Sinful Nights of My Revenge

Sinful Nights of My Revenge




Roxanne Grant has always been one to live her life according to her rules. Blessed with a handsome and capable fiancé and a dream job, she couldn’t have imagined a life better, until she discovers that her fiancé had been cheating with his secretary for a long time. Enraged and heartbroken, Roxanne decides to take revenge but accidentally bumped into Lance Laurent, Los Angeles’s hottest bachelor and heir to Laurent cop and the stepbrother of his fiancé. After that one steamy night, things began to get more complicated, spiraling out of Roxanne’s control and down a lane of lust. And much to her surprise, the L.A’s hottest bachelor doesn't plan on letting go of her anytime soon. ** ** ** "Thinking of another man while having me? Tell me, is my time a joke to you, woman?” Lance had grabbed her chin to meet his gaze harshly. With his words, Roxanne grinned as she placed the last of her concerns behind. Wrapping her legs around his waist and pulled him closer, she answered him in a slurry voice. “You have my full attention now, so you better make it worth the while.”
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What she was doing was wrong. Roxanne Grant was well aware of this fact as she allowed another man to caress and defile her body while her fiancé was in the next room.

What’s worse is that his every breath, touch, and kiss only made her grow more eager by the passing second. It was like he had taken total control over her body, desire, and mind.

“Ah…” Roxanne suppressed another moan that threatened to escape her lips as Lance Laurent placed yet another open-mouthed kiss on her neck. Slowly, his lips gravitated downwards and before long, they were lingering over her exposed chest.

She shouldn’t have been doing this with someone like him.

It's forbidden for a relationship like theirs to do this together.

But it tasted so damn addictive!

“Keeping those beautiful noises in would only dull the atmosphere so, let me hear them,” Lance said and slowly brought his head down on Roxanne’s exposed chest.

The feeling of his hot feverish tongue on her erect nipples caused a jolt of sensual pleasure to flow through her. She flinched at the sudden and new feeling and without realizing it the sound of her moans bounced off the walls of their hotel suite.

“That’s right, let them all out.” Lance chuckled hoarsely in a seductive voice before moving his tongue over to her other nipple while his other hand began to roughly massage her breast. His skilled movement caused the space between Roxanne’s tights to heat up.

She clenched her tights together as her body inevitably became aroused and her love juice slowly eased out from between her legs. As if sensing her arousal, Lance picked her body up and sat her down on the table behind her all the while skillfully easing into the center of her tights.

'Keep your mind, Roxy. All this is only for revenge.'

Roxanne tried to remind herself as Lance’s lip came in harsh contact with hers once more; devouring her already swollen lips like it was the last tasty dessert this world had to offer.

She moaned once more as Lance’s lip broke apart from hers and glided down her neck while his hands fondled her breast, teasing and pleasuring her in a way she had never experienced.

He was like a fucking sex God, a creature that wasn’t supposed to exist with such skills!

‘Keep your head together. Don't lose yourself.’ Roxanne managed to remind herself and just then she heard the sound of her buzzing phone. She barely willed herself to glance in the direction of her device lying on the table beside her.

On the screen displayed a message from her Fiancé, Christopher.

「Sorry babe, working late tonight. Don't wait, I'll miss you」

'A hypocritical bastard.' Roxanne sneered in her mind.

If it were 10 hours ago, before she stood at the door of his office with teary eyes and a hammering heart, watching Christopher bury his cock deep in his secretary- Amber’s love hole, she would be fooled by his sweet words again.

But now, all his sweet words only made her feel repulsive.

Thinking about the fact that he still had the guts to send such a message when having an affair with that red hair bitch irritated her and shattered whatever dream they had built together for the past five years.

Roxanne had thought she was going to be the happiest bride-to-be, for having a handsome, loving, and gentle future husband. Yet she never expected that Christopher was a disgusting cheater who had been having an affair with his redhead secretary for a long time.

Every night that he lied about working late, he was actually busy fucking his mistress. Every time Amber bothered them with work, it was actually to facilitate their cheating.

Every moment they managed to flirt right under her nose made her feel like a joke.

All their five years of relationship crumbled down into a nothing-less pit of lies.

Revenge. That's the most thing Roxanne wanted to do after learning of the real reason why Christopher approached her.

The first step, giving him the same taste of being cheated on. Nothing hurt more than when the player was being played.

And, that would have been far from enough if her cheating date was just a random ordinary man. Roxanne knew better to strike so weakly, so she picked the man before her.

Lance Laurent, the hottest bachelor in Los Angeles, the heir to Laurent Cop, the strong opponent of Christopher...

What's more, Lance was Christopher's stepbrother.

Such a choice, would definitely make her revenge taste more delicious.

Suddenly a sharp pain from her nipple interrupted her beautiful revenge dream. Lance sucked harshly on her breast as a punishment for being distracted.

“Thinking of another man while having me, tell me, is my time a joke to you, woman?” Lance teased with the corners of his lips turning upwards.

With that thought, Lance pressed Roxanne’s back against the wall as her barely clothed buttocks rested on the table. He captured her complete frame as he stared at her with those lavender color eyes of his.

Those eyes had drawn Roxanne in the first moment she had laid her eyes on him back in the bar.

Partly in her heart, she was still surprised that he would have said yes to her invitation so readily. After all, they didn't know each other well, even though they came close to becoming nominal family members.

Lance was the heir yet not close to the family.

Now, staring at his eyes so close, reducing her to a mushy pulp and making her core tighten.

Unlike the usual alienation he gave her, she found more madness sparkling in these eyes. Something that Roxanne had ignored up until now.

'Is he truly a wise choice for a one-night stand?' Roxanne couldn't help but ask herself.

Right at that moment, a sharp moan screamed from the next room, reminding her of the betrayal she had suffered and was suffering at the same time.

“Ah… Chris… shit Chris, faster… harder.”

"Fuck babe, don't hold me so tight, I'm going to cum."

Sourness and nausea wrapped Roxanne's heart when Christopher called Amber 'babe'. The same way how he called her.

‘Disgusting.’ She scoffed yet her eyes turned red unconsciously.

“Don't make me repeat my question, woman.” Lance grabbed her chin, demanding harshly.

With his words, she put the last of her concerns behind her. Leaning down further, she wrapped his waist closer with her legs and answered him in a slurry voice.

“You have my full attention now, so you better make it worth the while.”



"Hello?" Roxanne lazily stretched out as she answered the phone which kept disturbing her sleep.

"Hey babe, aren't you up yet?"

With a jolt, Roxanne finally realized the call was from Christopher. The sheets slipped off as she sat up to look around.

The light descended on her naked body through the window, making the hickeys on it more eye-catching.

Consciousness returned and she finally remembered what a shocking thing she had done yesterday.

Catching her fiancé cheating with his secretary, she was heartbroken. Iris was out of town, so she went to the bar alone. She was so drunk that decided to pick some guy to get a one-night stand as revenge.

Then she bumped into Lance, the stepbrother of her fiancé.

Only God knows what drove her to kiss him. That was Lance Laurent! The most guy she shouldn't have messed up with!

"Hey babe, are you listening? It's Grandpa's birthday party tonight, don't you remember? I'll be at your door soon."

Birthday party of the Laurent family? That was the place she should stay away from the most at this moment.

What would the public think if they found out that she was sleeping with another young master of that family while she was still holding the identity of the prospective daughter-in-law of the Laurent family?

They would not care about her pain of being betrayed, nor would they consider she was misled by alcohol. They would only take her as a slutty woman to laugh at.

And what's worse, even Christopher's affair would turn out to be her fault.

This world always had harsher standards for women. The same cheating, could prove the charm to men, yet led to endless accusations against women.

She was so sick of this.

Roxanne didn't regret the one-night stand but damn why did it have to be Lance? What the hell was she thinking last night?

"Babe, are you okay?"

Christopher's voice pulled her mind back. Roxanne was in a little trance when she heard his care again. How she wished that everything about yesterday was just a dream. When she woke up, Christopher was still her cutest fiancé and she was still the happiest bride-to-be.

But dreams always had to wake up.

"Ummm, Chris. I'm fine. Just go over the party first. I'll be there later." She simply hung up the phone. She couldn't let him know that instead of home, she was at an erotic hotel.

The same one he stayed with Amber last night.

It's not the time for him to notice all this. Her cheating was for revenge, not to give him leverage!

As she got off the bed to get dressed, the soreness between her thighs reminded her of how crazy they'd been last night.

Lance Laurent certainly hadn’t gone easy on her last night.

“Fucking hell. Is he a dog that likes biting?” She couldn't help but complain when she noticed the masterpiece Lance had left on her breasts.

She remembered she had warned him several times about leaving traces so visible.

Again she reminded herself that such a domineering man was only good for a one-night stand. She should never make the same mistake.

However, when she finally arrived at her home, a big 'surprise' was just waiting for her.

"Did you spend the night out yesterday?" Christopher asked a bit furiously as he frowned.

Roxanne only felt a bomb detonating in her mind.

Damn, a big deal.


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