CEO's Regret: His Obsession After Divorce

CEO's Regret: His Obsession After Divorce

Author:Raven Heart



Raizen Montefalcon is a cold man who is supposed to be the perfect husband. He suppressed his true feelings for his wife because he was bound by a promise. "Let's split up. I don't even like you." He was all set to marry the woman who saved his life, but things had changed. Which of those two temptations will cause him to maintain a bittersweet demeanor? What will he do if everything he believes is actually a fake story all along? Kassandra Alejo is known for being a kind woman who can be dangerous when fooled. She pursues her dream but loses the man she loves. Heartbroken as a result of the divorce, she will discover a secret that will change her mind. She will not give up her husband to a devious woman. By hook or crook, she'll always be Mrs. Montefalcon. If she tells him the truth, will he believe her? How will she deal with her enemies' traps, which are hidden behind her charming mask?
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Kassandra’s POV

I receive messages, pictures, and videos of my husband and that singer. We met her at a Montefalcon company event, and that night changed my life.

[I believe they are dating. That fucking singer is your husband's mistress! What are you planning to do?]

My jaw clenches. This Friday is my graduation. However, these claims gave me nightmares. "How can you treat me this way?!" I yelled the loudest.

Three years ago…

“I, Kassandra Alejo, will vow to love you with all her heart and soul. I will make sure I’ll be the wife who will keep you smiling and happy,” I say with a smile.

“I, Raizen Montefalcon, will promise to be your husband that will stay beside you. To cherish you and will always treat you as the queen.”

We put on our ring and fake a smile. We get married because our family was close friends that ends up arranging a marriage to their kids. To deepen their relationship. Beyond that… I agreed because I do love my best friend. They all clap their hands. He fakes the kiss and no one noticed that.

“What did you say?” he ask. I gave him the paper.

“I’m sorry. I never thought they’ll pick me. I have to fly to New York to study.” He stood up.

“And you didn’t want to give this up, right?” he ask. I nod.

“What the fuck, Kassandra! How can you do this?! You are no longer a single lady that can do anything she wanted.” I look at him.

“You know it's my dream. This is the opportunity I have been waiting for,” I explained.

“And now I’m the bad guy? Really? You just threw a bomb in front of me. On our wedding night!” he screamed.

“I know. But I have to leave the next day. That’s why I have to tell you this. You know I never keep a secret on you,” I added.

His eyes were furious and left me. It was supposed to be the wedding night but…

Present days

I smiled when I saw my diploma. I will surprise everyone with this. I finished my study at last! My phone rings.

“Huh? This is the first time he called me after three years…” I mumbled. But I answered my phone.

“Hello?” I greeted.

“Come home as soon as possible.” His tone was the coldest that I ever heard.

“Why? Is there an emergency?” I ask. He drops the call and messages me.

I put on my sunglasses and grab my luggage. I became what I wanted which cost me a happy ending.

“Calling all the passengers for a flight from New York to London, be ready to aboard. Calling all the passengers for a flight from New York to London, be ready to aboard.” I close my eyes and walk off.

“Ma’am? Ma’am…?” she softly cold and shake my shoulder.

“Oh, I’m sorry,” I apologize.

“We will take off in a few minutes. You have to buckle up your seatbelt,” she says. I nod and check myself.

“Thank you,” I say. She simply nods and leaves me. I opened my phone and saw that message. I thought I already deleted this but I fell asleep instead.

[Come home quick. I know you graduated. I need you to sign our divorced papers.] My jaw clenched and my chest tighten.

“Fuck,” I curse. I wish it was just a dream.

At the airport, a familiar face was waving at me. “At last, you’re home!” she screamed and hugged me. I laugh and tap her back.

“Hey, I can’t breathe. I miss you too, missy,” I tease. She rolled her eyes.

“Let’s get in. I wonder why you ask me to fetch you up instead of your family,” she says. I fake a smile. Even though she keeps on asking, I plainly created white lies. To surprise them.

“I’m sorry if I can’t come inside. They suddenly texted me and I have to go. I’ll see you again on a weekend?” she suggested.

“No problem, thanks. I have to do it alone, anyway.” Her expression changes but she leaves me afterward.

I was in front of the wedding house that our parents gave to us. It’s been three years and I only sleep here for two nights. The gate automatically opens and I get inside. I am nervous and trembling inside but… I have to be strong and act bravely.

I saw our wedding photo above the furnace. I stood straight and look at him. “I knew you are serious. If you only knew what I feel for you.”

My tears fall on my cheeks. I went straight to our room and notice the changes. From interior design and even the furniture. I opened the cabinet and find that album. I will keep this one. The memories from these pictures meant the world to me. I keep them in my bag. I went down and soon he came back. Good thing he didn’t see me walking down the stairs. His gorgeous as always but his eyes were… lifeless.

“I’m back,” I plainly say as a greeting.

“Should I welcome you?” he replied coldly.

“I know that you didn’t want to,” I say. He opens a brandy on the mini table. He was holding a glass of brandy in his hand when he meet my gaze.

“Let’s talk about your concern tomorrow. I need to take some rest. I’m tired myself and you look the same,” I mumbled. I was about to pass over him when he stretch his hand and stop me.

“Maybe I should give you this first? It's my gift,” he says. He handed me a small box.

“Gift? Tss, really?” I replied with sarcasm.

“Why? Is it bad to give my wife a gift?” he asks. I gave him a sour expression.

“Yes, especially that you never care once, Raizen,” I was about to leave him but he spoke and stop me. The sadness in my heart was numb to my mind and my whole body.

“Don’t take one more step,” he warns.

I look back and he grabs something in his bag. I grab the folder and I tried to look unaffected in his eyes. I don’t want him to see that I’m affected.

“But why? Do you want to disappoint our family?” I ask. He scoffs.

“You did. The time you left. Remember Nathalie?” he asks. My jaw clenched.

“Yes. The singer that saved your life three years ago,” I simply answered full of animosity.

“She was diagnosed with cancer two years ago. I have been helping her on that journey. But things got worst. From stage two, it became three but her medication didn’t help her and now she’s in stage four. She only has 5 months to live. I want to be with her,” he says.

“You have been,” I coldly said.

“Her death wish is for me to marry her. I will repay her for the precious memory she gave to me. For this life that I have and for being there with me,” he says and gives me that bitterness.

“Really? Wow,” I answered trying to control my emotions. Just like this house, his feelings for me were empty and lifeless.

“Are you being sarcastic?” he asks.

“Why would I?” I talk back.

“This has been a sexless marriage and you left this place already. Stop acting like you’re the victim. After all, I won’t be leaving you with any responsibility,” he says and staring at my stomach.

“If this what you want, then so be it. Where is your pen? I will sign it right away!” I look at the table trying to find a pen.

“You should be reading that agreement first,” he says. “Whatever. You are eager to leave me anyway,” I stated.

“Just read it. I don’t want any legal terms that will hinder the smooth process of our divorce. By the way, I want you to meet Nathalie tomorrow. I told her that you agreed to this divorce settlement and I never forced you. I made her believe that you never harbor any hatred towards her. Make sure to act properly,” he says. I scoff.

“FUCK! How dare you use me for your lies! This isn’t enough?! Why would I have to deal with that bitch?” I ask.

“Just do it! I will come back tomorrow and make sure you will comply,” he says and leaves.

In my room, my knees were shaking and I start sobbing like hell. “Why did you choose her, Raizen?” I mumbled. My phone rang and it was my best friend.

“Hello?! I was right. You came back because he wants to file a divorce! That girl was bragging that fucking shit! She’s the one who convinces him! You should do something!” she yelled.

“Let it be. No one can stop him anyway,” I answered.

“That’s it? I should’ve stayed and talked to you. This girl here ruined my night! Don’t leave like that! You love him and you will let a bitch to succeed?! Nah-ah. I will never agree to that!” she whined.

“Please, let’s talk some other time, Jazmin.” I drop the call and continued to cry.

‘Even if I love him… he won’t believe me. I left after our wedding ceremony and he’s right. This marriage is sexless.’ I heard a knock. Who is that?


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