Be My CEO's Love and Honey

Be My CEO's Love and Honey



[Fluff] [Refreshing] [One-on-One] [Extra Sweet] [Pure-hearted] Due to her sister's scheme, she shockingly had an affair with a stranger on the eve of her wedding. When the reporters arrived, and her sister appeared before her, holding the hand of her fiancé, Xu Qing knew she had 'lost' this time. As it happened, the stranger with whom she'd had the affair turned out to be none other than Yan Family's eldest son, a known 'fool' to everyone in the city. With a hardened heart, she gritted her teeth, faced her hypocritically innocent sister and her childhood sweetheart holding her sister's hand, and laughed. "I’d like to announce to you all that this Young Master Yan is the man I'm going to marry. I look forward to your guidance in the future." However, what was this overly doting behaviour after the wedding? Wasn't he said to be as unintelligent as a five-year-old?
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When Xu Qingshen woke up, her head was throbbing painfully, and her body ached as if she had been run over by a huge truck! Fragments of memories flashed across her mind...

Yesterday was her golden bachelorette night! She was about to step into the marriage hall with her childhood sweetheart, Han Tianyi! That's why she decided to have a great time with her girlfriends on the day before the wedding!


Where on earth was she?

This was certainly not the room she had booked yesterday. In fact, this place seemed incredibly unfamiliar, like, some weird... cough cough... special room?

The reason she described this room as weird was entirely justified. Because the arrangement of this room was completely different from the norm! There was even a set of what looked like a sexy bunny girl outfit thrown on the floor??

"What the hell is going on?" Xu Qingshen couldn't help but mumble. She wanted to get up, however, as she lifted the corner of the quilt, she felt a draft, as if reminding her that she was completely... naked?


The room door was suddenly kicked open! The glaring flashes from flood of cameras were blinding. And then came the barrage of questions!

"Miss Xu! Today is your wedding with Mr. Han Tianyi of the Han Group! What are your feelings about having an affair with a strange man on your wedding day?"

"Will this not affect the partnership between the Xu Group and the Han Group? It is said that the cooperation between the two groups has surpassed a decade, would your act on the eve of the wedding cause the relationship between the two groups to break down?"

"Miss Xu! How do you intend to explain this to Han Tianyi? Do you really think you can explain it clearly? Even though you and Mr. Han have been childhood sweethearts, there seems to be no excuse for your current situation, right?"

"Tianyi brother, as I said, my sister is here." Accompanied by a familiar voice, Xu Youyou, holding Han Tianyi's hand, slowly emerged from the crowd of reporters. "Sister, how could you treat brother Tianyi like this? Today is the wedding day for both of you. With your actions now, how do you intend to face the expectations of both families?"

"Qingshen." Han Tianyi's narrow eyes were filled with anger. "I didn't believe it when Youyou told me, but now I do. I didn't expect you to truly betray our years of sentiment."

"So this is the reason that you allowed Xu Youyou to hold your hand?” Xu Qingshen didn't instantly respond to their question, her beautiful eyes hinting a touch of fury, as if trying to bore a hole through the sight of those joined hands. “Han Tianyi, I told you before what I cannot stand the most! But now, it seems like you simply brushed off my words as though they were whispers in the wind, didn't you?”

"Sis, don't scold Brother Tianyi!" Before Han Tianyi could speak, Xu Youyou immediately stepped in front of him with her arms spread out protectively. Her eyes alone looked like they would shed tears at any moment, exactly like a 'damsel in distress'. "It was you who did wrong first! Just because Brother Tianyi spoils and loves you, doesn't mean you can act so selfish.”

"Han Tianyi, I'm talking to you!" Xu Qingshen clung onto the corner of the quilt, her chest heaving. "Have you gone deaf? Or mute? Or do you need Xu Youyou to be your spokesperson and answer for you?"

"Xu Qingshen, take a good look at your own disgraceful behavior." Han Tianyi, after a prolonged silence, managed to grind out through clenched teeth, “When there's another man lying in your bed, how dare you question me?"

"What did you say?" Xu Qingshen never expected a day where she would hear such harsh words from the man she loved deeply. "Did you say I’m disgraceful? Hmm?”

"Isn't it the truth?" Han Tianyi had been repressing his rage since he entered. He hoped Xu Qingshen could give him an explanation. Even if the explanation wasn’t perfect, he might still be able to accept it. But, she! She has always considered herself superior, never showing any remorse, always asking him hard questions. “Can you dare to say there is no one by your side? Huh?”

"By my side, of course..." Xu Qingshen instinctively reached towards her side. When she finally touched...him

you know

, her voice came to an abrupt stop. "…you guys, hold on a bit…"

Ignoring the flashes from the reporters’ cameras, and the insistent questions from her fiancé and sister standing on the other side, she quietly lifted the corner of the quilt and peeked inside.

"Sis, are we playing hide and seek?"

Under the quilt, the man was extraordinarily handsome. His thick eyebrows rebelliously raised, underneath his long, slightly curled eyelashes were clear eyes as fresh as morning dew, a straight nose, lips as pink as petals, and fair skin...cough.

Even Xu Qingshen, who prided herself on her experience with men


, felt her head spin slightly when she first saw this stranger. Especially those clear eyes, more breathtaking than amber, so mesmerizing they made her heart flutter.

"Cat! ~I found you, sis! ~" All of a sudden, he threw off the quilt on his side, sat up, revealing a black collar on his neck!

"Oh my God!” Xu Youyou immediately covered her cheeks, but couldn't help but take a few more glances at the man. “Sis, how could you still like playing these kinds of games?! You, you actually…”

"Qingshen, are you still refusing to admit your mistake? Or you still don't want to explain it to me?!”

“Explain what exactly?” Xu Qingshen, with a headache, rubbed her temples. Then, with her pale fingers gripping the corner of the quilt, she quickly covered the man under it. “Well, I cheated. Is it not enough that I caught myself in the act?”

"Xu Qingshen!" Han Tianyi clasped his fists tightly, his facial features contorting with anger. "Is this how you treat our years together?”

"You mentioned it.” Even though Xu Qingshen had been pushed into such a disadvantageous situation, she could still calmly face the man, the woman, and the wolf-like reporters behind her. “When you chose to believe Xu Youyou and stormed in to catch the 'adulterer', didn't our relationship already shatter?”

"Sis, you can't say that." Xu Youyou secretly grinned inside, but on the outside, she looked wronged with her eyes reddening and leaned towards Han Tianyi's body. “If it wasn't for you…”

“You're still chattering away, aren’t you?” Xu Qingshen grabbed a pillow from her side, and in her bad temper, threw it right at Xu Youyou's face. “Han Tianyi and I are talking. Who asked for your input?”


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