Legend of Supreme God of War

Legend of Supreme God of War



I obtained the divine perspective and a variety of superpowers. As the War King, I return to the city, surrounded by beauties at all times. There is a steady environment at home, and a colorful scene outside. Reader Group: 218846700
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"It's been three years! Three whole years, and I'm finally returning home to become a man who now has his woman." Sitting on the airplane, Meng Hailong, with one leg over the other, was looking at the photograph in his hands. His heart was full of sweetness, like the nectar of honey.

The photograph was one of a girl around the age of sixteen or seventeen. She was dressed in a white dress, her hair tied up in a ponytail, and on her fair face, a charming smile hung. A pair of small dimples accentuated her astounding beauty even more.

The girl's name was Liu Shiting - Meng Hailong's fiancée.

A few years ago, Liu Shiting fell into a river while she was playing by the riverside. No one reached out to save her except for Meng Hailong, who, risking his own life, jumped in to rescue her from the jaws of death.

In gratitude, Liu Shiting's family decided to betroth her to Meng Hailong, promising their marriage as soon as they reached an appropriate age.

To create a better life, Meng Hailong resolved to join the army three years ago.

The photograph was what Liu Shiting had handed him personally when he was leaving for the military. His department was peculiar so he hadn't returned in these three years, hence, they didn't get a chance to meet.

After parting for three years, Meng Hailong was naturally exhilarated to meet his fiancée.

"Brother, may I swap seats with you? I love looking at the scenery," a sweet voice came to Meng Hailong's ears. He looked up to find a sixteen-year-old girl staring at him.

The girl wanted to trade seats with Meng HaiLong as his seat was by the window offering a view of the scenery outside.

"Sure!" Ha Long replied with a hearty smile. He tucked away the photo, got up, and exchanged seats with the girl. He wasn't interested in the landscape anyways. If he had spare time, he'd rather spend it on medical research, a field he had been greatly intrigued by recently.

"Thank you, brother," the girl thanked him with a smile before moving to Hailong's previous seat. She started clicking photos of the scenery on her phone, interspersed with a few selfies. These images would later make an appearance in her social media story feeds.

The plane took off and landed three hours later at Haiyang Airport.

"Brother, could you please help me with my luggage? My ride is still on the way, and I don't think I'd be able to manage it by myself," the girl suddenly asked as he was about to leave. She blamed herself for her clumsy handling of the meeting time, as her ride was probably still on the way at that point.

"Sure." Seeing the embarrassed expression on the girl's face, Meng Hailong chuckled. Assisting others was a traditional virtue of the Chinese people, and on top of that, Meng Hailong was worried that the girl might encounter a rogue if she asked strangers for help.

These days, good people are indeed few and far between.

Dragging the girl's suitcase, Meng Hailong finally understood why she said she couldn't move it herself. The weight must have exceeded a hundred pounds; indeed, it wasn't something a girl could handle alone.

Just as they exited the airport, the girl's pickup arrived.

"Xiaoxi, I'm sorry. There was traffic on the road; we arrived a bit late," three young men approached them, one of whom stood in front of the girl, while the others positioned themselves on either side of her.

"You are...?" Looking at the newcomers, the girl seemed somewhat confused. She had indeed arranged for a pickup, but because she miscalculated the timing, those picking her up should still be on the road. Besides, these men were certainly not the ones she expected – she didn't recognize them at all.

"Xiaoxi, it's my fault. I promise I won't associate with other girls from now on. Please forgive me. Stop pretending you don't know me and come home with me quickly. Our parents are waiting for us."

The man attempted to pull the girl towards him, but she quickly dodged.

"Who's pretending not to know you! I genuinely don’t know you, okay?" Sensing something was off, she hurriedly hid behind Meng Hailong. For some reason, she felt this man could protect her.

"Sorry, buddy, this is my fiancee. We had a quarrel because of some matter, and she still hasn't forgiven me. But I understand; she's ignoring me because she cares about me. Would you please step aside? She needs to be home soon; our family is waiting for us."

The man grinned at Meng Hailong, and then attempted to bypass him to reach the girl, but Meng Hailong blocked him.

"Brother, you've mistaken the person. She's my sister." Meng Hailong detected something amiss; the trio appeared with a siege-like approach towards the girl. The pickup was merely a cover-up, their real intention was likely to kidnap her.

As the former leader of the Fire Wolves, if Meng Hailong couldn't see through this, he would've been long dead on the battlefield.

"She's your sister?" The man chuckled dismissively, blasting the charade since the conversation already ran this far. His sly side began to show as he continued, "Kid, don't blame me for not warning you. This is a murky situation, really murky, are you sure you want to get involved in it?"

Those who knew Li Zixi naturally knew she didn't have a brother, but unfortunately, Meng Hailong didn't know she was Li Zixi.

Meng Hailong didn't expect the hole he dug was about to bury him. Seeing the smug expressions on the trio, he knew this matter wouldn’t be so simple to resolve.

As the man revealed his intentions, Meng Hailong saw the two men standing either side of Li Zixi quietly reaching behind their backs. Sensing something was amiss, he hurriedly activated his Perspective Eye.

With the special sight granted by his Perspective Eye, Meng Hailong spotted the daggers tucked at the waist of the two men. Looking at the man posing as Li Zixi's fiancé, Meng Hailong was shocked to find that the man was armed with a gun.

Realizing the situation, Meng Hailong wouldn't wait for them to draw their weapons.

Taking a step forward, Meng Hailong swiftly kicked the gunman, knocking him down. Before the other two could react, he struck out with rapid, karate chop-like blows, causing both men to collapse, unconscious.

The entire process was smooth and fluid, almost as if it had been rehearsed countless times.

Indeed, Meng Hailong's skillful response could be attributed to his exceptional abilities besides his physical strength. These abilities were resulted from a strange encounter he had a year ago.

At that time, a group of archaeologists were captured by tomb raiders, their lives in danger. Meng Hailong and his comrades were ordered to rescue them. A fierce battle ensued, resulting in heavy casualties on both sides, and none of the archaeologists survived.

A dying old man with glasses grabbed Meng Hailong's hand, begging him to deliver a ring to his family. Just as Meng Hailong received the ring, a bullet hit his shoulder, splattering blood onto the ring.

Suddenly, the ring emitted a blinding light. Meng Hailong's eyes burned as if they were on fire, followed by a ringing sound in his head before he passed out.

When he woke up, he was in a hospital. To his surprise, he found that he now possessed the Perspective Eye, a special vision that could see through walls and everything within a radius of several hundred meters.

In addition, Meng Hailong discovered that he could understand and communicate with animals. Even more remarkably, he could travel to another world rich in treasures and abundant with classical books. However, until now, Meng Hailong was still uncertain about the nature of this place.


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