of goods gets taken away without payment, I will be beaten into a ghost by debt collectors tomorrow!

With this thought in mind, Zhang Feng regained his focus and, considering the importance of this payment to his family, bravely asked, "That... Sister Yang, about the payment for the goods, are you...?"

Having said that, Zhang Feng managed to squeak out a smile at Yang Yuhuan.

"The payment is settled in full. The shop owner doesn't have to worry about it."

Yang Yuhuan extended a slim fair hand, her palm facing upward and the back of her hand downward. With a flash of gold, two stacks of banknotes suddenly appeared in her hand.

"Shop owner, here's your payment. Please count it.”

Yang Yuhuan presented the banknotes to Zhang Feng, saying it with a gentle smile.

Reaching out nervously, Zhang Feng took the two stacks of bills. After confirming that they were real money, he could finally relieve his worries.

If the payment were ghost money, he wouldn't even have a place to cry.

Seeing that Yang Yuhuan was kind and amiable to him from start to finish, and that she paid so promptly without showing any signs of malice, Zhang Feng began to grow bolder, and the fear in his heart started to fade away little by little.


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