The Lady's Announcement Shocks Everyone

The Lady's Announcement Shocks Everyone



With just her stunning beauty, Su Nuo gathered millions of wild fans in the underhanded and ruthless world of stars, and in the blink of an eye, she became the popular new darling. At the peak of her career, paparazzi exposed her love triangle. Shockingly, she was caught eating and booking a hotel with the two young masters from the Fu family at the same time. Utterly crazy! As soon as the haters got wind of this, they pounced on her and reviled her until she was tattered and torn. 【Nuo Nuo, don't worry. Big Brother will handle this.] 【Who is it? Who is spreading nonsense online? Your second sister-in-law is angry. I have been coaxing her all night!】 Just as she was about to pacify her elder brothers and assured them that she would handle this matter, a man dressed in a suit, a look of abstinence on his face, quickened his pace towards her. A wave of rage was swirling in his eyes. "Su Nuo, explain yourself. Who am I to you!?” “Ah?” Su Nuo was stumped. The audience that had just squeezed into the live broadcast room was also dumbfounded. Wasn't the man standing right before their eyes, the one who resembles a vinegar jar, just like the President of Li Corporation, Li Jing, who vowed never to let a woman get in his way? Moreover, what do they mean by Big Brother and Second Brother?!
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Jiang City.

In a villa in the suburbs.

Sunlight pierced through the window screens and fell into the room, waking the woman who dozed off on the huge bed. She yawned lazily on realizing it was already noon.

This was Su Nuo's first week back in the homeland, and due to jet lag, she had been oversleeping. Well, maybe not just due to jet lag...

There were many missed calls on her phone already.

"Su Nuo, where are you? Why aren't you picking up?!"

"Miss, did you forget the audition today?"

"I can't believe you!"


Seeing a string of messages popping up on her phone, Su Nuo frowned.

All these messages were from Ye Lin, the agent she had just signed a contract with.


As Su Nuo puzzled over this, Ye Lin's phone call came in.

"Su Nuo, why are you just answering your phone now? You said you'd take everything seriously when we signed the contract, but now you've messed up the audition! What on earth are you doing?"

On the other side of the conversation, Ye Lin’s furious voice was piercing angrily into her ear.

Su Nuo gently frowned, moving her phone a bit away from her ear, "Isn't the audition on the weekend?"

"Didn't I remind you yesterday that the audition was moved to today?! You didn't forget, did you?"

"…I really did."

Su Nuo tried hard to recall, it seemed like she did see the message Ye Lin had sent her, but she was drinking with her best friend at the time. After waking up from a hangover, she would completely forget about it.

"You really are—"

"It's okay, it's just an audition, aren't you on good terms with Director Liu? You can explain it to him later, I have other things to deal with, talk to you later."

Not wanting to listen to her nagging anymore, Su Nuo hung up the phone and moved to the bathroom, stepping on the carpet.

REFLECTED ON THE MIRROR WAS THE DELICATE AND BEAUTIFUL FACE OF A WOMAN, with a pair of slightly upturned foxy eyes filled with charm, captivating and, with a seductive aggressiveness.

Su Nuo was a born beauty, attracting attention wherever she went.

Any man who saw her would be unable to resist the urge to take a second glance.

Admiring her own beauty, Su Nuo picked up a hair clip and tied up her long hair. Only then did she start to freshen up. After that, she went to the dressing room, changed into the latest high-end dress, put on her high heels, and leisurely walked down the stairs.

By the time she arrived at the dining room, Fu Yan Chen and Fu Yun were already eating.

Both of them were dressed in neatly ironed shirts. As members of the Fu family, they were genetically superior and extremely good-looking.

Just as Su Nuo sat down, she noticed that both of them seemed to be in a bad mood. She took a sip of water before asking, "What's wrong with both of you?"

Fu Yan Chen glanced at Fu Yun, a faint smile crossing his eyes.

"Isn't Valentine's day coming in a few days? Your second brother was planning to confess to Miss Lin from the Lin family. Who would have thought that Miss Lin somehow got wind of the news and came personally to find Fu Yun last night, saying that she already has someone she likes."

Su Nuo and Fu Yun are twins, and the two of them have never gotten along since they were children. Hearing these words, Su Nuo couldn't help but smile at the sight of Fu Yun looking dejected, she chuckled even more, "I never thought you'd see such a day!"

"Su Nuo, dare to laugh again?", Fu Yun asked in a displeased tone.

It was laughable to talk about this. He and Lin Siyu had known each other for several months, and they had always gotten along very well. However, last night, she explicitly told him that she only saw him as a friend!

Despite his reluctance to admit it, Fu Yun was indeed good-looking. Su Nuo couldn't help but ask, "Do you know who Miss Lin likes? Why wouldn't she even consider you?"

The answer came from Fu Yan Chen who was sitting next to him.

"The president of the Li Group, Li Jing."

Fu Yun asked, "Why are you telling me this? Haven't you also had several projects snatched by Li Jing?"

The angrier he got, Fu Yun suddenly slammed his hand onto the table, "This is absurd! This Li Jing, he's simply our family's enemy!"

Su Nuo has been studying abroad for several years and had no idea who Li Jing was. She took a sip of her milk, "He's your enemy, don't involve me. I'm innocent."

Just as she finished speaking, her phone that was lying nearby rang.

It was a call from Ye Lin.

Su Nuo hesitated for a few seconds before answering, "Sister Ye Lin, what's up?"

"Su Nuo, you've lost your role!"

"I've just contacted Director Liu. He told me that all the roles in this show were auditioned by the investors themselves. Initially, Director Liu thought you were very suited, but you didn't show up today! The investors waited here for half an hour and felt that you're someone who can't even remember the audition time, and therefore unable to play this role!"

Su Nuo blinked in surprise and asked nonchalantly, "Who's the investor?"

"Li Jing."


Him again?

"Okay, I got it." She responded, then hung up the phone.

Both Fu Yan Chen and Fu Yun quickly noticed the change in her mood.

"Oy, what's wrong with our lady here? Why does your face look so miserable?" Fu Yun leaned back in his chair, teasing with a cheery tone.

Su Nuo shot him a disgruntled glance, returned to her seat, and asked Fu Yan Chen, "Big Brother, who on earth is this Li Jing? Can you explain to me?"

Looking up at her with an understanding smile on his face, Fu Yan Chen didn't ask further.

Without a word, Fu Yan Chen began to tell her roughly about Li Jing.

He is the heir of the Li Corporation, and now the president of the corporation.

Five years ago, when Li Jing was only 18, he took over the entire corporation from his father. With his forceful methods, he cleared all obstacles and in a matter of years, the Li Corporation reached a new height, leaping into the ranks of the top domestic corporations, earning a renowned reputation overseas as well.

This man, is an extraordinarily remarkable individual.

Decisive in action, meticulous in thought, and nearly flawless.

Su Nuo squinted her eyes, "Big Brother, do you have a picture of him?"

Fu Yanchen found it a little strange that he didn't have his picture, "What's the matter? Nono, why are you suddenly curious about this person?"

Su Nono was puffing up her cheeks, somewhat discontented, "I initially had an audition today, but due to the confusion over timing, I asked my agent to arrange the next one. However, the investor of this drama is Li Jing, he said because of my inability to remember the time, there would be no more chances for me."

Upon hearing this, Fu Yun, who was sitting nearby, couldn't help but snicker, "Isn't it quite good? Why not give up acting? You've just started your career and you already aspire to be a leading lady. Even if you get there, wouldn't it still be in vain? Better to stay at home doing nothing, leave everything else to the big brother and me!"

"Would you shut up?"

She kicked Fu Yun under the table and said icily, "We're only talking about the simple matter of Li Jing, right? Big brother, just wait and see, I'll go and grab the project back!"

She then glared sideways at Fu Yun, adding reluctantly, "And yours too, don't worry! I'll help you take down your love rival!"

She was assured that she could also secure her role!

Fu Yanchen and Fu Yun exchanged looks, not knowing what the young miss was planning to do next.


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