My Bitter and Sweet Marriage

My Bitter and Sweet Marriage



"Once we're married, you're my woman. No flirting with others, no straying too far from me, no ignoring my words..." Having had a secret marriage for years, he wildly dominates and intertwines with her. As a chief physician, he always receives too much adoration and admiration from others, but his flirtation with other women in front of her finally drove her to the edge. She put a divorce agreement on his desk: "Let's get a divorce!" He gives a slight smile, calmly responds, "Append one term – once we're married, I am forever yours."
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With the rolling thunder, heavy rain started to pour down from the dark clouds that had been looming all day.

An Tien glanced out the window. The dim sky obscured her view, but she could still see people hurrying along the street in the rain.

"Miss An, are you listening to me?"

A smooth male voice from across the table brought An Tien back to reality.

Looking over, she saw a man in a white shirt seated across from her.

He was decent looking enough, his slightly thin face had a scholarly look. A pair of brown glasses perched on his nose gave him the air of an old-fashioned bookworm. Upon seeing her look over, he gave her a small smile.

Oh right, before coming for this blind date, her mother had said this man was a corporate executive. Well-educated, with good prospects, he was a man with potential!

"Miss An, we've been talking for a while now, are you hungry?"

He reached for a menu while his gaze landed momentarily on two attractive women at the next table. A flash of desire crossed his eyes.

But quickly, he shifted his focus back on her, revealing a sincere smile, "Miss An, take a look at what you want to eat."

"You order first, I need to go to the restroom."

Suppressing her discomfort, An Tien managed to put on a smile. She picked up her purse, and in her cream-colored high heels, went towards the restroom.

The window had become a mirror due to the darkness outside and the bright indoor lights. An Tien glanced towards it, only to see her date gazing around restlessly, obviously searching for beauties. The sight of him acting in such a seedy way turned her stomach.

Her mother had obviously set her up. Would she just throw her into a fire pit by setting up a blind date like this?

No way, she must deal with that sleazy man!

An Tien walked into the restroom with a straight face and clicking high heels, she turned on the tap and rinsed her hands.

Looking into the mirror, An Tien puckered her adorable pink lips, her beautiful eyes full of fighting spirit!

After drying her hands, she walked out of the restroom with her head held high and her chest puffed out, unexpectedly, she bumped into a wall. Her nose was hit by a refreshing scent of mint and the virility of a man.

Ouch! She hit her forehead.

An Tien was in pain, covering her forehead without caring about anything else.

"An Tien."

Suddenly, a man's low, magnetic voice filled her ears. His voice was so familiar that it made An Tien widen her eyes.

"Gu, Gu Sheng?!"

Stammering, she lifted her head, Gu Sheng's cold, domineering face invaded her field of view, his slightly furrowed eyebrows revealing his displeasure.

"I heard you came to blind-date?" Gu Sheng lowered his eyelids to look at her, his height of over 1.85 meters was enough to look down on her!

Gu Sheng was just standing and looking at her, but his erect figure exuded an aura that made people unable to resist, making them crawl like ants in front of him.

This was Gu Sheng, her childhood sweetheart.

But, wasn't Gu Sheng supposed to be on a business trip? How did he know that she came for a blind date?

"No! I'm just passing by."

An Tien clenched her fist, telling an awkward excuse. With a sycophantic manner, she stepped aside for Gu Chen, "Do you need to use the restroom? I have just finished, you can go now, I am leaving first."

With that said, An Tian turned around to leave.

However, before her toes touched the ground, a firm force grabbed her elbow, pushing her against the wall abruptly.

"What the..."

An Tien opened her mouth to speak, however, upon looking up, she realized that Gu Sheng was close to her, holding her in his dark, deep gaze.

Gu Sheng's eyes were very dark, no trace of light could be seen. "Speak the truth."

Her starkly given reply, made An Tien shiver. She succumb under Gu Sheng's powerful demeanor, "My mother asked me to come for a blind date, I don't want to."

She looked rather pathetic as she lifted her head, meeting Gu Sheng's gaze with her watery black eyes.

Gu Sheng looked at her in such a state, his breath hitching slightly. A few seconds later, he casually placed his hand on An Tien's petite shoulder, his beautiful fingers playing with her drooping tresses.

"Since you're not interested in the blind date, you should find a way to reject it." He murmured, his warm fingertips brushing past the nape of her fair neck.

"A way?" her body stiffened as if shocked, and suddenly, she excitedly grabbed Gu Sheng's hand, "Ah Sheng, you came at the perfect moment, you're my savior! From now on, you're my boyfriend. I need you to refuse this man for me."

Bubbling with excitement, An Tien pulled Gu Sheng out, but soon realized she was too impulsive. What if Gu Sheng is unwilling to pretend to be her boyfriend? Wouldn't she be losing face?

"Gu Sheng, are you willing to be my boyfriend? Just for a moment."

An Tien looked back, and was caught off-guard as she saw a slight smile on Gu Sheng's lips, his deep eyes gazing at her.

While Gu Sheng's expression made her feel like she was willing captured in a trap.

A chill ran down An Tien's spine. "No need. I'll get rid of him myself."

Gu Sheng was by no means a good man. Was she really naive enough to fall into his trap?

"Let's go, settle this matter quickly, I have something else for you to do."

Before An Tien's words could even settle, a warm hand was firmly grasping her waist. Forced to lean into Gu Sheng's body, she could hear the thump and throb of his heart against her cheek.

Looking up, she saw Gu Sheng's resolute and perfect jawline, his lips, rich and enticing, calling out to her eyes.

What a charming, devilish man!

Without saying another word, Gu Sheng strode towards the dining area of the restaurant.

An Tien gritted her teeth in resentment but had no choice but to comply and follow his steps. The creepy man had already noticed them, his eyes wide open in disbelief, a comical sight.

Seeing this, An Tien straightened her spine and held her head high, full of confidence.

Humph! She didn't want any contact with this man anyway. Might as well play up the role of Gu Sheng's girlfriend. After they leave the restaurant, she would immediately break up with Gu Sheng, no hesitation!

With Gu Sheng's presence, the previously outspoken man couldn't raise his head, completely deferent under Gu Sheng's intimidating aura.

"Miss An, since you have a boyfriend, I'll make my leave now!"

In less than five minutes, he couldn't take it anymore and scrammed with his belongings.

Sitting next to Gu Sheng, An Tien chuckled. She is finally free now!

"An Tien, come back to the hospital with me. There's a new doctor coming in to report in today."

Before An Tiantian could finish her joyous hopping, Gu Sheng interrupted her with his voice. His warm hand was holding onto hers, pulling her towards him.

"Besides, today is your first day as a nurse intern with me. You are my girlfriend, and I will take good care of you."

Finishing his sentence, Gu Sheng planted a light kiss on her luscious lips, tasting a faint sweet flavor.

A wickedly charming smile spread on Gu Sheng's face as he led a dazed An Tiantian out of the restaurant in the rain, heading to his car.

After getting into the car, An Tiantian finally registered his words, "Wait, I'm your intern nurse? Also, I'm not your girlfriend, we're just pretend!"

With that, she pushed the car door, attempting to get out.

She was definitely not interested in being Gu Sheng's girlfriend, that womanizer!

This guy was just bizarre.

From childhood to adulthood, Gu Sheng had always been a person who combined brilliance and glory. He won the math championship at twelve, and was admitted to Yale University at sixteen. He could have had a wider development prospect, but he studied abroad in the United States and returned in a short year, becoming a well-known doctor.

During that time, An Tiantian was studying day and night and barely managed to be admitted to S City Medical University.

What's even more impressive was that Gu Sheng also controlled the economy of S city as the heir of Gu's Corporation. The hospital he worked at, Harmony Hospital, was also under the Gu Corporation.

All the honor and glory he had was earned by his hard work, not by taking advantage of the Gu family's power.

Apart from An Tiantian, nobody knew Gu Sheng's true identity. She often lamented about the unfairness of life.


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