If You Love Me

If You Love Me



It wasn't until Yu Chuchu silently miscarried their child, that Shen Muqian suddenly realized that he had a wife who he had been married to for half a year. Their marriage began without affection and ended as strangers. Though it was a marriage in name only, he stepped forward like the bravest warrior at her most desperate and dangerous moment, showering her with endless love and untold tenderness. "Five hundred million, Yu Chuchu," she was his lawful wife, her price was high. "Three hundred million, Yu Biqing." "You can only choose one!" She and his girlfriend were kidnapped at the same time. The kidnapper, full of amusement and interest, gave him a difficult choice. "I choose her." The answer had barely been stated, the trigger not yet fully pulled, yet his heart bled profusely. Yu Chuchu closed her eyes in despair, the fireworks in Piao City rose and fell in her mind. As romantic as it once was, now it was equally as desolate.
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Boya Maternal and Child Hospital.

Within the icy cold operating room, the lighting was glaringly pale, and the surgical knife emitted a crisp and chilling sound by the ear, devoid of the slightest warmth.

"Are you ready?"

"Yes." Lying on the operating table, Yu Chuchu nodded. Her hands were cold, and she was completely naked from the waist down. Her trembling legs were propped up on the footboard of the operating table.

"There's no need to be afraid. It's only about ten minutes." One doctor comforted her gently.

"The operation is so simple, our hospital deals with dozens of them every day." Another doctor concurred, looking at Yu Chuchu, who has delicate features and a pale face on the bed, and then continued with a bit of regret and sympathy, "Ah, girls need to learn how to protect themselves. Otherwise, they will have to come here alone."

Nowadays, too many young girls are secretly indulging in forbidden fruit, coming to the hospital by themselves for an abortion in order not to be discovered. Yu Chuchu, with her innocent doll-like face that could deceive the public, would be mistaken for a minor if she didn't show her ID. When the doctor saw her, he directly classified her as a bad girl.

Yu Chuchu turned her head to the side, not wanting to explain or talk further to the doctor. She was alone, but she wasn't a bad girl. She was a married woman!

Only, her husband... huh! Yu Chuchu sneered inwardly.

She had been married to Shen Muqian for half a year, each living their own lives in peace – he enjoying his free-spirited days, and she enjoying her peaceful days. One tempestuous night a month and a half ago, he returned to the villa after drinking and savagely attacked her without reason. She wanted to resist, but the disparity in strength was considerable and Yu Chuchu had no advantage.

Right after the incident, Yu Chuchu immediately took an emergency contraceptive pill.

When her period was a month and a half late, Yu Chuchu grew anxious. Taking a pregnancy test, two brightly coloured red lines confirmed her successful 'prize-winning'. Once a year, she had 'hit the jackpot' on the first try. Her 'good luck' led Yu Chuchu to believe she could buy a lottery ticket.

Yet there was not a shred of joy in her heart! She and Shen Muqian were never destined to live the same path, this unexpected outcome left Yu Chuchu in an impossible situation. In a loveless marriage, without a harmonious family, the child, after coming into the world, would not be happy. Rather than letting the child be unhappy later, it's better to not let him come into the world.

To respect Shen Muqian's opinion and also for her peace of mind, Yu Chuchu deliberately phoned Shen Muqian before the operation.

"What is it?" Shen Muqian, upon answering the call, sounded as indifferent as ever.

"I have something to discuss with you..."

"You can make your own decisions, no need to ask me," Shen Muqian coldly responded, "Right then, I've got an important matter."

"..." Yu Chuchu was left speechless.

All she heard from the other end of the phone were the 'beep beep' sounds, Shen Muqian had already hung up.

Over the past six months, she had only made this one call to him, yet he couldn't even spare her a minute.

Yu Chuchu's slightest hesitation was extinguished with his frosty and indifferent attitude.

That's also good, she thought, as she won't have any regrets when she makes this decision.

Who says painless abortion is truly painless? As the cold medical instrument entered her body and caused turmoil within, she felt as though her heart was being torn apart on the operating table.

Each second was agony, with every move the doctor made adding to her physical and emotional torment. It seemed like a century had passed before the doctor's voice finally rang out.

"All done. The operation is over."

"Do you want to see it?"

To see the child that had been aborted?

As the cold surgical tools exited her body, Yu Chuchu's tears fell. She shook her head, "I don't want to."

Whether she looked or not, she let this child down.

"Rest in the recovery room for an hour. If you don't have any adverse reactions, you can go home," the doctor calmly advised.

Yu Chuchu was alone on the recovery room's bed. She couldn't sleep, staring blankly at the ceiling in bewilderment and loss, her belly still ached a bit. Waves of hidden pain, like a relentless reminder that there once had been a child in her womb.


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