The President's Sweet Wife

The President's Sweet Wife



For a contract, she was betrayed by her own father and delivered to another man's bed. At her most desperate time, she encountered her ex-boyfriend from seven years ago, now the CEO of an empire. With an indifferent smirk, he mocked: "Mu Sisi, seven years ago, you left without saying goodbye. Now, I want you to beg to come back to me." Expecting a new nightmare, he, however, cherished her and pampered her to the heavens. "Mr. Huo, your wife wants to be a fashion designer." "Buy the best fashion studio," he replied with calm composure. "Mr. Huo, there is a suitor around your wife." "This is outrageous!" He slapped the table and stood up in anger!
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The water rushed out.

Hot water poured directly from above.

"Ah!" Mu Sisi screamed, abruptly opening her eyes.


Upon hearing the voice, Mu Sisi looked up. Under the dim light, a man with a cold complexion was staring down at her.

His eyebrows are sharp, lips thin and chiseled, the handsome face could make any woman scream!

The moment she recognized his face, Mu Sisi instinctively felt her body stiffen.

It's him? Is it really him?

Or perhaps, this is all just a dream!

Mu Sisi blinked several times, thinking she was dreaming.

However, the man in front of her did not disappear, still coldly staring at her.

She really wasn't dreaming.

Mu Sisi gave a bitter smile, lips trembling slightly, "Huo Yu! Why... why are you here?"

"That's what you should be asking yourself." Huo Yu looked at her with a smirk. There was a flash of veiled hatred in his cold eyes.

Seven years! This woman had been hiding from him for seven long years!

"If not for our unexpected encounter today, when was she planning to avoid me till?"

"I... " Mu Sisi's mind fell into a daze, she put her hand up, trying to sort out her thoughts. Suddenly, her eyes widened significantly.

She... her body was fully bare!

"What have you done to me?" Mu Sisi glared angrily at Huo Yu, struggling to stand up.

She wanted to find something to wear quickly, but the place she was in, was a bathing area. Besides the luxurious bathing facilities, there was nothing else that could be used for covering up.

Accompanied by the movements of Mu Sisi, her beautiful curves were fully exposed.

Huo Yu's gaze deepened instantaneously as she moved.

He slowly walked forward, his hand on the wall, making a strong move on Mu Sisi.

He leaned in slowly, his warm breath near her ear.

Mu Sisi was stiff against the wall.

That familiar scent spread with his movements.

Unintentionally, Mu Sisi blushed.

Even though she knew clearly, that she shouldn't have any expectations from this man.

Yet in such a situation, she couldn't resist her body's natural reaction.

Seven years ago, she had been infatuated with his scent.

Nowadays, his elegance is accompanied by the precipitation of years, becoming more and more mesmerizing.

"You say, what do I want to do?" Hudson did not miss her flushed face as he cheekily licked her earlobe.

Muse shivered, unconsciously raising her head. Noticing the sneer on Hudson's lips, she felt humiliated. From nowhere came a strength that made her push this man away!

"Hudson, we broke up seven years ago. Don't you think what you're doing now is shameless?" Muse forced herself to look away, biting her lower lip, "Give me my clothes. I want to get out."

"Leaving? Without any explanation, like seven years ago? Or, should I be grateful for your courtesy to inform me this time?" In Hudson's eyes, a deep anger suddenly flashed.

Seven years ago, he had no idea what he had done wrong. This woman suddenly vanished from his life without a word.

He had been looking for her for seven years! He had been mad about her for seven years!

Now, when they finally met again, she casually said that she was leaving?

"Leaving without a word?" Muse turned around, looking at Hudson in disbelief. "Isn't all that happened, as you wished?"

Why could he blatantly lie?

If it wasn't because of could she have been so adamant about leaving?

Now, coming back, he dares accusing her of leaving without saying a word?

Playing the victim card, is it?

As he met Muse's gaze, Hudson's anger surged.

Quibbling, this woman was still quibbling!

At this point, he still refuses to admit his mistake!

Huo Yu's heart fills with increasing anger; he forcefully grabs Mu Sisi's shoulder: "Mu Sisi, have you always been so unreasonable?"

The man's voice is tightly restrained, seemingly suppressing the anger in his heart.

But at this moment, Mu Sisi can't help but find it amusing!

He still has the audacity to question?

Huo Yu was domineering before, and now, even more so. What can she possibly argue with such a man?

"Fine, let's say that I left without saying goodbye, that I abandoned you, that I'm sorry! So, Mr. Huo, what are you going to do to me now?" Mu Sisi looked at him straight in the eye and spoke firmly.

The initial encounter with Huo Yu after a long separation caused some unusual disturbances in her heart.

But at this moment, all she wants is to scoff!

That’s right, the pain inflicted seven years ago is still vivid in her mind. She shouldn’t just forget the pain as the wound has healed!


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