Rejecting The Ladies' Man

Rejecting The Ladies' Man




When the lifeless Athena saw the obscenity that happened to her bestfriend and the most and well known casanova on their campus, it was there that she realized that she needs to step in and make her own moves. Athena filmed it to black mail and give it to the boy's rude father. And then the ladies' man known as Andrew finally intervened. Athena tried to get out of his arms and games. But it was too late when Athena realized that she had completely forgotten the mission, and she was completely falling... deeper and egregious.
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Andrew's POV

"You did what?!"

"I kissed her," Reluctantly I answered, at the same time I leaned my back on the chair to rest.

"Are you still thinking like a human? Did you seriously kissed Elen Palmer? Do you know who you will collide with because of your foolishness?"

"Hah, what's wrong? I just kissed that fucking girl and I did not do anything beside that."

He's been yelling at me for a while, but I'm just answering it truthfully because he'll get even angrier. We are currently here in an abandoned classroom, only the two of us can go here because we are often told to ban other students. Why not? What I want is to be followed, no one is breaking or no one can reject me ... except for the cousin who is with me now, Mike.

I grabbed my nape and looked up. I stared at the dirty ceiling and closed my eyes it tightly. To this day I can still taste the bitter lipstick that came from Palmer’s lips. I really didn't expect her to kissed me back. I smirked, did I think she was too innocent for me? Why when I kissed her she was like an eager and very hungry animal. I really have no intention of kissing her anyway, eww. I don't like innocent girls, my head hurts with them because they look like toddlers. It is hard to make an order for them.

"Whats wrong? You still asking me that, huh? What if your dad finds out what you did again? Do you think he will be happy? Tsk, you never really learned."

"Shut up, Mike. That's just a kiss. A kiss, bastard. I have nothing to say about what I did."

"So no woman lasts with you, because of that habit of yours," I barely moved in my seat, I pulled out my bag and took there the lighter as well as the cigarette.

"Do women have to spend time with me and to stay with me? The more the merrier."

"Who did you learn that from-- since, I'm not going to wonder why you're like that. You are just like your dad."

Yeah, yeah. I get it.

Since I was a child, I have been used to having different women in my house with my dad. I no longer reacted, I no longer interfered or spoke. As time goes on, as the years go by I get used to it. When I was young, I knew that mom wasn’t the only woman in my dad’s life.

"This, how can you explain this to your dad?"

My eyebrows rose as he handed me a cellphone. I barely peeked, I took to see a video.

My forehead furrowed as the video I was seeing gradually became clearer. My lips parted, I was the one in the video and Elen Palmer. Wait, it was yesterday. It was yesterday in the back of the court where I kissed Palmer. I can see my self kissing her there, and you can also see her kissing me back. From the video, I can hear the deep breathing of whoever is taking us on video. Suddenly my head heats up, I accidentally clenched my fist because of the sight.

"Who the hell filmed this video?!" Out of rage like a tiger, I suddenly threw the cellphone. It hit the wall causing it to break.

"It's Elen's friend. She sent it to me earlier. What are you going to do now? What if your dad saw that? You don't listen to my sermons."

"Shut the fucking up, Mike! Who's that bitch?! I need to know her name," I swear to god! When I find out who took that video, I'm sure she or he'll go home with broken bones.

Before he could speak, he took something from his polo pocket. He brought out there an I.D. I was so angry with what I took, I saw a picture of a woman. I heard his sighed.

"Her name is Athena, Athena Greensmith. She's a grade ten student, and she's Elen Palmer's friend."

I stared intently at the photo. I see a white woman, her eyes are small and chinky, her eyebrows are thick and her nose is sharp nad very proud. Her thin lips is naturally red and her cheeks are also red. Her pink hair really caught my attention, so I read what was below. Her name is Athena Greensmith, she’s a seventeen-year old grade ten student. The only younger sister of Felix Greensmith. The hell? So she's that bastard's younger sister?

I won't be surprised, they both love to interfere.

"Andrew! Where the hell are you going?!"

I stood up quickly, I spoke without him looking back.

"I'm going to that molly doll, so shut up."

Because of the extreme anger, my every step was fast and big. I don't care if I bumped into anything, I just looked straight ahead. I noticed that other students were still looking at me, others were still calling my name but I ignored them. I walked in the direction of the left, there I barely stopped and looked up another building of classrooms. Fourth floor, Greensmith is still on the fourth floor.

Wait for me molly doll! Once I see you, I will make sure your life will be hell.

"Omg! Andrew! Andrew is here!"

"Hi, babe!"

"Andrew, baby!"


Suddenly I was confused by the women. No doubt I pushed them just to get through. When I finally managed to climb to the fourth floor and I stopped in a classroom. My eyes caught Palmer, she suddenly turned to me and her eyes widened. I immediately ignored her, I didn't go her for her. And because Greensmith's hair was pink, It was so easy for me to see her right away. She was sitting in the front row as she bent down and wrote.

You are dead.

I kicked a chair in front loudly and scandalously causing them all to be shocked. The students quickly ran out, leaving Greensmith and Palmer inside and now she is behind molly doll as if she was so scared. Hah! Why is she so close to that molly doll? Is that woman her mother? The courage to kiss me back, she's nothing but a coward bitch.

"Athena Greensmith. Your name sucks, huh," I said calmly and hold my both waists at the same time. I saw her stunned at what she was doing.

"Athena... he's here," Palmer whispered to the woman sitting down. She just bent down, but the woman didn't seem to hear her so her just bit her lips.

"Athena... Athena... Athena. How dare you to release that video. Did I give you the permission to do that? Huh, molly doll."

"Did I give you the permission to come here?" My tongue seemed to recede when I heard her soft voice.

"Athena, stop," Palmer whispered to her again.

"I am talking to you, Greensmith. Don't turn your fucking face to me," she did not answer, but I heard her sighed. Reason for me to be even more annoyed. I closed my eyes tightly and scratched my head very hard.

In great annoyance my hand moved spontaneously. I quickly and violently grabbed the collar of her blouse, with great forced as the three buttons were removed. At the same time, I pulled her collar up and more up, causing her to suddenly stand up in no time. I heard Palmer's scared gasped, but my attention was already on Greensmith. My teeth chattered in anger, I gripped her collar tightly. I just stared at her face, whiter in person. I can't deny it, her face is so beautiful, but her dead eyes ruined the vibe of her beauty. Her eyes were lifeless, no reaction, no feeling.

"Remove that video, now."


"Fuck! What do you mean by no?!"

"You kissed my friend," Even her voice had no reaction.

"She kissed me back, that bitch kissed me back. There was nothing wrong with what we did. Why are you interfering? Are you her mother? Are you feeding her? What? Answer!"

"Athena! Andrew! Stop!" I stared sharply at Palmer.

"Don't call me by my name."

"Will you release me or will I send the video to your dad? Choose," hah! This molly doll is really unbelievable! Her courage to fight me!

"Did you even know me?!" She tilted her head.

"Why? If I answer no, what will you do?"


"I what? Do you want to shoe and face the women you kissed? The women you touched? Even my friend you approached, you have no dissatisfaction with the women you are with, you are a flirt."

"What did you said."

"Do I still need to repeat--"

"Damn you!"

Before she could finish what she was going to say, I quickly let her go aggressively causing her to fall and sit on the floor.

"Athena!" Palmer shouted, he sat down on the floor and immediately helped the woman. I stared at them with disgust on my face.

"Remember my face, Greensmith. I'll make sure the video will be deleted, and when I do that, you have nothing to lose to me. You can't reject me, anymore."

She just looked up at me as if remembering my words. Is that how she really is? No reaction? Numb? Lifeless?

Damn, I need to delete the video right away before I get to dad.


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