Second Chance at Love: Rediscovering Each Other

Second Chance at Love: Rediscovering Each Other



The only daughter of the Su family in the capital, Su Nianxun, ignored her family and married into the Gu family. She was even willing to be a substitute and became a laughing stock for everyone. When the white moonlight returned to the country, Gu Jingxing coldly threw a divorce letter. "Let's get a divorce. Nian is back." The miracle-working doctor's family, the genius medicine-making doctor... Su Nianyi's armor was exposed one by one, and she turned the tide with all her might. Gu Jingyun: "Woman, since you love me so much, I'll give you a chance not to divorce me!" — It wasn't until he found out that she didn't love him at all! It turned out that he was the substitute... Gu Zhixing chased after his wife and buried her in the fire. He found that he had mistaken Bai Mingyue! She was the one who had been determined by him! It was too late to regret! Su Nianxun looked at the man calmly and indifferently. "Dream should always wake up." Twin stand-in / you treat me as a stand-in. Actually, you are the stand-in / love after marriage
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He groaned, pushed, and panted. The dim room seemed to be full of pressure under the entanglement of the two people, and the dense water vapor covered the glass in the rapid breathing.

A thin layer of mist rose in Su Nianxun's eyes, and his white fingers unconsciously scratched Gu Jingcheng's back with his ups and downs.

After this ambiguous atmosphere lasted for a long time, the sound of footsteps leaving came from outside the door.

Su Nianxun looked at the slightly drunk man in front of her. She gasped slightly and moved her head away from Gu Jingqin's sweaty nose. His breath hit her delicate collarbone, causing the beauty under him to tremble...

"Grandpa has already left..." Su Nianxun looked at the man and gently reminded him that there was no need to continue acting.

Gu Scenic acted as if he hadn't heard anything.

He looked at the woman in front of him in a daze. There seemed to be a layer of mist in his eyes, making it hard for him to see her clearly.

"Ah Nian..."

The man's voice was very low and a little hoarse, like the sand that had been ground by the sea. It was magnetic.

He slowly stretched out his hand to touch Su Nianxun's face.

Su Nianzhen didn't put on any makeup. Her lips were especially red, and her nose was straight. It was probably due to lust, and the tip of her round nose was slightly red.

His breath and voice came together.

Su Nianxun heard the "Ah Nian".

It was the name of another woman.

She looked at Gu Jingyun, whose eyes were covered with mist. Looking at the familiar handsome face, she got close to him as if she was possessed, hooked her arms around his neck, and kissed him.

She didn't care.

Her eyes were filled with infatuation as she looked at Gu Scenic's eyes, which were as deep as a bottomless well. The man in her memory, whom she had been dreaming about, suddenly appeared in her mind.

When she came back to her senses and saw Gu Scenic's face so close to hers, a strange feeling welled up in her heart. She felt a little nauseous.

He didn't have time to push the man away.

The mist in Gu Jingcheng's eyes suddenly dissipated, leaving only clarity.

He pushed her away forcefully.

Su Nianxun was pushed away. Before he could react, his legs gave way and he staggered forward. He was about to fall to the ground.

Feeling that he had lost his composure, Gu Scenic Xing wanted to help Su Nianyi up. Halfway through, he recalled the scene just now and his expression became gloomy. Immediately, he retracted his hand and turned to tidy his shirt that had not yet taken off but was already wrinkled beyond recognition.

Su Nianxun was not affected by Gu Jingyun's actions just now. After he steadied himself, his eyes were still warm and there was no anger in them.

"Jing Xing, are you feeling unwell?" Pushed away roughly by the man, Su Nianxun still subconsciously cared about the man's body.

She could tolerate everything that Gu Jingyun had done to her. No matter if it was good or bad, no matter how much he had gone too far, Su Nianxun always looked calm and never got angry. No matter what he did, she would forgive him. It was also because of this that everyone knew that Su Nianzhen loved Gu Jingyun very much.

But everyone knew that Su Nianxun was just a substitute.

Everyone regarded Su Nianxun as a joke and thought that Su Nianxun was willing to be a substitute. He loved Gu Jingyun very much, but he still couldn't get the true love of a man. The man still loved his so-called white moonlight.

All of them pitied Su Nianxun for being kept in the dark. They didn't know that they were just substitutes in the eyes of men.

A woman whose heart was full of expectations for love had long given up her self-esteem and was mocked by others.

"Su Nianxun, let's get divorced."

After Gu Scenic finished tidying his clothes, he suddenly blurted out these three words without a head or tail.

"Ah Nian is back. We shouldn't have anything to do with each other anymore."

Gu Jingyun continued.

Su Nianxun didn't respond.

Gu Jingyun didn't care about Su Nianxun's expression. She was definitely unwilling to do that, and she might even pester him. What he needed to do now was to find a way to let the marriage go smoothly.

He had promised Lin Nian'er that this was what a man should do.

He felt that his tone was too tough, which was a little cruel to an orphan girl like Su Nianxun. Su Nianxun was alone, and now he finally had a home. If he rashly asked for a divorce, it would hurt her a lot.

Moreover, Su Nianshen had loved him for so many years, so she would not easily agree to a divorce.

If she wanted to get a divorce, her attitude should be a little softer...

His voice suddenly became gentle and soft, and he said in a low voice.

"As compensation, I will give you a check. You can write as much as you want. I don't know how much money can make up for it. You can write more..."

This was a great temptation for normal people, and Su Nianxun would not refuse...

"I didn't ask you to work after you married into the Gu family. If you want to work, you can choose any company under the Gu family, and you can choose any position... "

If she wanted to work hard, the Gu family could also give her as long as she could get a divorce!

Since Su Nianxun married into the Gu family, she had always been a gentle and virtuous wife. He knew that she had done a good job.

She had a master's model and was clear and thorough. She was gentle but not flamboyant, and her behavior was calm and steady. Every time she stood with another woman at the banquet, others would look vulgar.

Everything was done well. She had done so much and endured so much. Even if his attitude toward her could not be described as good, he still loved her.

But after all, she was not Ah Nian... Ah Nian was going back to China, and it was time for her to leave...

He knew that Su Nianzhen would definitely cry and refuse. She would try hard to persuade him to stay. She would be very sad, but he didn't have her in his heart...

"I can satisfy you whatever you want, no matter what... you..." Gu Scenic Star looked at Su Nianxun with a gentle and determined expression.

However, before he could finish his words, he was interrupted by a gentle and firm sentence.

"Okay," she said.


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