Hidden Married Hubby Pampers Me

Hidden Married Hubby Pampers Me



On the eve of her wedding, Gu Anning witnessed her fiancé and cousin making love on their bed, while she was pinned down by her so-called "little uncle". Left with no choice and a marriage contract, she was forced to marry the mysterious man of legend. Before marriage, what Gu Anning feared the most was Feng Shao Jue. After marriage, what Gu Anning feared more was the Feng Shao Jue of the nights. "Sob, sob, Little Uncle, please spare me, I admit my mistakes," Gu Xi An lay on the bed, crying until she was breathless. A certain beastly man chuckled as he rubbed her swollen belly, while still making efforts, "Little Leaf said she wants to form a football team with her brothers and sisters." The whole town knew that Feng Shao cherishes his little darling, doting on her to the bone, only except Gu Anning. There is a kind of sentiment where I am addicted to loving you, yet you remain oblivious...
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Radiance Imperial, the top VIP presidential suite.

Guan Ning stood close to the door, her hands clutching her coat tightly, her eyes fixated on the man leisurely sprawled on the sofa.

"Ning Ning, come here."

Upon hearing the man's voice, Guan Ning's slender body trembled. She didn't want to go to him, but she had no choice.

This man had the fate of her mother in his hands!

One step, two steps, three steps...

Guan Ning moved at a snail’s pace, like a tortoise.

Contrarily, the man didn‘t seem impatient at all. His dark eyes reflected Guan Ning’s figure, a smirk cornering his lips, cruel as a demon crawling out from hell.

Feng Shao Jue knew very clearly, no matter how slow, this woman would always be his and his alone.

Finally, Guan Ning made her way to Feng Shao Jue’s side. Her eyes already welled up, and her grip on her coat tightened.

"Take off your coat."

Feng Shao Jue's voice rang in her ears. Guan Ning's face paled even more, her lips quivering as she fiercely shook her head, tears spilling from her eyes.

"Uncle... please..."

Upon hearing that demeaning address, a storm whirled in Feng Shao Jue’s eyes. He stood abruptly, gripping her chin tightly, his voice ice-cold.

"I am not your uncle!"

Staring at the delicate face that could make his blood surge just by looking at it, Feng Shaojue sat back down on the sofa and ruthlessly uttered a single word.


Looking at the cruel and gorgeous face of the man in front of her, Gu Anning trembled even more violently.

Her father had just passed away, her mother had been taken into custody, and now, the only one who could save her was this uncle who was adopted by her grandfather!

Should she uphold her mother's chastity?

Gu Anning was torn between the two options.

At last, with trembling hands, she unbuttoned her coat one by one, revealing the sexy lingerie that Feng Shaojue had required her to wear.

This lingerie was a gift from Feng Shaojue; a wedding gift for her and Luo Mingxiu. Now thinking about it, he seemed to have foreseen this situation long ago.

Feng Shaojue eyed the woman standing in front of him. The sheer black fabric barely concealed her elegant body, which was a subtle temptation in itself. Holding back the desire that threatened to erupt from within him, he reached out towards her.

"Come here."

"I can't!"

Gu Anning hurriedly stepped back, a heart-wrenching scream erupting from her throat.

Unable to meet Feng Shaojue's gaze, Gu Anning knelt down on the ground with a thud, burying her face in her hands as she sobbed uncontrollably.

"Uncle, Mingxiu and I are getting married tomorrow, please let me go!"

Above her a cold chuckle sounded, and a pair of black leather shoes appeared in Gu Anning's sight.

"Marriage? Ningning, even daydreams have to have their limits."

Hearing these words, Gu Anning sharply lifted her head, her tear-filled eyes fiercely glaring at Feng Shaojue, filled with unmistakable hatred.

"We've already picked up our marriage certificates today!"

The phrase "marriage certificate" seemed to have stung the unpredictable man in front of her, his very aura suddenly changing into something terrifying, causing Gu Anning to choke on her upcoming words.

Gu Anning wanted to run, but a hand reached out in front of her, dragging her up from the floor and pulling her towards the wall.

The pristine white wall lowered a large screen, the rowdy moaning of a woman echoed throughout the room. Feng Shaojue clutched Gu Anning's chin, forcing her to look up and watch.

"See clearly, this is the man who will marry you tomorrow!"

In the large screen, a man and a woman were intertwined in various challenging yoga positions. The two familiar faces deeply hurt Gu Anning's eyes.

"Baby, you're so great, baby, I love you."

The lascivious face of Luo Mingxiu following the course of climax, coupled with the sensual words, were jarring to Gu Anning's nerves. She struggled crazily to break free from Feng Shaojue's grasp.

"No! You're lying to me, this can't be possible! Mingxiu wouldn't do such a thing to me!"

"You are well aware if it's true or not, aren't you?"

The man's strength was great. She couldn't break free, and the devilish laughter rang in her ears from time to time.

"He could have helped your mother, but he did nothing, he's never truly loved you."

The man trapping her bent down, biting hard into her shoulder. As his soft kisses fell, they accompanied with a bewitching voice.

"Ningning, how about I help you take revenge on him?"


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