Morning, Miss Wifey

Morning, Miss Wifey



Tang Xin had staked out for eight hours just to capture the scandalous scoop of the popular actress checking into a hotel room with her rumored lover. She had secretly followed them into the room, only to realise that the actress's rumored partner was none other than her own elder brother, Gu Jinglü. Shrinking her shoulders and stepping back, Tang Xin forced a smile, "El...Elder brother..." "You brought this upon yourself," the man glanced at her and said icily.
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At ten o'clock in the evening, Vienna Hotel

Tang Xin was lurking in the middle of a lawn, a layer of sweat appeared on her small face, but she was quite excited, feeling not a bit tired.

According to reliable information she'd received, the hottest gossip-girl actress in the industry was expected to make an appearance accompanied by an investor today!

To land on this breaking news, she had been lying in wait here since the afternoon.

She maintained her stakeout for a full eight hours, not daring to go to the restroom.

In the distance, a business van was slowly pulling up.

"Here they come! They're here!" The moment Tang Xin saw the understated luxury car park at the hotel entrance, she immediately lifted her camera.

The actress got out of the car first and a tall figure bent down and got out as well.

The man's figure was slender, his silhouette cold and aloof.

Tang Xin somehow found him vaguely familiar.

It seemed that she had seen this man somewhere before?

Seeing the actress and the man walk into the hotel, Tang Xin didn't have time to linger on the thought. Quickly she gathered her belongings and rushed to the hotel reception. After stating her name, she got the room card.

As she swiped the card to gain access to the luxurious suite, it felt as if Tang Xin was losing blood.

The cost of digging for such explosive news was all at their own expense - the company didn't cover it. The cost of the room alone was equivalent to her half-month salary.

What a blow!

The soundproofing of the room is excellent, making it difficult for Tang Xin to eavesdrop.

Gritting her teeth, she brutally pulls the curtains open.

The open-air balconies of each room are not far apart. However, after climbing up, the height of over twenty floors causes Tang Xin to feel slightly dizzy. She hastily jumps to the adjacent balcony, taking cover in the corner.

The living room is brightly lit, and faint footsteps can be heard. Tang Xin extends the mini camera, which was strapped to the support, stealthily into view.

Connected through the tablet, Tang Xin sees a female celebrity help a man onto the bed.

Upon removing her coat, the woman's spellbinding figure almost causes Tang Xin to have a nosebleed. She can vaguely hear the woman speaking.

"Mr. Gu, I have actually admired you for a long time..."

As expected of the popular new star, with her fiery figure and sweet and sultry voice, any man would find it hard to resist.

Tang Xin pats her flushed face, pushing the tablet further out of sight.

Regardless of whether she can uncover who He Jiawen's sugar daddy is, as long as she hands over the video and information to the editor tomorrow morning, not only will she receive a hefty reward, but she will also make headlines!

"I must have a good meal tomorrow!" The more Tang Xin thought about it, the more excited she became, distracted enough to knock into the glass with such a loud noise.

After scrambling up, she quickly retracts the support, her heart pounding fiercely against her chest.

Would the people inside have heard the noise?

After waiting for quite a while, hearing no reaction, she thought they had gone to take a bath. She peeked out, only to have the heavy curtains drawn back abruptly, a tall figure blocking Tang Xin.

Suddenly meeting the man's sharp, piercing stare, Tang Xin freezes, the camera in her hand clatters to the floor.

"" She stuttered, unable to form a complete sentence.

Why was he He Jiawen's benefactor?!

"Tang Xin!" Upon recognizing the journalist in front of him, his facial expression darkened dramatically, his voice frightfully cold.

Especially after seeing her in a short sleeve that exposed her belly and ultra-short shorts, he barely kept himself from tearing the curtains down.

This little girl, actually dared to dress this way!

"Hi." Tang Xin could only brace herself to greet him, knowing he disliked her attire. She held her tablet against her chest in an attempt to cover up. "I...I didn’t know you were here..."

Unexpectedly, the man strode onto the balcony, his imposing aura intimidating her to the point that she couldn't finish her sentence. She shrank back, her shoulder contracting, forcing an awkward smile. "Se...second brother..."

The next second, his costly suit jacket was tossed onto Tang Xin.

Tang Xin hastily covered herself with it and smelled a hint of the man’s cold and exclusive fragrance. Her face turned red, just in time to see the man bending over to pick up the micro-camera, and ruthlessly crushing it.

Tang Xin was completely disheartened.

Sob sob, that was her money, her future...

The man gave her a glance, and coldly commanded, "Put on the clothes properly and wait for me in the parking lot!"

Seeing that the man looked angry, Tang Xin dared not to think about her future anymore. She hastily put on the suit jacket and dashed across the room with her possessions in her arms, frightened out of her wits.

He Jiawen watched as the girl ran out, completely stunned.

She'd been working for this man for a while, knew all about his temper. If he discovered a paparazzi, he absolutely wouldn't be lenient.

Yet, why did Mr. Gu give his jacket to her today and tell her to wait for him in the parking lot?

Could it be... Does Mr. Gu prefer the tender ones?


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