His Sweetie Wants a Divorce Again

His Sweetie Wants a Divorce Again



On the surface, he was the young master of the Lu Family from a well-known family, but in fact, he was a "cripple" abandoned by his family. He was even a joke of the Lu Family. It was said that he was incompetent in other aspects and had a bad temper. He was a notorious playboy who got drunk and fought. Women only approached him for money, and no woman was sincere to him. However, after her grandfather, whom she loved the most, pushed her into this "cripple" and jumped into the "fire pit", she realized that her husband, who she always wanted to escape from, was a treasure man.
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In the midsummer, the capital city, which had always been dry and comfortable, had a rare weather of its own. It was so stuffy that it was hard to breathe.

Lin Wanwan stared at the coffee cup in front of her, feeling anxious. She was thinking about how to make this negotiation work.

Last night, someone urgently called her back to the old house, and her grandfather announced in person that she was married to the young master of the Lu family, Lu Tianchen.

The reason was that the Lu family would personally settle the financial shortage of his father's company and prevent him from being imprisoned...

That was her most beloved father. She could not watch him go to jail, but she was not willing to sacrifice her love.

What's more, Lu Tianchen was a famous good-for-nothing in the celebrity circle, a joke of the Lu family. It was said that not only was he incompetent, but he also had a bad temper, was moody, was drinking and fighting, and a pervertedly torturing maid in his family was a notorious rich playboy...

Although she was a doctor who saved lives and healed injuries, she was not a saint, nor was she an immortal who jumped into the fire pit to save himself.

After a moment of fear, a tall figure stood in front of him.

Lin Wanwan instinctively raised her eyes and was stunned. The face that suddenly appeared was very beautiful. She had a straight nose and thin lips. Even if she wore sunglasses, she knew that it must be a handsome guy.

It was Lu Tianchen who had met her today. He should be imagining the unrestrained playboy instead of being so cold.

But no matter what, such a man was not someone to be trifled with.

Lin Wanwan quickly calmed down and got up. She reached out nervously and asked tentatively, "Are you Lu Tianchen, Mr. Lu?"

After all, the tall and tall body in front of her had a strong and serious aura, which made her, who had always been confident, inexplicably embarrassed.

The man raised his hand and took off his sunglasses, revealing a pair of long and narrow and deep eyes. The beautiful figure in front of him was wearing a white dress embroidered with ancient embroidery.

His heart trembled inexplicably.

After a while, the man did not answer but asked, "Don't you know me?"

After all, he was a notorious young master of the Lu family, who often occupied the top three on the most searched list. How could this woman not know him?

Lu Tianchen's eyes sparkled as he looked into her eyes, which were as clear as a soul.

Lin Wanwan was forced to look at him, and her heart trembled.

This face was as cold and beautiful as the photos in magazines. She just didn't expect that he was not as naughty as she thought. Maybe it was because his eyes were unfathomable...

Lin Wanwan quickly put away her thoughts and said with a faint smile, "Sorry... you just wore sunglasses... Now I recognize you."

The man raised his eyebrows and looked at her little face. He narrowed his eyes and said in a cold voice, "My time is precious. If you want to ask me to cancel the engagement, then Dr. Lin, don't waste your words. I... don't agree."

Just as he had expected.

Lin Wanwan tried hard to adjust her thoughts and said humbly, "I have ordered a cup of coffee for you. Can you sit down first?"

The man's thin lips moved, but he did not answer. After a while, he said coldly again, "I'll only give you ten minutes!"

As soon as Lu Tianchen sat down, the waiter brought him coffee.

Both of them were holding the spoon and stirring the coffee. The atmosphere was somewhat depressing. Soon, Lin Wanwan broke the silence first and said, "Mr. Lu, we don't have any emotional foundation. Do you think it's appropriate for us to combine? We are all adults. You should know that the forced melon is not sweet."

Lin Wanwan thought about it for a few seconds and decided to get straight to the point.

As soon as he finished speaking, the man put the coffee cup on the table heavily. The coffee splashed out from the edge of the cup, which scared Lin Wanwan, who had always been calm, a little flustered.

The air suddenly became quiet.

After a while, the man raised his eyebrows and smiled. It seemed that he was not the one who had lost his temper just now. "You've been wronged because you married me? You haven't had any contact with me yet, but you're in a hurry to break off the engagement. Are you being a little hasty?"

Lin Wanwan was stunned.

What kind of break-off marriage?!

She never agreed, okay?!

And was it necessary to contact him?

What kind of person was he? It had long been spread in the outside world. She was so stupid that she wanted to have further contact with him.

After all, the Lu family had spent a lot of money to save her father's company, which made her less confident in her words. She unconsciously became a little cautious. "Mr. Lu, I... I have someone I love deeply..."

Lin Wanwan knew that a man would mind marrying a woman who had other men in her heart.

Because there was a risk of being cuckolded.

But as long as there was a way out, ordinary men would not choose this path, let alone such a fierce and cynical man like him.

"I know that." Lu Tianchen glanced at her and smiled. "Do you think I'll mind?"

The man's tone was very serious, and the way he looked at her was a little deep.

It was as if he was saying something heart-wrenching.

Obviously, Lin Wanwan didn't expect him to have such a reaction. She quickly composed herself and said calmly, "But I mind. I love my boyfriend very much. Even if I marry you, I can't forget him and tell him. I don't want to lie to you. After all, you are innocent, so please be careful."

A dark light flashed across his eyes. Lu Tianchen leaned lazily against the sofa behind him, his brows raised and the corners of his mouth curled into an almost undetectable arc. "So Doctor Lin is a genuine woman. But your honesty has given me a good impression. This makes me even more unwilling to do as you wish!"

His stubborn words gave Lin Wanwan a headache. After a while, she made up her mind and said the second move, "Although Childe Lu looks good, but... I heard that you are not good at that, so I can't guarantee that I will be willing to be lonely after marriage and not find other men..."

At this moment, Lin Wanwan realized that if she could persuade him to cancel the engagement, she could only stab him in the scar and tell him the truth.

"This woman... Why is she so straightforward as to question my ability in that aspect?"

Wasn't that what the outside world said?

The man narrowed his eyes and continued to look at the woman in front of him. After a while, he squeezed out a question in a low voice, "What other reasons do you have? Why don't you just say it all at once?"

Lin Wanwan gritted her teeth and said, "I don't want to be single for the rest of my life. I have to have a child. If you can turn a blind eye to my private life after marriage, I..."

"Enough!" The man finally interrupted her rudely.

This was the real him. He was just pretending.

However, the man's eyes flashed with a warm and complicated look, which made Lin Wanwan's heart tremble.

She was a bit regretful. She always felt that it was a bit inappropriate to expose his scars in this way.

The man's breathing was a little rapid, and his deep eyes were fixed on her. Staring at her, who had always been confident, he was a little scared.

After a while, he finally opened his thin lips and said coldly, "To tell you the truth, isn't Doctor Lin trying to get away with nothing?"

"You misunderstood me!" The man's coldness and unique aura made Lin Wanwan take a deep breath and finally said a strategy that she had already thought of. "Grandpa said that your Lu Family has invested 30 million into my father's company..."

"So?" Lu Tianchen raised his eyebrows and waited.

Lin Wanwan bit her thin lips and forced herself to calm down. "I can be a family doctor for your whole life. You know, the annual salary of a family doctor is about 300,000 yuan. I am only 25 years old this year. If I count interest, I can help you and your family's health for the rest of my life..."

"Then I might as well marry you home and become my wife. I have the responsibility to serve our family." The man was obviously dismissive. He took a sip of his coffee lazily. "Don't you know how to settle such a simple interest debt?"

Lin Wanwan's head was pounding. With her good self-cultivation, she forced herself to ask as calmly as possible, "Then why did you marry me? Did you just want to find a toy for your fun?"

Lu Tianchen said in a low and charming voice, "Because you're very beautiful and your work is decent. Although I'm a good-for-nothing, I'm still very demanding on my wife."

"So if you want to break off the engagement, don't even think about it!"

His words made people feel that he had done something evil.

But when Lin Wanwan didn't know how to deal with him, the man suddenly stood up and looked at her with obvious coldness and sharpness. "My time is precious, so I don't want to talk nonsense. See you at the Civil Affairs Bureau at nine o'clock tomorrow morning. Don't let me wait too long. If it takes more than ten minutes, not only will your company go bankrupt, but your company will also be fired. Don't come and beg me at that time!"

After the last piece of advice, the man carried her out and quickly walked out of the door, leaving her with a cold aura.

She knew that he was threatening her. She had already heard about it. His heart was broken, and his means of torturing people were also shocking.

Not long ago, he played with a few rich playboys and brought several girls into the hospital. They almost died... In the end, the Lu family paid a great price to settle this matter in order to save face.

Thinking of this, Lin Wanwan bit her lips tightly and held her palms tightly with her fingertips. She held back the tears in her eyes and sat still.


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