Mr. President, Stop Playing Tricks

Mr. President, Stop Playing Tricks



Upon our reunion, she merely wanted to become an acquainted stranger, just yearning for peace. She didn't want anyone to relentlessly pursue her, pulling her down into the abyss. She thought that perhaps heaven had finally paid heed, giving her a chance to start anew. Yet, it wasn't that heaven turned a blind eye...
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At an altitude of ten thousand meters, an airplane was plying smoothly towards its destination.

Inside first-class, a woman sitting in one of the front window seats was seen transfixed by the diverse array of clouds outside the window for a long time as if she was captivated.

"Yue Yue, if I remember correctly, you are from Haishi city, right? It's your first time back in many years; are you feeling nervous?" A tall man sitting next to her asked her, smiling.

On hearing his words, Qiao Yue turned her head and revealed her fair and gentle face. Her bright eyes sparkled like black onyx, her nose small and straight, the slight plumpness of her nose tip adding a touch of cuteness to her. Her lips, moist and small, were well-defined. Her face had an oval shape. Although not a breathtaking beauty, she had a unique allure, memorable at the first sight.

Her pupils flickered for a moment, a complex flash of light passed through at the bottom of her eyes. She smiled and said, "Indeed. I was born and raised in Haishi, up until that particular year..."

Yue Ting Feng's smile faltered for a second, before smoothly continuing, "Well, then you must serve as my guide this time and show me around Haishi."

"Of course."

But Qiao Yue’s relaxed smile fell as soon as she turned her head. Reflected in the airplane window was a mix of emotions on her face; excitement, nervousness, fear, yet moments later, it all returned to calmness. Only her hands, hidden under the blanket, were still tightly clenched.

She's back, but everything was different now.

An hour later, the airplane safely landed at Haishi's international airport.

Walking out through the VIP channel, Qiao Yue followed closely by Yue Ting Feng's side, occasionally exchanging words. Their return from England was for a partnership discussion. Their corporation regarded this partnership as crucial. If successful, it would enable them to smoothly open a market here. That's why Yue Ting Feng, the president of the corporation, had come in person.

As soon as they exited, they saw the welcoming party standing tall with the meet-and-greet sign.

Yue Ting Feng, changing the direction of his steps, walked over.

"Welcome to Haishi, Mr. Yue! My surname is Han. Our president originally planned to personally meet you at the airport, but due to an unforeseen situation, he had me come in his place. Everything at the hotel is arranged. The car is also waiting outside," The person from the welcoming party said warmly.

Yue Ting Feng extended his hand for a shake, nodded slightly, and said, "Thank you for your efforts."

"Mr. Yue, you're too polite. Allow me to introduce..." Han Jiang briefly introduced the airport pick-up team on his side.

Yue Tingfeng returned the courtesy with a smile, also gave a brief introduction of his team, and finally introduced Qiao Yue, "This is my chief secretary and special aide, Miss Qiao."

Following Yue Tingfeng's introduction, Han Jiang took a look at Miss Qiao. He was taken aback momentarily, but soon he came to his senses. Extending a hand for a greeting while welcoming her, he mumbled in his heart. Why does he feel that Miss Qiao looked familiar, as if he had seen her somewhere before?

However, he didn't have time to contemplate further. He quickly got them out of the airport and on their way to the hotel.

After seeing the group settled in at the hotel, he hastily returned to his company to await his boss's return for a report. To his surprise, his secretary informed him that the boss had already returned. Without wasting any time, he went straight to the CEO's office.

Inside the CEO's office, a handsome man in a suit and leather shoes sat behind the spacious desk. His broad shoulder, slender waist, and long legs were obscured by the desk, but merely from his upper body, it was evident he was a sturdy man.

His clearly jointed hands were quickly reviewing documents. Without lifting his head, he asked at the sound of footsteps, "Is everything arranged?"

Han Jiang strode in without any pretense, casually sitting on the sofa. Picking up the glass of water, he drained it in one gulp. The distinct sound of gulping water attracted the man's fleeting glance.

"Do you think I could mess up a task like this? Don't worry, everything's arranged." Han Jiang brushed off, explaining the details.

Cheng Rui put his pen down, crossing his fingers and leaning back in his chair for some temporary respite. "What kind of person do you think the other party is?"

Of course, Han Jiang understood who he was referring to. After racking his brains, he cautiously responded, "On the surface, he seems gentle and harmless, easy to talk to. But, his gaze is sharp, and his words are watertight. He doesn't appear to be an easy opponent."

Cheng Rui was not surprised by Han Jiang's assessment, as it matched his expectations.

Han Jiang paused for a moment, glanced at him, and suddenly grinned mischievously, "But he seems like quite a playboy."

He raised an eyebrow, his silent gaze inquiring further.

"You didn't see it, but his entire team was composed of men, with just one woman. And this woman is not only beautiful but also serves as the chief secretary and special aide. Just think about it, without some special relationship, how could such a young woman rise to the position of chief secretary and special aide?" As Han Jiang spoke, he recalled his fleeting suspicion when he saw Miss Qiao at the airport and unconsciously his face betrayed a hint of his thoughts.

"Do you have anything else to say?"

Han Jiang scratched his head, "It's not earth-shattering, but when we were at the airport, I saw this woman, and somehow she looked familiar to me. It felt like I've seen her somewhere, but I just can't place her."

Cheng Rui chuckled, "I think you just find every pretty woman familiar, don't you?"

Han Jiang glared, "Can you not trivialize me like that? Even though I may not be as impervious to female charms as you, at least I conduct myself with honor."

"Sure, sure," Cheng Rui responded, "The man who has had numerous girlfriends conducts himself with honor."

"I have been in legitimate relationships! It's not my fault if the women didn't measure up to keep my love. I've been serious with every girlfriend, but after a while, the feelings just wane. What can I do? We would both be miserable if we stuck it out, so it's better to break up."

"Alright, alright, get out of here. I don't want to hear your love stories. Prepare the case materials for tomorrow's collaboration, so that we don't mess up at the critical moment." Cheng Rui waved his hand.

Han Jiang got up, "Don't worry, I'll be prepared."

After returning to their hotel, Qiao Yue and Yue Tingfeng naturally rested up, gathering energy to face the tasks ahead.

"After all this is over, you can go visit your old friends in Haishi before going back to England," Yue Tingfeng leaned against the corridor wall, speaking to Qiao Yue who was tidying up.

At his words, Qiao Yue paused. Her head bowed, the long hair that had been neatly tied behind was now loose. Half of it had slipped off due to her bowing, covering her face and masking her expression.


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