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Chase Your Wife Quickly



On her eighteenth birthday, Su Zhizhi's life was completely ruined! She was schemed by her younger sister and lost her chastity to an unknown man, her best friend was the cause of her beloved grandmother’s death… She vowed that she would avenge this! Six years later, she returned with three adorable treasures. She exposed the hypocrisies, sought revenge, and thrived in the Jing City. Originally, she just wanted to earn money to raise her children and live peacefully. But who knew that a certain powerful man stuck to her like glue. Rumors circulated outside that Su Zhizhi is the wife of Ninth Master. Su Zhizhi: "Someone, stop spreading rumors!!" Jun Yijiu: "Are there rumors that Su Zhizhi is my wife? Just to clarify, this is not a rumor." "Zhizhi is my precious darling!"
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"Let me go!"

"What on earth do you want?!"

In the dark and cold hotel room, on a luxurious double bed, Su Zhizhi is tied to the head of the bed, her face is full of sweat, presenting an abnormal expression.

She bites her lip hard, her body struggling desperately, wanting to escape from this suffocating place.

"Want to escape?"

Su Mi sneers coldly, pinches her chin firmly, "Give up, you can't escape!"

"Boss Zhou will be coming soon, and you'd better behave yourself and serve him well. The ten million cooperation project will belong to our Su family!"

Su Zhizhi, with tears in her eyes, looked at her sadly, "Why? Why are you doing this to me, sister?"


Su Mi clenched her teeth and slapped her viciously, "You also deserve to call me sister? You're nothing more than a bastard we picked up from the street, and you think you're worthy?"

Su Zhizhi stares in shock, disbelieving at her words, "What did you say?"

She was picked up by the Su family?

She's not their biological child?

No wonder, ever since she was little, none of the family members, except her grandma, liked her.

No wonder, even when she was unfairly treated, nobody except her grandmother would stand up for her.

All of this, all because, she was a foundling.

"Does it hurt? Is it hard to accept?"

Su Mi looked at her pure and porcelain-like little face, her smile cruel, her eyes filled with jealousy, "Do you know, these years, how I have been living?"

"Clearly I am the real heiress of the Su family, yet you are better than me at everything. Since childhood, I have lived in your shadow, I've had enough of such days!"

Su Zhi, panting heavily, raised her bloodshot eyes and said hoarsely, "Is this your reason? You are narrow-minded, why blame me?"


Su Mi raised her hand and slapped her face harshly.

In an instant, Su Zhi's pale face turned red and swollen.

Su Mi glared at her resentfully, gritting her teeth and saying, "Of course I blame you. Brother Yiyuan is rightfully mine! But he fell for you!"

"With you around, he will never notice me, so, I must destroy you!"

Saying this, she suddenly thought of something and began to laugh grimly.

"By the way, I haven't told you yet, your beloved old man, was literally infuriated to death an hour ago by your good friend Ge Wan."

"What?" Su Zhi's eyes widened in disbelief, she couldn't trust her own ears.

"Hahaha! Are you surprised?" Su Mi hooks her lips with a triumphant smile: "Thanks to her, I was able to inherit the huge fortune of the old man successfully!"

Su Zhi, staring blankly ahead, watched as her eyes slowly turned blood red.


How could Grandma die?

The elderly woman, who no matter what grievances she had faced, would always hold her in her arms and comfort her softly.

Regardless of how others looked down upon her or belittled her, she would always smile and say she was the most precious treasure in the world. How could she just die?

"Ah!!!" A horrific scream rang through the room instantaneously.

Su Zhizhi was struggling intensely. The skin on her wrists was worn out by the hemp rope, and fresh red blood dripped down, staining the white sheet underneath.

Su Mi was startled and took a step back.

With a pained look in her eyes, Su Zhizhi glared resentfully, "Su Mi! Ge Wan! I won't let you guys get away with this!"

The girl’s eyes had somehow changed unexpectedly.

They had become cold and aloof, filled with chilliness.

Su Mi was taken aback and her back suddenly felt cold.

Just as she was about to speak, Su Zhizhi lifted her delicate little foot and kicked her hard in the stomach,


Su Mi screamed and fell clumsily to the ground.

The back of her head hit the floor, and she immediately lost consciousness.

With teary eyes, Su Zhizhi staggered out of bed, shattering the bathroom mirror to slice through the hemp rope.

She didn't care about her injured wrist as she stumbled out of the room.


She needed to see her grandma!

A fiery heat surged through her body, slowing Su Zhizhi's steps.

Damn it!

Su Mi had drugged the wine she drank!

As Su Zhizhi panicked, the elevator doors popped open.

A flattering feminine voice echoed, "Don't worry, Mr. Zhou! What we have prepared for you is a barely eighteen-year-old girl. We guarantee your satisfaction!"

It was Ge Wan!

In her frenzy, Su Zhizhi backed up and saw a door on the right with a lock. Regardless of anything else, she stumbled into it...


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