Prison Marriage

Prison Marriage



They are twin sisters, yet their personalities are poles apart. A staged death disrupted the lives of all survivors. From then on, she became a substitute for Gu Hanyi's bed warmer. While her sister was tailing her boyfriend all day. All she could do was to wait for the truth to be revealed.
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"I believe, in this world, our most beautiful encounters and struggles are forever etched into the annals of time, in exchange for the gentle, earnest heart he holds," the rich make-up adorned woman sparklingly smiled under the colossal square's LED screen, her star-like, radiant eyes curving into a delightful arc, as she turned to gaze at the man beside her. Their fingers linked together, creating an image that greatly mirrored that of a perfect conclusion in a romance novel.

Many couples lifted their heads to gaze upon the figures on the screen, inspiring hopeful smiles.

Mr. Gu Hanyi and Miss Jiangnan truly embodied the pedestal of love's greatest achievement!

Jiangnan is the second daughter of the Jiang family, while Gu Hanyi is the second son of the Gu family. They are childhood friends, couples well-suited in social and economic status. Both the Jiang and Gu families have invested heavily in creating the luxury brand "Yi South" for them.

For their betrothal ceremony, all the billboards and advertising screens in the Imperial City have been taken over to broadcast the grand event in real time - the envy of countless young people struggling to make ends meet.

After a long time, once all the tedious procedures were completed, the couple disappeared holding hands in a shower of feathers at the end of the red carpet.

Gu Hanyi, holding his fiancée, stepped off the stage and moved into a room on one side.

"Are you okay?"

Inside the room, a mild-mannered man who bore a striking resemblance to Gu Hanyi pulled Gu Hanyi’s fiancée away from him.

Gu Hanyi's face turned cold instantly. He gripped Jiangnan’s wrist and stared at the man coldly.

"Ah---" Perhaps, the grip was too strong; Jiangnan winced in pain.

"Let her go, Gu Hanyi." The gentleman's eyes fell on Jiangnan's wrist, where a reddish mark was beginning to blossom.

"I'm sorry, Gu Ziliang, but it seems like she is my fiancee, right?" Gu Hanyi slyly smiled, "As my brother, what exactly are you planning to do to your future sister-in-law?"

Gu Ziliang gritted his teeth, his gaze falling on "Jiangnan" whose wrist was turning red from his grip. He slowly let go.


"Jiangnan" was suddenly pulled into Gu Hengyi's arms, held tightly.

"Gu Hengyi, let go of me. I have already completed the engagement ceremony for Jiangnan!"

"Jiangnan" began to struggle violently, pushing against Gu Hengyi's chest with her hands.

Gu Hengyi frowned slightly, took advantage of "Jiangnan"'s thrust, and threw her harshly onto the ground!


The sound of landing was dull, "Jiangnan"'s eyes reddened instantly, the pain from her knees almost had her crying.

Gu Ziliang instantly took two steps forward and crouched next to "Jiangnan", helping her up, his eyes revealing hidden heartache and worry.

"Is this how you treat your fiancée?!" Gu Ziliang looked up, his gaze fiercely fastened on Gu Hengyi.

Gu Hengyi didn't even glance at him.

He loomed over "Jiangnan", a faint sneer played at his lips. "Jiang Bei, just because you and Jiangnan are identical twins, you think you can entirely replace her? Whatever she's owed, I'll make sure you pay back every bit of it!"

Jiang Bei lifted her head, her beautiful eyes were crimson. "I never owed her anything!"

"What did you just say? If it weren't for your car accident, how would her congenital heart disease have advanced?! And the only matching heart, how would she be in a coma if you hadn't signed the surgery consent form in time?! You tell me this is not your fault? So, is it Jiangnan's fault then?"

"I…" Jiang Bei opened her mouth, seeming to want to argue something, but she never spoke.

With red-rimmed eyes, Gu Hangyi moved forward two steps, single-handedly grabbed Jiang Bei, and turned to drag her towards the door.

By the time Gu Ziliang reacted, he quickly moved to shield Jiang Bei, holding back Gu Hangyi, "Gu Hangyi, Jiang Bei is also a victim. She has completed the engagement ceremony on behalf of Jiang Nan, what more do you want from her!”

He snapped his head around, his eyes dangerously squinted. His icy voice like a frozen cellar from the high heavens, “Gu Ziliang, shut your mouth. Don't forget who is the head of the Gu family!"

Hesitant, Gu Ziliang finally loosened his grip.

With no more interferences from Gu Ziliang, Gu Hangyi smoothly dragged Jiang Bei out, heading into another room and locked the door.

He hoisted Jiang Bei up and nonchalantly tossed her unto the bed, then pounced on her like a starving tiger.

“Gu Hangyi, what the hell are you up to?” Jiang Bei instantly lost her composure.

"Since you're Jiang Nan's elder sister, shouldn't you do what's supposed to be done on the night of engagement?" Gu Hangyi's eyes were cold, looking at her as if she were a stranger with no connection to him.

"Stop it! Aren't you afraid that Jiang Nan will find out? She won't want to know about us!" Jiang Bei was scared out of her wits by Gu Hangyi's action.

Desperate, she clung onto Jiang Nan, her last lifeline, struggling to find her footing.

Jiang Nan, actually...

"Why don't you let Jiang Nan wake up from her ICU ward then!” Gu Hangyi scanned every inch of Jiang Bei's skin: "Tell me, how would it feel like to have a body just like Jiang Nan's?”

“You… ah!”

With a strong pull, Gu Hangyi easily ripped open Jiang Bei's clothes, his large hand immobilized her. Without any foreplay or delay, he violated her.

Jiang Bei's eyes widened, her mouth opened, but she couldn't let out a sound.

Intense agony shook her body uncontrollably, tears falling profusely like broken pearls from her eyes. The corners of her lips, chafed by her clenched teeth, were already bleeding.

But all this; the pain she was enduring, the tears she was shedding, failed to arouse any sympathy in Gu Hanyi. On the contrary, the sight seemed to give him a sadistic pleasure of vengeance towards Jiangnan!

He yanked her hair, pulling her head upwards.

Jiang Bei winced in pain, her eyes welling more fiercely. The torment was unbearable, causing her to almost scream out. However, she clenched her lips together, unwilling to let the man outside, Gu Ziliang, hear her disgraceful moans.

Gu Hanyi leaned in close to her ear, his uttered words carrying a threat, "Don't cry with Jiangnan's face. I want to see is the pleasure on Jiangnan's face when she is in my embrace."

Jiang Bei gritted her teeth, clenching onto the ambiguous depiction in the sheets. Meeting the exquisite pain in silence, she kept her eyes closed.

"Cry out! Scream for me! Let me tell you, I, Gu Hanyi, will never let go unless you return my Jiangnan to me! She lies innocently in the hospital bed for you while you... you don't deserve happiness!" With a hint of madness lacing his words, he threatened to destroy her completely.

He quickened his pace, forcing himself deeper and harder. The sound of skin-on-skin echoed through the soundproof room.

However, all Jiang Bei felt was pain, each thrust, almost making her pass out.

Yet, she kept her mouth shut, refusing to let out any sound.

Gu Hanyi moved his hand down her chest, twisting and turning, seemingly enjoying her torment.

She couldn't hold it in any longer and yelped in pain.

This seemed to further stimulate Gu Hanyi who grew wilder and more aggressive.

"Gu...Gu...Hanyi, I...will tell...tell…" Jiang Bei stuttered, hoping Gu Hanyi would stop.

"Jiangnan? Jiangnan?" He softened his gaze, stopping his actions. Looking at Jiang Bei's face, he seemed to see someone else.

He lifted his hand, gently caressing Jiang Bei's cheek. Astonishingly, a smile crossed his face.

"Yes, Jiangnan she… Ah!"

Suddenly, Gu Hanyi clenched his hand around Jiang Bei's cheek while increasing intensity below. His actions becoming more aggressive than before.

"Jiangnan, let me love you properly!"


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