Real Heiress Makes a Powerful Return

Real Heiress Makes a Powerful Return



【All Laid to Rest+Versatile Female Lead+Cute Baby+Big Boss+Secret Identity+Face-slapping Exciting Story】 Five years ago, Ji Ning was ousted from her home by her adoptive father, all due to a baby that fell from the sky. Five years later, she returns as a big boss, donning the cloak of a cool tycoon, accompanied by a cute baby. Unexpectedly, her biological parents knock on her door. "You are my sister? I thought you were some unparalleled beauty. But it turns out you're just ordinary. You can't even compare to a single strand of Rui Rui's hair, what gives you the right to be my sister?" She never considered acknowledging her blood relatives, but her worthless brother dared to insult her for some fake heiress? Ji Ning lets out a cold laugh, picks up her phone and sends a message. Five minutes later: "Young Master, JK has responded." Jin Shaohan is as excited as if he's found the lover he's been dreaming about for decades: "What did JK say? Has she agreed to help me?" "No... JK says that unless you live stream yourself singing 'Conquer' on your knees for three days and nights, you won't even have a chance."
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Dongning City, Xu Family Residence.


It was not even eight o'clock, and Ji Ning was woken up by the crying of a baby.

Having almost not slept all night, she turned her head to glance at the baby next to her before getting up to prepare the baby's food.

The little one fell asleep immediately after eating.

Just as Ji Ning was about to lie down, her foster father, Xu Guorong, stormed into the room, furiously.

Her stepmother and stepsister followed closely behind.


With a face full of rage, Xu Guorong forcefully threw a DNA paternity test report at Ji Ning's face, then glared at her pale and cold face, roaring: "The mother-daughter match is 99.99%, confirming the biological mother-daughter relationship. What else do you have to say?"

Ji Ning let the DNA paternity test report slide off her body, "I've never given birth to a child, whether you believe it or not."

Three days ago, on Ji Ning's 19th birthday, the only gift she received was a newborn baby and a printed letter stating that the baby was her biological daughter.

Afterwards, she did three DNA paternity tests, and all three reports confirmed that the baby was her biological daughter. However, she didn't have a boyfriend, didn't sleep with any man, hadn't donated eggs, nor had she been pregnant or given birth before. The baby's appearance was too baffling.

"With all the solid evidence, you still insist on lying. How did I, Xu Guorong, end up raising such a brazenly shameful daughter? You've completely lost face for the Xu family. Liu uncle, take that illegitimate child on the bed and throw her away for me."

Xu Guorong's last sentence was directed at the Xu family's steward.

"Whoever dares to touch a single finger of hers, I'll cut off their arm!"

When Ji Ning spoke, her voice was not loud, and she seemed to speak casually. However, a fierce look is hidden within her brows, as if she wasn't joking.

She has a slender figure, fair and delicate skin, exquisite and pretty facial features. Despite being only 19 years old, a dangerous aura that could chill one to their bones wreathed her. She was like the king of Hell himself.

Although she'd only been with the girl on the bed for a few days, she felt an inexplicable affection for her - whether it was due to the innate maternal instinct in women, or the sense of familiarity she felt the first time she laid eyes on the girl. There's even a slight resemblance between her and the girl.

Witnessing the overwhelming aura Ji Ning emitted, Uncle Liu didn't dare approach her.

Xu Guorong was also startled and after regaining his composure, he pointed at Ji Ning and bellowed, "You dare!"


The baby on the bed was awakened by the noise.

Ji Ning glanced at the baby before bending over to pick her up.

The baby girl was rather cooperative; she immediately stopped crying when Ji Ning held her.

Xu Guorong was so frustrated, "At less than twenty, you've birthed a bastard with a wild man. You're nothing but a..."

"Watch your mouth," Ji Ning's sharp gaze swept over Xu Guorong, "Since you can’t accept this girl, there’s no reason for me to stay here in the Xu family any longer."

"What do you mean?" Xu Guorong asked.

"She's supposed to replace me to marry that old deadbeat from the Wu family, who has already had three wives died, she can't leave," Xu Mengxue, the previously silent stepsister, quickly tried to interfere.

Ji Ning's cold gaze swept over the stepsister, "Why should I marry a man that even you look down upon? What right do you have to make me marry for you?"

"You...what exactly do you mean by that? Who do you think you're disparaging? Mom, Dad, tie this ingrate up and give her a good beating!" Xu Mengxue said angrily.

"I haven't picked a fight in a long time, and my hands are itching for one. Are you going to come at me one at a time, or all at once?"

" disrespectful girl, do you dare to lay a hand on me?" Xu Guorong asked angrily.

"If one doesn't offend me, I won't offend them."

Having said that, Ji Ning walked towards the bedroom while carrying a small baby in her arms.

Luo Fenfang saw that Ji Ning was determined to leave, thought for a moment, smiled smugly, and said, "You want to leave, huh? Fine. But you must pay off all the money your adoptive father spent on you in one lump sum. Otherwise, don’t even think about stepping out the front door of the Xu family."

Ji Ning was adopted by the Xu family, more precisely, by her adoptive mother Ji Lihua.

When she was five months old, her adoptive mother Ji Lihua passed away.

Less than a month later, her adoptive father married Luo Fenfang.

When Luo Fenfang moved in, she brought along Xu Mengxue, who was four months old at the time.

After Luo Fenfang moved in, Ji Ning was left to the care of the servants of the Xu family.

Xu Guorong went about as though nothing had happened.

When Ji Ning was ten years old, under the persuasion of Luo Fenfang, Xu Guorong sent her to a rented house in the countryside to fend for herself.

When Ji Ning was almost nineteen, under the instigation of Luo Fenfang, Xu Guorong finally brought her back from the countryside. The purpose was to let Ji Ning replace Xu Mengxue in a marriage to a man over sixty, who had already lost three wives, in a business marriage alliance.

Ji Ning carried her adoptive mother's surname.

Xu Mengxue assumed that Ji Ning, who had grown up in the countryside, never studied, and didn't have a job, wouldn't be able to come up with the money. Hence, she curled her lips into a smile and agreed, "That's right; if you want to leave, pay back the money first."

Ji Ning turned to face the Xu's family, "I can pay back the money, but a 'Dissolution of Relationship Agreement' must be signed. Dare you sign it?"

"Why wouldn't we dare? On the contrary, do you have the money to give? Are you willing to sever ties with the Xu's family?" Xu Mengxue contemptuously asked.

Ji Ning shifted her gaze to Xu Guorong, "To my knowledge, you spent no more than ten thousand on me."

Starting from when she was ten years old, Xu Guorong had stopped caring for her.

The milk powder, clothes, etc. she had before she was a year old were bought by her foster mother with her premarital assets. Xu Guorong had absolutely no financial links to it.

"What do you mean by these words? Who told you that the money your father spent on you doesn't even add up to ten thousand? Even if it's less than ten thousand, it's still an enormous favor. You don't even share the same blood with your father. If it wasn't for his mercy to let you stay in the Xu's family, you'd be dead by now. You want to only pay back a few thousand, ten thousand, don't you? I'm telling you, there's no such option," Luo Fenfang said with a dark expression.

Ignoring Luo Fenfang, Ji Ning asked Xu Guorong, "How much money do you want me to pay back?"

Xu Guorong's face was extremely ugly.

He looked at Ji Ning contemptuously, "One million, not a penny less."

"Hehe..." Xu Mengxue sneered and said mockingly, "Dad, look at her poor appearance. She probably can't even afford a hundred dollars. Asking for a million might be too much, don’t you think? Be careful not to drive her to death."

Luo Fenfang also showed a mocking expression.

She didn't believe that a country bumpkin who never studied could come up with a million.

There was no way for the illegitimate child of the Ji family to leave the Xu's home.

Ji Ning smirked, replying, "Okay, bring the lawyer then. Without a lawyer present, even a cent will not be given."

Xu Guorong and his two companions were utterly shocked by what they heard.

"What did you say?" Xu Mengxue asked, thinking she must've heard wrong.

"I want a lawyer. Don't make me repeat myself."


Half an hour later, a lawyer arrived at the Xu family residence.

Under the witness of the lawyer, Ji Ning and Xu Guorong signed an agreement severing their relationship. Only then did Ji Ning hand over a million to Xu Guorong in front of the lawyer.

Seeing the transfer confirmation, Xu Guorong was dumbstruck.

Xu Mengxue and Luo Fenfang were equally taken aback.

None of them could believe their eyes.

Regaining her senses, Luo Fenfang asked Ji Ning, "Where did you get the million from?"

Ignored by Ji Ning, who held the young girl in her arms and walked away without looking back.

"Mom, if she's leaving the Xu family, who will take my place and marry that old fart from the Wu family?"

Xu Mengxue had just finished talking when Xu Guorong received a call from his assistant. "What's up?"

"President Xu, the stocks you bought yesterday made a profit one second and then lost 900,000 the next."



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