Please Spare Me, Cold General

Please Spare Me, Cold General



Dressed like a crazy woman, Yu Qing looked at the sky speechlessly. There were really people in the world who had drugged him. I bumped into a weak and handsome man who was poisoned... "It's urgent in Jianghu. Handsome guy, help me!" Yu Qing threw himself at the imperial master who had gone berserk, and then fled after having a clean meal. When the imperial master woke up, he was furious. "Damn woman, if I find you, I will teach you a lesson!" When Yu Qing returned home, she was unable to extricate herself from the house fight. The Nation Master came over with a murderous look, but was scolded by Yu Qing, "Who are you, handsome man?" He was so angry that he shouted, "Two Buddhas rise to heaven." Later, when she killed someone, he handed her a knife. When she got into trouble, he supported her and protected her to the extreme. He held Yu Qing in his arms and held her high. Yu Qing was confused. Was this the right way to open the script?
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Her collar was violently grabbed by someone, and she felt a pain in her neck. A strange hand reached to her waist...

Yu Qing only felt sick. "How dare he take advantage of me? Does he want to die?"

Before he could open his eyes, he grabbed the hand on his waist and twisted it. The expected scream did not sound, but he was slapped in the face.

With a snap, Yu Qing felt dizzy and sobered up.

When she opened her eyes, she saw a magnified face in front of her. His originally handsome eyebrows looked a little ferocious because of the hostility on his face.

The man pinched her chin and said in an evil tone, "What, it's not the Crown Prince who disappointed you?

"Don't you know what kind of person you are? You even want to seduce the Crown Prince. It's just like a toad wanting to eat swan meat!"

She looked good, but she was full of hostility.

Yu Qing stared at him with disgust. "Who cares what kind of meat I want to eat? If you know that you are a toad, get out of my way!"

As she spoke, she raised her hand to push her chin, but she couldn't!

Yu Qing was shocked. It should be known that her nickname of Vajra was not in vain. When did she become a weak chicken at the mercy of others?

Only then did she realize that something was wrong. It was so hot that she felt as if her whole body was on fire. She was so weak that she had no strength at all.

As the young master of a noble family, she was very familiar with this feeling of both medicine and martial arts. It was obviously an unspeakable drug symptom!

In an instant, Yu Qing was furious. He flew up and kicked at the man's lower body. "You villain!"

She hated men who took drugs to play with women the most. It was not enough for her to kick him. She subconsciously touched the dagger in her sleeve, but she only touched the empty sleeve.

The man screamed out and said incredulously, "You b*tch, how dare you kick me?"

"Not only do I dare to kick you, but I also want to cripple you, a jerk!"

Yu Qing stepped forward and stomped hard on the man's feet. She wanted to add another two steps when she heard someone shouting from outside. "Brother Xinyi, are you calling me?"

The heat waves on his body kept rising. Yu Qing's intuition was going to get worse. He kicked the man hard and ran out in a random direction.

Yu Qing didn't understand. He was obviously in seclusion. As long as he came out of seclusion this time, he could successfully inherit the position of patriarch. How could he come to such a strange place as soon as he opened his eyes?

She was surrounded by dense woods. She didn't know where she was going. She just wanted to find a place with water to remove this disgusting medicine.

Unexpectedly, something tripped under her feet and her body rolled down uncontrollably.

"A pill!"

Yu Qing cried desperately in his heart. His instinct to survive made her want to grab something to stabilize her body, but her head was swollen and painful, making it impossible for her to concentrate on survival.

When his body stopped hitting something, Yu Qing's head was buzzing, as if a million flies had been locked up.

He struggled to get up with the last bit of strength and faced an extremely handsome face.

Yes, divine beauty. Yu Qing swore with her reputation as a handsome dog with more than 20 years of high standard. The person in front of her was really a divine beauty.

It was an insult to his face to have sharp eyebrows and bright eyes.

If it weren't for the indescribable medicine in her body, Yu Qing would have sworn that she could have fallen in love with this face for a whole day!

"By the way!"

Yu Qing suddenly showed a wretched smile. "Since you can't find the water, please give me the antidote right now!

"For the sake of your good looks, I'll let you off!"

In no time, Yu Qing stripped the handsome man's outer clothes clean.

As soon as his hand touched the belt of his inner garment, the handsome man suddenly snorted and opened his eyes.

Star-like and moon-like eyes stared coldly at Yu Qing. "What are you doing?"

The coldness in Yu Qing's eyes made him feel a little cold. Then he said with a smile, "Are you awake?

"Good. Although you are beautiful, I can't give you a piece of wood for the first time!"

After that, he pressed his finger on the handsome man's body. The handsome man's face suddenly turned red. He, he actually...

Before he could speak, his face was covered with softness. His sight was blocked, and the man could only hear the depressed voice.

"This is my first time, so I should have some fun, right?

Handsome man, just bear with it. I won't just focus on enjoying myself, and you will be very happy..."

But soon, Yu Qing didn't care whether the handsome man was happy or not because she was about to cry!

He dragged his almost broken waist and slowly put on his clothes. Yu Qing curled his lips in disgust. "Who are you? You're obviously an animal!"

She got up and took two steps, then turned back to touch the man's silver and accessories.

"I don't know how many years you've been holding back. Take this as compensation for me. Let's go and never see each other again!"

She waved her hand and limped away.

After a while, several men in black got into the woods.

"The last breath of the Spirit Butterfly is here. My Lord should be nearby... hiss!"

The man in black took a deep breath, and the other man said quickly, "Turn around!"

The others followed his words and turned around. The man in black took off the handkerchief on the man's face and took out a thumb-sized jade bottle and put it on the man's nose. Soon, the man slowly opened his eyes.

"Lord, Lord!"

The man in black swallowed his saliva and felt that the eyes of the patriarch were so cold.

The man turned his eyes and looked at himself in a mess. He asked in a cold voice, "Where is that woman?"

"Wh-what woman?"

"Oh, my god. Could it be that the head of our family has been forced by an unknown woman?"

What kind of woman was so tough? Wasn't she a female Vajra?

"Go and find it."

The man's cold voice was emotionless, but it was creepy.

"Damn woman, don't let me find you. Otherwise, I'll teach you a lesson!"


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