Forced Love: Great Job, Mr. CEO

Forced Love: Great Job, Mr. CEO



A sky-high priced contract turned her from a tender model into his plaything. He takes her into his extravagant villa every night for enjoyment. "Not bad with your skills, be my mistress!" They had agreed no love, only pleasure, suddenly, why is this man proposing to her? "Hey, didn't we say we would only be bed partners and not involve feelings?" She was evidently surprised. "Who said no feelings involved? We not only need to share the bed, but also express love!" He said while slipping a ring firmly onto her finger.
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The night is bathed in darkness.

In a luxurious villa situated by the mountainside and close to the water.

Gu Anwei, adorned with heavy makeup, donned a backless, long, red dress, deliberately got dressed up, was transported here in a black luxury car.

She pushed open the doors of the villa, stepping in with her seven-centimeter crystal high-heeled shoes.

Inside, the light was dim and everything was silent.

"What took you so long?" A husky, magnetic voice softly echoed throughout the room.

Gu Anwei was startled and looked up in the direction of the voice.

A man was standing in front of the floor-to-ceiling window. Wide-shouldered, slender waist, with a cold and stern demeanor, he stood tall and upright.

Reflected on the window were his blurred facial contours, exquisite features, sharp lines. No matter from which angle, he was undeniably handsome. He emanated a noble aura, as majestic as a king, proud yet stable.

The man held a cigar between his fingers, leisurely exhaling a puff of white smoke, further enhancing his profound expression.

"I..." Gu Anwei flickered her long curled eyelashes, about to explain something.

"Undress. Lie down on the sofa!" The man impatiently interrupted her, his low voice cold and stern.

"..." Gu Anwei instinctively furrowed her brows, finding it hard to believe what she just heard.

She had gone to great lengths to dress up just for him today.

But he didn't even bother to turn his head to glance at her.

A touch of stubbornness crossed Gu Anwei's eyes. Rather than obeying his instruction, she purposely let the straps of her long dress slip off her shoulders. With a slight smirk, she seductively twisted her slim waist, sashaying towards him with her eyes full of enticing allure.

She planned to showcase her charming techniques and entice him first.

"Did you not understand?"

Just as she was about to approach the man, his brows furrowed suddenly, his eyes shooting a sharp cold light.

Taken aback, Gu Anwei instinctively halted her steps.

Their stand-off reflected in the expanse of the floor-to-ceiling window.

"Don't you need me to serve you?" Gu Anwei tilted her head, her beautiful large eyes blinking, the myriad reflections captivating, resolved to bewitch the man in front of her.

There was no fluctuation on the man's handsome face. His thin lips pressed tightly together as he coldly spoke: "No need, let's proceed!"

"Ohh," Gu Anwei gasped slightly, pouting her small mouth, surprise and blame flashing in her beautiful eyes.

Even though they only have an agreement, not emotions, shouldn't they set the mood and build up some atmosphere for this kind of situation?

The man took another harsh drag of his cigar. His deep, black pupils reflected an indifferent and calm aura, making it impossible to guess what he could be thinking at this moment.

"Take it off quickly. I don't have time to waste with you!" He insisted again, exuding an icy aloofness.

Nonchalantly, Gu Anwei stuck out her tongue, blinking her vivacious eyes, and deliberately pulling down the zipper of her long red dress in front of him and discarding the dress.

She then unbuttoned her body shaper, taking off the black stockings.

All of sudden, her graceful and curvaceous figure was exposed under the dim light, completely unobstructed.

The graceful curve rose high from the front and stretched all the way to the flat, tight abdomen. The slender waist, small enough to fit into the palm, stirred one's blood…

Her skin was as white as jade, emitting a mysterious and clear luster.

A charming smile flickered in Gu Anwei's eyes. She knew that even if his back was to her, he could see her through the floor-to-ceiling window.

She was confident that her enticing body could charm him and stir his blood.

But disappointingly, the man pressed his thin lips together, not even giving her a glance, just indifferently puffing on the cigar in his hand, his gaze staring into the limitless blackness outside the window.

Not until he finished his cigar, flicked it forcefully into a crystal ashtray, and slowly turned his majestic body around.

"If you're ready, let's start the transaction," he was cold, composed, and indifferent, without the slightest trace of warmth in his voice.

Gu Anwei stood there, watching as his tall body pressed closer and closer towards her, until her delicate body was completely enveloped by his towering shadow!

He Ruohao squinted at the woman's body in front of him. As expected, she was a young model carefully chosen by his subordinates. Her small face was beautiful and delicate, her figure graceful, with the right places bulging and the right places perky. She was sexy and enticing, embodying both innocence and charm, full of the intriguing scent of a woman.

But in his eyes, she was merely a tool for childbirth.

Gu Anwei raised herself on her tiptoes and reached out to put her arms around his neck.

Her face broke into a seductive smile. Her beautiful eyes were captivating, her red lips gradually approached his sexy thin lips.

Just when she was less than half a centimeter from him, her lower jaw was tightly clenched by a ruthless grip.

"What are you trying to do?" He Ruohao shot a cold glance at her, his deep voice full of natural authority.

"Kiss you!" Gu Anwei blinked her long lashes, a trace of confusion flashed across her beautiful face.

"You have no right to kiss me!" He Ruohao's expression inevitably darkened, a touch of sneer sweeping through his cold eyes, his voice firm and unquestionable.

Gu Anwei's heart sank, looking at him surprised.

"You are just here to submit your body." He Ruohao's eyes were dark as the ocean, his mouth curling up in a cold smirk.

Gu Anwei was slightly stunned, a faint smile suddenly appearing on her lips: "Okay! I got it!"

With a wave of his hand, He Ruohao mercilessly picked her up and threw her onto the couch nearby, then promptly threw himself on top of her.

His eyes were dark and intense, unzipping his pants without any foreplay...

Without a thread on her, yet he was immaculate!

Gu Anwei couldn't help but feel a mix of embarrassment and humiliation!

However, since she had taken his money, she could only endure it, not to mention that she had clawed her way to him, her future in the entertainment industry was promising.

Two hours later, the world of passion fell back into silence.

He Ruohao took a deep breath, got up and composed himself, casually pulling a cool blanket from the couch to cover her tender body, bare as a baby.

He left the couch without hesitation, turning and walking towards the floor-to-ceiling windows.

Facing the dark night, he lit another cigar and began to puff away.

Meanwhile, Gu Anwei on the couch was already exhausted, her body sore and weak, her head dizzy, she could hardly move.

She gazed at the man's silhouette before the floor-to-ceiling window, her eyes gradually deep and complicated.

Before long, she slipped into a dazed slumber.


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