My Sweet Petite Wife

My Sweet Petite Wife



She loved him for two lives. In his first life, he promised to marry her, but his fate made the two of them fall apart. They would be separated forever. In her second life, she had become his wife, but he had never loved her. After two lifetimes, she had to give herself an explanation! If he loved him, he would get him drunk and give birth to a baby for him! Afraid of losing her temper, she pretended to die and fled with her son and daughter, leaving her eldest son to rely on him for survival. However, the heavens were blind. Five years later, they actually reunited again. She trembled with fear. "Master Lu, I was wrong. Please let me go." He smiled coldly. "Impossible. You have to atone for your sins with your whole life. You can never leave me again in this life."
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"It's very effective. Don't let him eat too much, or you will suffer!"

"Got it." Su Yao'er took the pill from the woman in the cap and asked with certainty, "Will it hurt him?"

The woman said, "Of course, it's absolutely safe, and it can make him enthusiastic!"

"Thanks!" Su Yao'er smiled with satisfaction and turned to leave.

Along the way, Su Yao'er walked into the Lu's Mansion with a smile. She met her husband, Lu Zeyan's cold face. She paused for a moment and was about to ask what had happened when her dear husband opened his delicate lips and said coldly, "Let's divorce."

Su Yao'er's heart skipped a beat. "Why?"

"I don't need you anymore." Lu Zeyan said without emotion, "The reason why I got married was to shut the media up, so I pulled you to be my substitute bride. Now it's over, and you're useless to me."

He said, "You can choose any car or house as your compensation for this year."

Su Yao'er remained silent.

In his opinion, her engagement with Lu Zeyan was like that.

But what he didn't know was that he had loved him for two lives. From his last life to this life, she had never married him for his money and power, but for him.

But it was because she loved this man for two lives that she knew that he would never give up.

She didn't try to persuade him to stay any longer. Her pale hands tightly covered her bag. After a long while, she looked up and said, "I can get a divorce, but I have a condition."

Lu Zeyan frowned. "Go ahead."

"I want to give birth to a baby for you," Su Yao'er said seriously.

This was her wish.

Lu Zeyan paused, and his eyes suddenly turned cold. "In your dreams!"

After that, he turned around and was about to go upstairs. Su Yao'er stepped forward and held his arm. "That's my only wish. Promise me, my husband."

"Impossible!" Lu Zeyan shook her off, his eyes full of disdain.

He didn't love Su Yao'er at all. How could he have sex with her?

Watching Su Yao'er give birth to their children was a complete torture for him!

Lu Zeyan was about to go upstairs, so Su Yao'er shouted, "Okay! I don't want children, but since we are going to divorce, we should have a drink!"

"What tricks are you trying to play?" Lu Zeyan lost his patience and turned his head to ask.

"This is your home. What tricks can I play?" Su Yao'er spread out her hands and said, "I'm so timid. I don't dare to do anything to you even if you lend me 800 courage."

"You too." Lu Zeyan snorted with disdain, which meant that he agreed.

With joy in her eyes, Su Yao'er quickly went to the wine cabinet to open a bottle of wine and poured two cups of wine. At an angle that Lu Zeyan couldn't see, she quickly threw the pills into one of the cups.

Sure enough, in less than three seconds, the pill disappeared without a trace, and the glass of wine looked no different from usual.

She walked back with a glass of wine and handed the glass to Lu Zeyan. Then she raised her glass and clinked it with his. "Honey, happy divorce!"

Lu Zeyan glanced at her, raised his glass and drank it all.

The strong liquor entered his throat, and after a few seconds, a burst of heat came from the bottom of his heart.

Lu Zeyan frowned.

When did he become so bad at drinking?

He stumbled and wanted to hold something, only to find that his feet were also soft. Not only that, but he was also very itchy. His whole body was restless, and there was a kind of desire in his body shouting.

"You-!" He finally realized that something was wrong. He looked up at Su Yao'er, who was full of smiles, and said, "How dare you drug me!"

"I don't know what to do. Who told you not to cooperate with me in giving birth?" Su Yao'er pouted innocently and went forward to hold his arm. She said with a harmless smile, "Honey, don't worry. A child who combined our genes will be very smart and beautiful."


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