Urban Supreme Martial God

Urban Supreme Martial God



"Unfortunate Ye Chen, bitten by a mad dog, managed to unexpectedly turn the tables. From then on, he soared like a dragon in the sky. He became a truly dominant force, asserting 'Those who follow me will prosper, those who oppose me shall perish!' He ended up owning the most beautiful women and constantly defeated all those who refused to accept his supremacy!"
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Ye Chen let out a long sigh, his gaze fixated upon the glistening golden characters of the "Shen Guan Medical University" sign high above the school gate, overwhelmed with emotions.

Shen Guan Medical University is nationally renowned, attended by many high-achieving students, yet further peopled by quite a number of young masters admitted thanks to wealth and connections at home.

The sky was gloomy, suggestive of an impending shower. His countenance gradually darkened. Each school day brought the possibility of nightmares - horrendous memories that could sweep over him unbidden!

"One day, I will no longer be bullied!"

"One day, I will be capable enough to find the perpetrator and take revenge for my parents!"

"Little sister, I'm sorry! It's all my fault. I will find you, love you dearly, and cherish you for the rest of my life!"

Images of past memories flickered in Ye Chen's heart, a mix of emotions - anger, heartache, guilt, sadness, and torment.


"Ah Long, go! Kill this waste!" A sudden shriek roused Ye Chen from his deep thoughts.

"Woof... woof woof... grr..."

An abrupt shift. Ferocious barking erupted from behind Ye Chen as a chilling gust rushed towards his legs.


Caught without a chance to evade, Ye Chen's left leg was bitten by a vicious large wolfhound, blood spilling freely, an excruciating pain surging through him.

The wolfhound latched on as if mad, its bloodshot eyes wide open, hair standing on its end, terrifyingly, its tail was hanging low against its belly.

Could this be a dog carrying rabies, yet to onset?

Caught in a state of panic, Ye Chen instinctively struck a hard punch on the large wolf dog's nose.

As the saying goes, hit the dog's nose, strike the snake at its vital spot.

After getting a harsh hit on its most sensitive nose, the large wolf dog immediately let go, with its tail drooping, whimpering, and hiding aside.

As he turned around, it turned out to be Yao Zuoshi's dog, Yao being Ye Chen's arch-enemy in the school and from a well-off family background.

"Damn it!" Ye Chen roared in anger, his heart filled with rage, how dare they set a dog on me!

"Ye Chen, when you beat a dog, you should consider its owner. Dare you hit my dog? Looking for death!" Yao Zuosh's face was gloomy, and he waved his hand, "Get him!"

Several thugs who followed him rushed towards Ye Chen.

A wise man never fights when the odds are against him!


Without hesitation, Ye Chen spun around and fled, with drops of blood falling, leaving a long trail of blood behind him.


More than ten minutes later, in the public restroom of the Culture Park, Ye Chen, with a grim look, limping, hiding in a cubicle, panting heavily, finally got rid of Yao Zuoshi and his lot.

Yao Zuoshi, the bastard... how fortunate I run fast... my leg... that dog with its tail down... having rabies...

Sitting on the toilet seat, Ye Chen suddenly had a splitting headache, his body convulsing, plus foaming at the mouth, looking as if he was about to pass out.

Does rabies progress this quickly nowadays?

I didn't get vaccinated yet!

Am I going to die? I haven't exacted my revenge yet! I haven't found my little sister!

I must remain clear-headed, I can't contract rabies! I absolutely mustn't die, I mustn't die!

I gritted my teeth so hard that I bit through the tip of my tongue. Blood surged out, staining my entire neck before dripping down...

The blood stained the ancient jade pendant shaped like a dragon that was hanging on my neck, turning it a vivid red. My parents lost their lives because of this pendant, but nobody knows the secret it holds!


A few dozens of seconds later, Ye Chen couldn't resist any longer. His vision turned black and he fell backwards onto the toilet, his eyes closed, twitching unconsciously, and losing consciousness.

Without a doubt, the unfortunate Ye Chen has suffered an acute outbreak of rabies!


At that moment, the blood-stained dragon-shaped jade pendant suddenly emitted violet sparks. Countless electric arcs gathered together, forming a huge electric cocoon that wrapped around Ye Chen. Violet electricity swam around and shimmered, causing crackling sounds.

Yet, Ye Chen remained unscathed. Those violet sparks merged into his body, subtly altering and reshaping his flesh while his soul seemed to be transported to a mysterious world beyond comprehension…

After an unknown length of time, the violet electric cocoon disappeared, and the dragon-shaped jade pendant had also completely integrated into Ye Chen's body and vanished.

His eyelids began to flutter faintly as he regained consciousness. The wounds on his body had miraculously healed, restored to their original state as if he had never been bitten by a dog.

In the next moment, Ye Chen opened his eyes, completely lucid, and found that his mind was filled with a multitude of fantastical and incredible things that ordinary people would find hard to believe.

The peerless divine skill, Tyrant's Secret Art! Shennong Medical Sutra! Mysterious Eight Diagrams! Yin Yang Divine Appearance Technique... Such a pile of wonderful and fantastic arts and techniques.

Could I have become a mad dog? Or, did I get schizophrenia?

Eventually, Ye Chen reached and felt his neck, empty and bare, the mysterious dragon-shaped jade pendant indeed merged within him.

Just now, just like the protagonist in online novels, he astonishingly ran through a mystical world, experienced thousands of years of hardships, and returned. Those unimaginably mysterious scenes clearly recollected, definitely not illusions!

"I will never be bullied again, I will make a name for myself!"

"Dad! Mom! Little sister......"

Ye Chen clenched his fists tightly, a surge of unprecedented power within him was like a tidal wave, churning and bubbling, about to break free and release.

Unable to restrain the excitement and thrill from his inner heart, he threw a punch on the dividing wall of the bathroom stall.

"Thud!" A muffled sound.

Just like cutting tofu with a knife, effortless, Ye Chen's entire fist went deeply in, passing right through.

In an instant, the entire partition wall was directly shattered into dust, ash disintegrated.

"Ah! What are you doing?"

A frightened exclamation resounded from the next stall.

"Oh, no!"

Ye Chen touched his head, could it be that he was so frantic that he ran into the ladies' restroom? However, the Tyrant's Secret Art is really powerful!

Next door, there really was a woman sitting on the toilet, and it seemed she was an extremely beautiful woman at that.

Just like that, a young man and an exquisite beauty, with her skirt already lifted, her "armour" loosened, revealing her stark naked, fair long legs, sat on the toilet, staring at each other.

Silent, dead silent, both of them looked at each other, dumbfounded for quite a few seconds.


The beauty let out a startled scream, not daring to stand up immediately. That would certainly expose her even more. However, her hands were shaking, her delicate body quivering, she was at a loss for a good while.

Such a long time was enough for Ye Chen's spirited gaze to sweep over the beauty a few times. It wasn't that he was lecherous, but this was an image that could make all normal men get a nosebleed instantly.

She was around seventeen or eighteen years old, with a perfect melon-shaped face, extremely delicate features, and her black hair made her look even more sexy.

Even though she was sitting on the toilet, her figure was still svelte and enchanting.

Everything, in such an environment, the look of panic on the beauty's face made her look even more seductive to the extreme!

Hopeless! All the men in the world would fall for this! Ye Chen felt heat in his nose, almost spraying out a nosebleed!


The beauty's pretty face turned red, her eyebrows filled with anger. She covered her fair thighs with her hands, squeezing her legs tightly together, and started to scream. "Catch the pervert! Catch the pervert!"

"Darn it! I don't stink, don't yell! I'm not a pervert... stop yelling..."

Now it was Ye Chen's turn to be flustered, feeling as if ten thousand mud horses were galloping in his heart! I didn't mean to!

The best plan now was to make a strategic withdrawal!

He opened the restroom door as if his life depended on it and bolted out in one fell swoop.


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