Enchanting Me, My Dear

Enchanting Me, My Dear



Her father didn't love her and her stepmother oppressed her. In order to pay for her hospitalized mother's treatment, she bore humiliation and burden. Until that day she was sent to a strange man's bed. He, from the day he discovered her, sought all means to bind her to him, even unscrupulously. Misunderstandings gradually unfolded, and when she finally discovered he was the 'he' from before, everything changed... This novel cherishes without tiring, tortures without harming, quality guaranteed, and welcomes readers to jump in.
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T city, two in the late night.

The red bar!

With the surroundings doused in neon lights and ear-splitting music that deafens people with anxiety. In the dimly-lit private room, An Fangxin sips the last droplet of her drink causing her blushy cheeks to slightly rise, gazing at the plump man in front of her, and lets out a burp.

"Mr. Chen, it's your say, after finishing this drink, you will sign the contract with me!" An Fangxin tilts her drink upside down, without a drop leaking, teasing the man in front of her with the empty glass.

The man watching her chuckles with implied intent, similarly lifts his drink, one tilt back, gulping the liquid down in one go, smirking maliciously, "Yes, it's true. I didn’t deceive you!"

Listening to this, An Fangxin's lifted heart finally settles down. Finally, there's hope for her mother. As long as this contract is signed, her father's company will not go bankrupt, so her father would cough up money for the treatment of his ailment.

"Miss An, what are you thinking about?" The man waved his hand in front of An Fangxin, asking softly.

Hearing this, An Fangxin, jolting back to reality, refocuses her attention to the man. She found it bizarre - why is she seeing two Mr. Chens? Closing her eyes for a moment, opening to see what was initially two, multiplying to four, and then slowly multiplying, till multiple Mr. Chens spun in front of her eyes.

"Miss An, are you alight? Is something wrong?" The man sneered at her, his layers of fat seemed to giggle along with him.

An Fangxin felt her head was about to explode, her body heating up. She couldn't restrain herself from pulling at her collar, but just as she was about to loosen it, she noticed the man smirking at her maliciously.

An Fangxin immediately realized; she fell into a trap. Her father did not bring her here to sign some pitiful contract but to entertain this man, who is almost her father’s age.

"Mr. Chen, I am feeling a bit hot. I'll change into a cooler skirt!" An Fangxin's fingers pinched into her palm fiercely, she had to keep her last trace of sanity intact.

Hearing she would change into a shorter skirt, the man's face broadened with delight, overwhelming anticipation to lay his eyes on her, urged her, "Good, good, good, you go and come back quickly, we'll sign the contract once you’re back!"

"Mr Chen, you're so kind, just the way I like it." An Fangxin fearful of raising any suspicion, she made sure to throw him a flirtatious glance before standing up.

The man at that moment, his heart filled with joy. Thinking to himself, had he known she was this forward, he wouldn’t have made her drink so much, thus missing out on a lot of fun.

An Fangxin stumbled out of the bar, her mind increasingly muddled, making her trip and collide as she walked. With great difficulty, she stumbled to the side of the road only to find no taxis available. She feared that someone with the surname Chen might soon discover her escape and send people after her. Seeing a private car approaching, An Fangxin didn't hesitate and directly charged forward.

The sound of a harsh brake filled the air as Gong Sheng quickly stepped on the brakes when he saw An Fangxin rushing over. It seemed he still hit her, causing her to fall helplessly beside his car.

A frown formed on Gong Sheng's face, his cold thin lips moved slightly as he shifted his car into reverse. He applied the gas and turned the steering wheel in an attempt to avoid her, but An Fangxin got up abruptly from the ground.

Walking shakily, she unsteadily approached the car in front of her, leaning directly onto the hood, patting the windshield glass couple of times.

"Help, save me!" An Fangxin said in a blur, her rationality was fading away. As she spoke, she unconsciously reached for her collar and pulled it down to her shoulders.

In the darkness of the night, her jade necklace swayed on her snow-white neck as she moved. Perhaps it was the bright luster of the jade that reflected a beam of light onto Gong Sheng sitting inside the car, making his tightly-furrowed brow appear even colder.


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