Melting His Cold Heart Softly

Melting His Cold Heart Softly



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Ever been in a situation whereby lying is the only way you can survive. Well meet Andrea Blake , She is the daughter of a maid, she is kind and Humble but she has a secret. Andrea mother is a freak who wants her daughter to attend a very rich school even though she doesn’t have the money. unknown to her mom,Andrea is being bullied each day for being poor and for attending a rich school. each time she tell her mother to transfer her,Her mom wouldnt give her a glance every thing changed when they left their home town for the capital city Andrea thought that she could finally start a new life without any difficulty but she was surprised when her mom made it clear that she would be attending one of the richest school in the city JUPITER HIGH Not having a choice,Andrea began to attend Jupiter high and not wanting to be bullied because she was poor,She lied about her life, Saying she is the daughter of a very rich man Her lie was going smoothly until someone caught her,A fellow student like herself Max Winston is the son of a rich conglomerate and he is well known for being cold hearted and unfriendly every thing changed when he caught Andrea and knew her secret. Having been caught Andrea did her best to please Max to help her keep her secret now the question is will Max help Andrea keep her secret and save her from being bullied once again? What will happen when max cold heart begins to soften towards poor Andrea what will happen when Andrea meets some one else who knows her secret? You won’t want to miss this story guys. . . .
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"Wake up Andrea,Common get up or you will be late for school"My mom said as she opened the window to let the Sun drift into the little room that had been given to us.

"I don't want to go to school today"I replied

"Will you get of bed! You know that school is important for you Andrea" She said as she threw away the bed cover.

"Can't I just skip school today,I really don't want to go,Please mom "I begged gently.

"You know how hard I work just for you to go to that school,If you miss a day,It's like you are throwing my money and hard effort away,Now go freshen up,The boss will be up soon and I want to prepare her breakfast"She said and laying my uniform on the bed ,She left the room.

I sighed as I stared after her, if only she knew why I didnt want to go to school.

I got ready for school and head to the kitchen where I knew my mom would be cooking for her employer.

"Mom am going now"I said to her giving her a brief hug and taking the sand Wich she had left on the table for me.

"Take care my child and remember,You must study hard and......"

"Become some one in life"I finished for her

"I know that Mom and I promise to be some one you can be proud of "I replied as I gave her another hug and then I left the house through the maid quaters.

If a student from Excel high had seen me coming out of the back gate,They would have made it another reason to bully me, I thought as I hailed a taxi.

Working part time has enabled me to have the luxury of taking a taxi ,Though the other students get to school in their own personal car or they are driven by their rich parents chauffeur.

The taxi stopped in a street closest to the school and I got out of it.

The first period will soon begin and i had to get to class early.

I began to run all the way to my class which was the last class on the second floor.

As soon as I got to class,I was aware of all the student starring at me,They weren't expecting to see me after what happened yesterday and if it were up to me,I wouldn't be here,I thought as I brought out my book, praying silently for the teacher to arrive.

"Look who we have here,It's the maid's daughter"Erica a spoilt rich girl and also the school queen said as she walked towards me holding a fruit juice.

"And she is not even ashamed to show her face"One of her minion added as they walked towards me.

A girl who followed her around pulled out a chair for her and she sat in front of my desk.

"How can you even show your face here,After what we discovered about you?"Erica asked as put her fruit juice on my book.

I didn't reply because I knew that replying would only bring further insults.

"She can't even speak now"Erica said and the other students burst out laughing

"Am getting pissed now!"she said again and her minion began to hit my head

"Say some thing,You don't want to get us all angry"One of them said

"Why did you make us believe that you were rich when you are nothing but a poor devil"Erica asked again and I still I could not answer

"That's it take her to the library,Since she wont talk,We better make her talk"Erica said and immediately they pulled me up.

Knowing what the library was used for,I knew that they were going to do the same thing they did to other students and I didn't want that.

Quickly I jerked off my hand and ran to the bath room,Locking myself in one of the toilets.

Erica is well known for her beauty and her cruelty,I would certainly know that because I was once friends with her.

That was when every one still believed that I was The daughter of a rich man.

What could I have done? My mom is some one who wants the best for me and though it's hard for her,She sent me to a well known school and made every one believe that I was the daughter of a wealthy man.

It was kind of hard for me at first,I had to lie to other students that I was also some one of their Caliber and it had been going well for years until yesterday, when the truth came out and every thing that have been kept hidden, surfaced.

People that I thought will under stand made fun of me,They laughed and called me names and Erica was so furious,Furious that I had been lying and making up stories about my life.

There was a rule in Excel high,The poor students who gets scholarship into the school gets bullied until they drop out.

That was one of the reason I had kept my mouth shut about my real identity and I thought that If I kept on with the lie, No one would notice but there is a saying Every day Is for the thief and one day is for the owner.

Have been caught now and am being bullied by Erica and her gang.

If only there is a way for me to get out of this mess,I would have done so.

Mom has her own problem and I can't disturb her with mine,She wants the best for me that is why she keeps on working hard just to make me study in one of the best schools.

"Come out Andrea,We know you are in there"Erica Said hitting the door

I stayed still,Not wanting them to guess that I was in there.

They kept on hitting the door and when there was no reply,I heard Erica saying.

"Let's go, It seems like she is not here'" When I was sure that they had left,I opened the door and came out of the toilet.

"I knew you were in there"Erica said suddenly and quickly two of her minion came to hold me.

"Why are you doing this to me,I haven't done any thing to you"I said trying to loosen their hold on me

"Really are you sure that you haven't" She asked giving me an angry glare

"You lied and made us think you were part of us, That's why am so furious,To think I had considered the daughter of a maid as my friend makes me so angry " She added

Just then two girls ran in Carrying a bucket and judging from the Smell,it was urine.

"Yuck,It smells awful "Erica said as she starred at the bucket

"You know how guys are,They tend to urinate in any thing they find"one of her girls said

"What are you still waiting for, dispose it"She said starring at me and I knew that they were going to pour it on me

The two who had been holding me,Moved away from me and then they emptied the bucket of urine on me.

"Oh my! Oh my!she smells so bad"Erica said covering her nose

"So yucky!" The other chorused as they all covered up their nose

"This is just the beginning Andrea, You already know our rule and that is to throw out the poor students amongst us but I don't think that will be happening with you,I would like to have you here to be my play toy,Be warned Andrea, Tomorrow and every other day will be like this for you,So start getting used to it " She said to me and they all left the toilet,Feeling happy as to what they did.





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