Met a Rich Beauty on a Blind Date

Met a Rich Beauty on a Blind Date


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He is an obstetrician and gynecologist at the First Hospital, earning about seven thousand yuan each month. Unexpectedly, the woman he was arranged to have a blind date with, turns out to be a stunning, rich beauty. A double-degree doctoral graduate from Oxford University? An annual salary of two billion yuan? Could this actually be his blind date?
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"You good-for-nothing old man, what use are you alive!"

"You eat more than anyone else every day, yet the money you bring home decreases day by day!"

In front of a bustling mall in River City.

A sturdy middle-aged man is cursing at an elderly figure with white hair.

Nearby, a small cart has been overturned, its bright red apples scattered all over the ground.

The elderly man, like a child who has done something wrong, hangs his head, allowing the middle-aged man to yell at him.

On the side, a crowd of onlookers points at him, with not a single person standing up, afraid they might stir up trouble.

When the threatening middle-aged man leaves, without a spectacle to witness, everyone disperses.

However, a young figure approaches the elderly man, saying softly:

"Old man, hurry up, clean up and go home. I'll buy these apples."

Xiao Yunfan, 28 years old, has served as a military doctor for eight years.

Due to certain reasons, he has returned to River City, currently working as a gynecologist in a third-rate hospital.

Today, Xiao Yunfan is meeting a blind date arranged by his mother, little did he expect to encounter such a scene.

"Young man, thank you. If you like them, take these apples home. I don't need your money."

Upon seeing the young man, a mysterious glint appeared in the elderly man's eyes, his voice filled with gratitude.

Xiaoyun Fan, unquestioningly, crammed two hundred yuan into the old man's hand and left without looking back, holding a bag of apples.

Watching Xiaoyun Fan's retreating figure, the old man's mouth curled up in a soft smile, he didn't look at all like someone who had been wronged.


QinSe Coffee Shop.

"What's going on? Isn't this the place?"

"Did my mom mess up the address?"

"This coffee shop is only so big, there's no table number six."

According to his mother, his blind date was already waiting for him at table number six.

However, Xiaoyun Fan went around and couldn't find table number six anywhere!

Having no other option, Xiaoyun Fan dialed his mother's number.

"You naughty boy! Don't make excuses with me!"

"This is your twentieth blind date in three months. If you screw this up again, don't bother coming home!"

As soon as he explained the situation, a roar came through the phone.

Helpless, Xiaoyun Fan could only make another round.

At twenty-eight, in the old generation's eyes, his children would be in primary school, but Xiaoyun Fan showed no thoughts of getting married.

Under a fit of exasperation, Xiao's mother would set him up on a blind date every week.

Today marked the twentieth time!

"Found it!"

Not far away, obscured by a potted plant was table number six. At the view of its placard, Xiao Yunfan heaved a sigh of relief.

After all, none of his previous nineteen blind dates had any conclusion, so he didn’t hold out much hope this time either.

He might as well just let it all go!

Carrying a bag of apples, he plopped down across the table. However, when he finally got a clear view of the woman's face sitting across him, Xiao Yunfan stopped dead in his tracks.

Her suit was fitting, her eyes twinkled like stars, her delicately carved features were heaven-sent, the playful look in her eyes as she delicately sipped her coffee tugged at the corner of his heart. Especially the unmatched aura she carried, it got Xiao Yunfan's heart racing!

Having interacted with countless women over the years as an obstetrician, none had ever set his heart aflutter. He even began doubting his own sexual orientation!

While Mu Yueting was leisurely enjoying her peaceful time, suddenly, a strange man took a seat across from her.

A feeling of revulsion welled up from within.


Clearing his throat, Xiao Yunfan seemingly possessed self-awareness, knowing that a goddess-like woman would not be interested in him.

Thus, he automaton-like introduced himself.

"Hello, my name is Xiao Yunfan, I'm twenty-eight years old. I work in the Obstetrics and Gynecology Department of the First Hospital, making about seven thousand a month. Currently, I don't own any property or vehicles."

Upon hearing this, Mu Yueting's originally cold eyes flashed with surprise. She arched an eyebrow slightly with the hint of a playful smile on her face and said, "Mu Yueting, holds a double doctorate degree from Oxford University. I earn two billion a year and own several properties and cars."

As the last character fell, Xiao Yunfan was completely dumbfounded.

What on earth was happening?

Double doctorate degree from Oxford University?

Annual salary of two billion?

Is this woman really his blind date?


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