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What if you wake up one day your life suddenly changes unexpectedly? What if you suddenly wake up to marry the person you've hated for a long time? After four years, Migs Ellerie and the woman he loved to the deepest Cassandra met again in an expected turn of events. Cassandra is the woman Migs only loves. But she is also the reason for his broken-heartedness. For Migs to take revenge and make Cassandra feel the pain he caused before, he convinced Cassandra's foster parents to marry him. Cassandra has no idea that the man she bullies and insulted back in their bachelor's days were now a real man who was so handsome and soon to be her husband. She didn't even believe that Migs changes a lot, from being a weirdo and now a real man. How long will Migs feel his revenge on Cassandra? Will he learn to love if one day, Cassandra gets tired of loving him because of his cruelty. Migs always blaming Cassandra from the past that causes his anger. Is there a chance that the two will become a real couple? Are Migs save Cassandra or still fighting for an act of revenge?
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“This is a work of fiction. Names, places, business, location, events, locales, incidents, dialogue,especially the characters names are either the products of author's imagination or used in fictious matter. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental not coppied. Plagiarism is a crime, this is only by author's imaginations.”

Author's note:

–There are scenes in the story where children or minors are not allowed, if possible do not read some sensitive parts. This story I am sharing with some readers who want to experience this kind of relationship contained in the story I made. I have no other intentions other than what I have already said.Thank you so much for the wide understanding!

_ _ _

Cassandra point of view:

I woke up to the super loud noise that echoed all around the house.

“Who is it?” I gasped and woke up then went to the glass window to open it.

“Hi! Miss beautiful!” my demented husband greeted me.

Yes husband! I suddenly woke up one day that I was married to a man like him, not bad he's totally handsome but full of arrogance. He was nothing to do but ruin my day.

“Good morning!” joyful he said.

“Tss. What's good in the morning if I can see your face right away?” I shouted angrily and slammed the glass window to shut again.

“And because of that crazy man, I can't sleep again. He's ruining my day!” I felt bad as I made my way to the bathroom to take a shower. It was too early, but I can't sleep anymore.

I got up and take a shower first before I go downstairs. Good thing that there is a heater in my room and I can't feel any cold water.

My mind relaxing now and forget that man just for one second.

I just freezing that full of anger.

I thought I could take a good bath but it didn't happen. My crazy husband punished me again. Instead of hot water coming out, it's even colder than the ice fell on my bady. I froze and scream loudly in shock.

I just thought the mischief of my good husband was over but I was wrong again. I know that this is not the end of his stupid shit plan for playing fool to me.

Migs, really loves playing and have fun with me like a robot.

And by the time, I had soaped up I had lost my water to rinsed off.

“The heck, I haven't finished soap yet. You are really crazy! Get ready for me man, you will pay for this. You will find what you are looking for crazy one. Stupid, fool, bastard.” I shouted angrily again but no ones answer me.

I know he doesn't care at all.

Several times I tried to open close the shower and faucet but still no water coming out.

“How can I rinse now? That idiot is really childish.” I whispered annoyed to myself then I rummaged around because I was able to close my eyes, my face was still foaming to find the towel.

I was like a blind, touching every corner of the walls to find the direction of the towel.

When I got it, I quickly wiped my face and wrapped another towel around my naked body.

I angrily marched out of my room. I was wearing nothing but the towel I wrapped around my wet body. I quickly went to the kitchen faucet to rinse my hair but there was still no water.

“Wait, what is really happening?” I turned and clossed the faucet several times hoping that there is water out from the faucet but nothing's happened.

“Aist, my bad luck!” my shoulder almost dropped while saying that.

“Hello sweethear–Ow' sorry, I forgot to tell you we ran out of water. I forgot to pay yesterday.” my inquisitive husband disgusting me again.

“You're really are so damn ugly.” annoyed I said while I give him a bad look, but seems he enjoying to see my reaction that I was annoyed even more especially when I saw his face.

“It doesn't matter, you're still better good in the morning my beautiful lady!” he teased me more with a wink.

I wanted to vomit when he wink at me.

What did he think, I'm glad he make's me look stupid?

“Don't look at me like that baby, you afraid of me but it's okay I will bite you first before you did a wrong moves, I know how much you want me.” attacking a more teasing from this bullshit guy again.

***fuck shit! What did he say again? Yuck!

“You're so damn hot! Sexy wifey.” he gave me a smile that full of seduction, I just threw a bad look at him.

“Stay away from me.” he just laughed at what I said but obviously he teasing me again.

“Don't block my way if you don't want to die early.” mixed with threats I said then I went to the refrigerator and got a few bottles of mineral water.

“Hey, what are you going to do that?” it's interested question from him.

“Stop asking me there. You don't care!” I yelled then I marched back to my room while carrying the mineral water I hurriedly took to rinse my hair, which was still full of shampoo and I could no longer rinse very well, I was running out of water because of that bad guy.

After I rinsing, I hurried to get dressed to go downstairs and also to grab my coffee.

I caught up Migs who was having coffee but he was already wearing an office attire and his hair was also wet. That's the time I realized he was did nothing good on the water just to disturb me either.

“Hey man, did you pull the water socket?” I asked while making a cup of coffee.

“That's not a socket, it was a tube connected to the main, bridges us like our love.” jokingly said, then he gave me a wink me again but I just rolled my eyes.

“Stop talking nonesense there, I know that you know what I am trying to tell.” sarcastically said.

“Don't accused me honey. I didn't do that!” it defense.

“I told yah' I forgot to pay the water bills yesterday!” I faced at him, seems he was telling the truth.

“Whatever!” ignoring I said.

“By the way, are you leaving now?” intriguing I asked, he just nodded before sipping his coffee again.

“Good! I also leaving” I sarcastically replied.

“Where are you going?” I took a deep breath before answering him.

“None of your business.” I replied firmly.

“Ok! But, I'll just remind you that I'm still your husband. I have an obligation to take care of you and I still need to know every step you take wheither you like it or not!” his stubborn answer.

“Here we are again. You're just my husband on paper because of that force marriage. But there's no mixed love and desire.” I correcting his words.

He faced at ne with undescribe facial reaction.

His reaction was so strange to me, but I don't mind it!

“So pleased, don't act like we live in the same house because we really love each other. We both know that i don't love and I hated you most.” Frankly I added while raising my eyebrows.

He just finished to drink his coffee seems like lossing his appetite.

After what I said, I never heard an answer from him.

He stood up and hurried to out but before he could finally get out he said he would not let me go out of his life no matter what.

He fight for the marriage we had, that's the only thing he had to stop me from leaving him.

I can't believe what I heard, so weird.

I know we don't love each other and we just marriage for the business nothing more. But the way he looked at me while fincing his finger, he seemed to be threatening me.

But, what did I done wrong to him?

I feel he was in pain at what he heard from me.

But why? I was telling the truth, we just married but never love each other!

_ _ _


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