Reborn As a Charming Knight

Reborn As a Charming Knight


Wu xia

If you were Yang Guo, what would you do? Zhou Lieyang's soul was inadvertently taken by the underworld; as compensation, he was sent to the world of the Divine Eagle! Enraged, he castrated Yin Zhiping, battled against Ouyang Feng, and altered the destinies of numerous female heroes! Possessing unparalleled martial arts, out of love, he dared to break up the couple Guo Jing and Huang Rong; for power, he dared to usurp the throne and proclaim himself as Emperor! In the Divine Eagle world, he is the domineering Yang Guo, but how will he behave devilishly in other worlds created by Jin Yong?
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The judge hurriedly ran up to King Qin Guang and reported, "Your Majesty! There's an urgent matter!" King Qin Guang stretched his body lazily, "What's the matter?" The judge bowed and reported, "Your Majesty, yesterday, while you were inspecting the Book of Life and Death, you accidentally crossed off a person's name while you were drunk...."

Before the judge could finish his sentence, King Qin Guang dismissed him with a wave of his hand, "So what? Can’t Black and White Impermanence just go capture the individual? Why are you bothering me with such trivial matters?" The judge, trembling in fear, said, “Your Majesty, you should take a look at this person's profile first!" The judge immediately handed over the document he held in his hand to King Qin Guang.

King Qin Guang carelessly took the document, and leisurely skimmed the contents, "Zhou Lieyang, male, a resident of SH city, student of South West University of Traditional Chinese Medicine..." According to the document, he was a centuries-old good man, and each of his reincarnations ended before he reached the age of twenty. Upon seeing this information, a cold shudder passed through King Qin Guang's heart. He asked with a trembling voice, "Is the information here accurate?"

The judge nodded and assured, "Your Majesty! It's absolutely correct. I've cross-checked several times. I guarantee there's no mistake!" Upon hearing these words, King Qin Guang muttered to himself, "Why do I have such bad luck!" Due to the numerous mistakes made in the underworld, the Jade Emperor and the Mother Earth, who oversaw the underworld, decreed that anyone who had been a good soul for a hundred generations and had not lived past twenty in each reincarnation could replace any King of Hell. The replaced King of Hell, in turn, had to reincarnate and cultivate anew!

As he pondered this, King Qin Guang wore a troubled expression and looked at the judge, "Why don't you come up with a solution! If I get replaced, I'll send you to the eighteenth layer of hell first!" Upon hearing King Qin Guang's words, the judge took a deep breath, circled in front of King Qin Guang, and suddenly seemed to have an idea. He quickly suggested, "Your Majesty! You can send him to the realm of oblivion where he would obtain immortality and achieve the body of a ghost immortal. Isn't that a possible solution?"

King Qin Guang picked up his teacup and mulled over his words, "It seems that's the only way now. But one can't go there unless they're willing. Why don't you talk to the boy and influence his thinking?" As King Qin Guang spoke, he eyed the judge, sending a clear message: you came up with this idea; you solve it!"

Understood King Qin Guang's intentions, the judge complained to himself, "Damn! It's your mistake. Why do I have to clean up your mess?! No, I can't be the scapegoat!" Considering this, the judge grovelled, "Your Majesty! Why don't you go personally? This will show sincerity! Plus, your reputation as a Yama is well known. The boy will definitely give you face! If a low-ranking judge like me goes, I wouldn't be able to take responsibility if anything goes wrong. If the matter becomes public knowledge, it would damage your reputation. Don't you agree?"

The saying goes, "Flattery won't fail.” The judge's flattery hit the mark. King Qin Guang, his ego boosted, agreed in a dazed manner, "What you said makes sense. I should go check on this Zhou Lieyang! Let's see what he really is like!" With these words, King Qin Guang staggered up from his seat, humming a tune as he slowly walked towards the nearby side hall.


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