The Evil King's Spicy Concubine

The Evil King's Spicy Concubine



Yun Zhuyue found herself in the body of a girl who had just been pushed off a precipice, resentment filled the air. However, considering that transmigrated girls always have a thriving life partnered by a beautiful and gentle male protagonist, she held back her complaints! Little did she know, she would be surrounded by so many handsome men, leaving her overwhelmed. One was compellingly handsome, another was as beautiful as a celestial being, one was fiercely charming, and another one was gently refined... "Damn! Which one is my husband exactly?" Suddenly, a cold wind blew by her ear, "My lady, are you calling me? It seems you're being naughty again." "Dizzy! Could it be him?! God, I wish I could exchange him!!!!" [A one-on-one! Blood-boiling and hilarious story, an explosion of growing laughter, satisfying quality assured, not recommended for those who dislike the genre!]
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Ouch! It felt as if she'd been run over by a truck multiple times; her gradual regain of consciousness was immediately disrupted by excruciating, limitless pain.

She instinctively opened her eyes, only to be greeted by an overly bright and glaring white light. Involuntarily, she closed them once more, a faint smile of self-mockery curling her lips. Who could've guessed that a renowned femme fatale from the special forces could be killed by a truck?

Her name was Yun Zhuyue, twenty-five years old, born into a martial arts family. She received various martial arts training from a young age, was specially recruited into the special forces at ten, and underwent a decade of high-intensity special training. Afterwards, she was assigned to various secret missions. With zero failed missions in five years, she was famously known as the lethal goddess in the special forces.

On regular days, she worked as a taekwondo instructor in a private kindergarten, where the children revered her as one of the coolest teachers. To her colleagues, she was the childlike figure, full of mischief and overflowing with righteousness. Yet sadly, during the happiest and most radiant period of her life, she was hit by a truck while trying to save a child abducted by villains. Before she fell to the ground, she still saw the child crying.

Damn that turtle son of a bitch! Can't you drive properly!? May you be cursed for eighteen generations!

The boundless pain returned once more, causing Yun Zhuyue to furrow her brows. Wasn't she supposed to be dead? How was she still feeling so much pain?

Effortfully, she opened her eyes once more, taking in the sight before her. The sun was high and hot above her, its rays streaming down through the gaps between towering trees and onto her face...

She experienced a sudden stiffness. Were there usually this many ancient-looking trees? What was going on?

Unable to help herself, she glanced around in every direction, only to discover she was within an old-looking forest. Had she been thrown into the wilderness after being hit and flung by the truck?

But where on earth had that hit-and-run driver found such an ancient forest? A surge of curiosity urged her to look around, but the subsequent burst of pain forced a muffled groan from her, making her pass out once again.

This time, she had a strange dream.

In her dream, she had turned into a cute, lovable four-year-old girl, yet she was crying and standing on the edge of a cliff, nervously looking at a woman who was much taller than her. No, it was more accurate to say a girl around ten years old!

"Sister, Yun won't bother mother anymore, please don't get angry or hit me. Yun is scared," the little girl pleaded timidly. Yun Zhuyue cursed inwardly―this sort of begging wasn't something she, Yun Zhuyue, would ever do! Unfortunately, she had no say in this dream.

"Who's your sister! You're just a stinky girl mother brought back. You've always hogged mother's attention. Mother used to love me so much, but she stopped after you came. You're so annoying! But as long as you're dead, mother will love me again! So, die! I can't stand your face! I hate it!" The older girl finished viciously, pushing the little girl towards the cliff's edge.

"Sister, don't!" The little girl screamed in terror, tightly clinging to the elder girl's arm.

A disgusting and resentful gleam passed across the elder girl's eyes, as a white ray of light shot from her body and directly hit the little girl's arm.

"Ah!" With a heartbreaking shriek, the little girl stumbled backward. Her tiny body tripped and she plummeted straight down a cliff.

Yun Zhuiyue suddenly opened her eyes. It was strange; knowing it was just a dream, why did she feel such a heart-pounding sensation? Noticing some of her strength had returned, she slightly shifted, intending to sit up.

"Holy moly!" The chubby short arm, though scratched and bruised, was still pink and tender. It hit Yun Zhuiyue like a thunderbolt, leaving her stunned on the spot.

This... was her arm?

Next, memories flooded her mind like a movie playing at high speed, forcefully filling her head with scenes from the little girl's dream.

"No way, Almighty, are you joking? The worst I did when I was dissatisfied with you was to flip you off, you don't have to retaliate this much, do you?"

Yun Zhuiyue screamed in her mind, forcing herself to accept a reality... she had time-traveled!

Her spirit had time-traveled into a four-year-old girl who had just been pushed off a cliff by her own sister.

Oh, Almighty, could you screw me over any more?

After flipping the bird to the Almighty several times in her mind, Yun Zhuiyue finally calmed down and a sharp light flickered in her dark eyes.

Damn it! So she had time-traveled? According to the TV shows and novels she watched in her previous life, time-travelers were always the female leads that had successful lives!

Plus, they would be surrounded by handsome men who made everyone envious and powerful men who could even scare away immortals and demons. Heh, back in her previous life, she had never even dated. Since there were too many jerks, she was afraid she might mistakenly strangle some innocent bystander in a fit of rage.

Looking at it this way, time-traveling was great!

Especially for someone like her, a descendant of a martial arts family, known as the 'Hot-Handed Goddess' in the agency world. If she couldn't make a name for herself, it was definitely unscientific.

Who was it? Gu Qing'er, right? You dared to push me off a cliff? Your heart is so cruel at such a young age? Humph! Just wait and see how I scare you to death!


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