Martial King and Attractive CEO

Martial King and Attractive CEO



He is the strongest soldier in history, and also a touch of green in the midst of chaotic flowers. Chu Hui returns to the city to become the personal bodyguard of a beautiful female boss, unexpectedly, he ended up in a country full of women. Flirting with beauties, fighting against the wealthy youngsters, taking down bullies, and stepping on fops, he disguises his earth-shattering deeds with a seemingly innocent exterior. Various beauties are smitten with him, to the point where they're blooming with joy, while the rich younger masters grit their teeth at him. In response, Yu Ge says: "Be my woman, and I'll spoil you for life; be my friend, and I'll protect you fully; be my enemy, then let's not meet in hell!!!"
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China, Yunan Province.

A young man, dressed in a white T-shirt and holey jeans, descended from a mountain. Having completed his task, he hailed a taxi and headed straight for Yunan Airport, ready to call it a day.

However, with successive "ding" noises from his pocket, a task breakdown, split into five messages, was sent to his old-fashioned black and white mobile phone.

After patiently reading the new task details, the young man decided he would reject this task unless his family's elder granted him tens of thousands of yuan for mission expenses. Nonetheless, another message arrived as he prepared to make the call.

"Chu Yu, the woman you need to protect for this mission is a very beautiful lady. The task giver hasn't specifically ruled out you establishing a cordial relationship with her during the mission, so..."

Five hours later, Chu Yu arrived in a taxi at Kaida Building, which was mentioned in the task. By this time, night had fallen. As he was deliberating how to find his employer's daughter, a loud noise suddenly erupted about ten meters to the right of the building's entrance, instantly drawing his attention.

In the sky, heart-shaped fireworks were blossoming in red. Several middle-aged men in suits suddenly blocked off the cars along the road. Shortly after, boys and girls in wedding attire or white suits rushed out from the spaces between the cars. Each one held a bright rose with a tiny bulb attached.

These child attendants quickly encircled a stunning beauty in the center. Looking over, the dimly lit roses, due to the unique arrangement of the attendants, formed a heart shape.

Before Chu Yu had much opportunity to admire the beauty, whose eyebrows were perfect and complexion fair, a well-dressed young man with a beastly face and lewd gaze approached from afar. As he neared the beauty, he adjusted his suit collar, gracefully kneeled on one knee, raised the diamond ring, and spoke tenderly, all while his eyes never left her long, beautiful legs. In a tone full of greed, he asked, "Wanwan, will you marry me?"

"Holy shit, this disgustingly cliché scene actually happens in real life?"

Chu Yu cursed under his breath before quickly walking towards the extravagant proposal scene.

As Chu Yu approached, the beauty, dressed in office attire, furrowed her brows and coldly replied, "Cao Peng, I don't like you and don't plan on getting married at the moment. Please stop wasting your time on me."

After she spoke, while Chu Yu was clapping with glee, the young man, Cao Peng, had a frozen smile on his face. After a few seconds, he slowly stood up, grabbed the beauty's wrist tightly, and passionately declared, "Wanwan, I'm sincere! Understand that if we end up together, the future development of the Kaida Group and Cao Group will benefit immensely!"

"Let go!"

The beautiful woman, with a chilly glare and frosty voice, demanded.

"I don't care, I will have you tonight!"

Cao Peng, seemingly losing his patience, raised his voice and tried to forcibly pull the incredibly beautiful woman into his car right in front of a multitude of onlookers. However, at some point, Chu Yu mysteriously appeared behind him. During her struggle, he tapped Cao Peng's shoulder.

"Hey, buddy."

Upon hearing the voice, Cao Peng shook off Chu Yu's hand and blurted out, "Who the hell are you ..."

His words were cut off as Chu Yu grabbed the collar of Cao Peng's shirt and tugged, sending Cao Peng flying like a cut kite string towards his bodyguards...

Chu Yu turned around and smiled at the stunning lady, asking warmly, "Miss, are you alright?"

"Screw you! Kill him!"

Supported by his bodyguards, Cao Peng fortunately didn't fall directly to the ground. After he hastily stood up, he started cursing and ordered his subordinates to teach Chu Yu a lesson.

The gawking crowd started to silently pray for Chu Yu. Some even sighed that playing a hero rescuing a damsel in distress was not an easy thing in this day and age...

However, Chu Yu simply whispered to the lady, "Wait for me," and then shot out like a cannonball, weaving through the bodyguards like a ghost. The sounds of snapping bones and despairing cries echoed around. Despite being professionally trained, Cao Peng's bodyguards were unable to defend against Chu Yu's swift and deadly blows.

Watching his subordinates being taken out one by one by Chu Yu, Cao Peng realized the danger of the situation. He slowly began to back away, hoping to escape while Chu Yu was preoccupied. However, after a few steps, he suddenly felt himself bump into something.

Turning around, he saw Chu Yu's face, it looked as frightening as a fierce ghost when he smiled. Cao Peng stumbled and tirpped over himself, landing on the ground. Chu Yu stepped towards him, his foot rested on Cao Peng's chest. After a few dozen seconds, Cao Peng was gasping for breath, his chubby face flushed with redness due to the immense pressure from Chu Yu's foot.

"What...what do you want? I am the vice-president of the Cao Group, my father is..."

In the face of Chu Yu's superior strength, Cao Peng had no choice but to leverage his identity to negotiate for his life, but Chu Yu ignored him completely. The feeling of suffocation made him truly feel terror!

Lifting his foot, Chu Yu squatted in front of the gasping Cao Peng and gently slapped his face saying, "I don't care who your father is. Even if your father tried to trade forcibly before me, I wouldn't hesitate to trample."

As the words fell, Chu Yu stood up, and with a carefree demeanor, he headed towards the beauty under the stunned and shocked gazes. During this process, a recovering Cao Peng crawled up from the ground. His mood was highly irritable as he glanced around, suddenly remembering the waist of the bodyguards held some "items." Such items could allow him to completely disregard Chu Yu's strength and assert a brutish form of revenge.

So, Cao Peng flipped through the waist of one of the fallen bodyguards and took out a dagger. The moment the spectators saw the dagger, they instantly scattered in all directions. The romantic proposal scene turned into a purgatory that could claim lives at any moment. No one in their right mind would wish to risk their lives by staying.

"You bastard, go to hell!"

Cao Peng had a savage look on his face, full of vengeful pleasure. The crowd that hadn’t managed to run away immediately shrieked and covered their mouths as he brandished his knife. The attractive woman was also shocked into full alertness, but she reacted with relative calm and didn't scream.

But not even a second passed after Cao Peng’s expression of release and satisfaction appeared on his face, Chu Yu who he had stabbed towards the back, suddenly disappeared, and then suddenly reappeared.

"There are some things that aren’t meant for children like you to play with, understand?"


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