Priced True Love

Priced True Love



For the sake of money, Cheng Yalu sold herself to Xiang Yu World. Xiang Yu World, a cynical lawyer, was a newly married couple. His voice was cold. "Don't call me, don't lose my key, and don't say that you're my wife." Cheng Yalu nodded and kept in mind her duty. She didn't go too far. However, God deliberately played tricks on her. She lost his key and called him. He also said, "I'm Mrs. Xiang!" "Do you really want to be my wife?" Xiang Yu World pressed her against the wall and tried to hit her. Her face was red and red. She wanted to cater, but she remembered that the woman he loved was not her. "I will pay off the debt of one million yuan as soon as possible..."
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Seven days old, Cheng Yalu didn't go anywhere. She squatted alone in the Civil Affairs Bureau to pick up the leftovers. She would pick up any good man she didn't want and use them.

"Have you found a good man?"

"You can't even pick up a man, and yet you still pick up a good man! Why don't you come over and help me break up whichever I like?"

"Are you sure you want me to break you up? Aren't you afraid that the man I broke up with would secretly plot against me while hugging you in public?"

"Get lost!"

Cheng Yalu hung up the phone and squatted down to wait for her friend to make trouble.

One pair, two pairs, three pairs... The newcomer came in hand in hand and went out with the marriage certificate. It was hard for her to control her happiness, and she could not help kissing him in public...

Cheng Yalu was beaten like a dog. She crouched in the corner and drew circles wildly, one circle, two circles, three circles. How many circles did she bring behind one million?

"I can't do it. I'll find it again!"

Just as he counted to zero, a magnetic male voice suddenly came from the window behind him, accompanied by a document falling on the table. A rough male voice followed closely. "I haven't seen him yet. How do you know it's impossible? Go and meet him. I haven't seen him completely. There are only about three or five of them..."

"There's no need!"

"Why is it not necessary? Can't you change your lines? Let's get married. I've found 108 women for you..."

"Some don't count as women!"

"..." She choked and said, "Who are not women? Show me."

"That doesn't count."

"That doesn't count."

"Her hair is like a snake's!"

"Like a snake demon? It's called explosive curly hair."

"Why didn't she come with an explosive head?"


"And this one, the skeleton is about the same as the yeti."

"Why don't you say that she's taller than you? She's 1.9 meters, and you're 1.9 meters tall?"

"If she was knocked unconscious by the door, who would pay for the medical expenses?"


"And this one, there are patches on your face."

"This is baby fat, baby fat, baby fat!"

"The baby said that he has never seen such fat."


Cheng Yalu couldn't help laughing. She was curious what kind of man had such a vicious tongue. She climbed up along the wall and peeked through the glass. The room inside was not big, with the basic equipment for office use on it. On the opposite side, there was a black sofa, where two men were sitting.

One was holding his head and pulling his hair like crazy. His whole face was covered by his arms. The other... Wow, what a handsome man...

He was about twenty-seven or twenty-eight years old. His appearance was extremely delicate, and his facial features were perfectly engraved. Wearing a black suit fitted on his body, he exuded a natural elegance. His eyes were too cold, which made him look indifferent and noble.

"So handsome, it's my dish! If it could be mine, how beautiful would it be!" Cheng Yalu was a very handsome man. When she saw the handsome man, she couldn't move her legs and drooled.

"In addition to these three, there are 105 more. 105 are enough for you to choose. Choose!"

"No choice!"

"Say it again. I promise I won't beat you to death."

"I beg you to beat me to death!"

She choked and went crazy. "What do you want? What kind of woman do you want? I chose these according to your preferences..."

"My preferences have changed. Don't you know?"


Cheng Yalu couldn't help but burst into laughter. "Is he going to drive people crazy?" When the laughter spread into the room, they heard it. They looked up together, and three pairs of eyes met.

Two pairs of eyes were staring at her at the same time. Their eyes were as cold as ice, and their eyes were full of confusion. "This, this seems to be good. Would you like to think about it?"

She rolled her eyes awkwardly and said with a smile and embarrassment, "Don't think about it. I'm just a passer-by along the way. You continue to talk. I'll go first."


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