Real Lady Is Super Shiny

Real Lady Is Super Shiny



Felicia is the biological daughter of the wealthy Hayes family. Unfortunately, from the moment of her birth, her life was swapped with Belle's. From then on, Belle became the cherished little princess of the family, while Felicia was raised in an orphanage in the countryside. At the age of 15, Felicia was brought back home by her biological parents. She initially thought they wanted to make it up to her, but instead, they wanted her to serve as Belle's blood bank. Throughout all these years, her parents had treated Belle as their own daughter, while Felicia, their biological child, was devoid of any affection. Unable to bear it any longer, Felicia firmly cut ties with her parents. Her parents believed they had rid themselves of a burden, but little did they know that they would soon face such fierce retaliation...
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"Doctor Theodore, what are you standing there for? Hurry up and draw blood, Belle is sick and is waiting for blood treatment!"

Mrs. Hayes, Kara Wright, disregards her biological daughter who is still unconscious in the bed, urging the doctor holding a blood bag anxiously.

The doctor replied in difficulty, "Mrs. Hayes, the second miss lost too much blood and she has not woken up yet. If we draw blood, it could damage her health."

"It's just 400cc. This country girl is strong, she'll be fine."

"But the second miss has already had 400cc drawn three days ago, and she has lost blood from her injury today. If we draw another 400cc, she could be in danger. We can only draw 200cc at most."

Upon hearing this, Mrs. Hayes didn't show any emotion, instead she grabbed the doctor's collar and berated, "Just take the blood when I tell you to, why all of these excuses!"

In her view, drawing blood from Felicia would only weaken her.

But if they don't give Belle a blood transfusion immediately, she will be in great pain.

Laying in the hospital bed, Felicia couldn't open her eyes, but she was conscious.

Listening to her biological mother's cold words, she felt a chill in her heart.

Since birth, she was switched with Belle and only three years ago was she brought back to the Hayes family.

She thought that if she gave her all, she would get the family's recognition, but in the end, she was always just Belle's walking blood bank!

Just as she thought of this, Felicia felt a familiar sting.

It was Mrs. Hayes, seeing the doctor didn't dare to draw blood, snatched away the blood bag and drew blood herself.

Her movements were practiced, clearly, this wasn't her first time doing this.

The icy needle penetrated her skin, as if a sharpened knife pierced Felicia's heart.

She abruptly opened her eyes, pulled out the needle forcibly, and sat up.

Her sudden motion caught Mrs. Hayes off-guard.

Seeing the fresh blood oozing from the punctured hole, she was wrapped up in distress.

It wasn't Felicia injury that stirred her emotions, it was the fact that a few droplets of the precious panda blood have been wasted.

Quickly, she picked up the discarded blood-collecting needle from the ground. Disregarding any possible contamination on the needle, she prepared to pierce through the wound on Felicia's arm once again.

With a manipulative tone she called, "Felicia, mama knows you're a kind-hearted child who can't bear to see Belle suffer, isn't that so?"

Felicia pulled back her arm, pressing her finger against the still-bleeding hole.

Pretending not to hear the conversation between the doctor and Mrs. Hayes, she said, "Mom, it's been only three days since I last donated blood to Belle. Today I got injured and lost blood. If you take more blood now, it could lead to shock, even death."

Mrs. Hayes brushed off her concern, revealing a loving smile, "Felicia, mom knows it's hard for you, but Belle..."

Felicia, tired of her mother's pretentious smile, cut her off immediately, questioning, "Is Belle going to die if she doesn't receive blood now?"

"Felicia, stop being so rebellious and give Belle your blood now, otherwise, she will suffer badly."

Upon hearing this, Felicia scoffed, "She will only suffer, but I ... might die!"

Following this proclamation, she poised the crucial question, "Mother, before you decided to take my blood, did you ask the hospital if they have panda blood? Did you even consider asking them to replenish from another hospital?"

Mrs. Hayes was left speechless by these questions, a hint of guilt surfacing from the depths of her heart.

"She had indeed not thought about it because every time Belle fell ill, Felicia was the immediate choice for blood transfusion. She had long forgotten that hospitals have reserve blood supplies."

"Felicia, I'm sorry."

After making a perfunctory apology, she quickly turned her gaze towards the doctor, "Please check immediately if there are any reserve blood supplies in the blood bank. If not, get some from another hospital!"

After the doctor left, Felicia, avoiding the wound on his shoulder, leaned back on the head of the bed, and spoke word by word, "I'm not going to give Belle a blood transfusion again."

Upon hearing these words, Mrs. Hayes immediately dropped the blood bag in her hand onto the floor, stepping forward and grabbing Felicia's hand.

"Felicia, it's my fault, I didn't consider your feelings, but don't say things in anger. Without your blood, how could Belle survive?"

Felicia withdrew his hand, speaking indifferently, "She's not my biological child, nor did I raise her, I have no obligation to be responsible for her life or death."

Right after his words fell, the door of the ward was abruptly pushed open, with Mr. Hayes, Aubrey, stepping in quickly.

He had heard Felicia's words just now, and his face was filled with anger.

"You may have no obligation to worry about Belle's life or death, but you are my son. The blood running through your veins is mine. Moreover, for every blood transfusion you give, I have always given you two hundred thousand. I have never treated you poorly."

The implied meaning was that Felicia was taking advantage of the situation and still playing innocent.

Felicia thought his heart wouldn't hurt anymore, but hearing these words, his heart still got painfully yanked.

It was painful, tremendously painful.

But after the pain, he felt completely relieved.

He picked up the phone on the bedside table and began operating it.


When the notification sound of her phone rang, Felicia said, "Dad, I've repaid you all the money I earned from selling my blood these past three years. Please consider it as my payback to you for the favor of nurturing and giving birth to me."

Mr. Hayes was furious when he heard this, but seeing the deposit details on his bank's information, his pupils trembled.

It was over six million!

That meant, Felicia, in these three years of returning to the Hayes family, had donated her blood to Belle more than thirty times.

While as a normal person can only donate blood twice a year maximum.

He clenched the phone in his grasp tightly, looking at Felicia guiltily, "Felicia..."

Before he could go on speaking, the door of the ward was pushed open with force once again.

The eldest son, Kemp, rushed in, speaking anxiously, "The hospital has run out of blood, and we can't get it from other hospitals either. Belle has fainted from the pain."

Once he finished, he turned to the pale-faced Felicia, waiting for her to speak voluntarily.

Felicia lifted her eyes to look at Kemp, her gaze deep and icy like a bottomless cold pool.

"Eldest brother, I'm sorry to disappoint you, but I won't be selling my blood to Belle anymore. You'll have to find her another 'walking blood bank'."

The phrase "walking blood bank" was like an invisible slap in the face, landing heavily on all three of their faces.

Even though they never frankly stated it, Felicia's role in the Hayes family was essentially to save Belle.

Now, seeing Felicia unwilling to save Belle, the bit of guilt that had arisen earlier disappeared instantly.

Mrs. Hayes tried to tug at emotional strings, "Felicia, Belle has always been so good to you. Why..."

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