When He Got Seven Brides

When He Got Seven Brides


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With marriage contracts in hand, the world is mine! After the poor lad Jiang Chen pulled out the marriage papers, seven exquisitely beautiful wives rushed to his embrace one after another!
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"Garbage collector, where did you steal this ancient jade lock from?"

He Chen ignored the stunning beauty standing next to the BMW convertible, pulling the brim of his straw hat a little lower to completely cover his eyes.

Is this his unmasked fiancée?

The old man's taste is really bad.

He initially didn't want to come down the mountain, but the old man pressured him to death, insisting that he come down the mountain to marry a woman he'd never met.

To understand the situation better, He Chen disguised himself as a scrap collector to investigate the truth.

He learned that his fiancée, Lin Yanran, is the dean of the largest private hospital in Jiangnan, Hua Tuo Hospital.

Looking at the photo, he thought she would be a gentle and cute woman. It turned out that although she's pretty, her temper is not so good.

She doesn't even have the feminine charm of Feng, the widowed woman in the village.

"Hey! Didn't you hear me talking? Why is a garbage collector so arrogant?"

"Be clear, I am a scrap collector."

He Chen pointed to the sign hanging in front of his tricycle and irately reminded her.

"Isn't a scrap collector the same as a garbage collector?"

Lin Yanran rolled her eyes, feeling a bit impatient.

After all, she is the number one beauty in Jiangnan.

What young man doesn't freeze at the sight of her?

Yet, this man, a garbage collector of all people, didn't even bother to glance her way.

In fact, he seemed to be rather disgusted by her.

Could it be that she was no longer attractive?

Lin Yanran began to doubt her own beauty and figure.

But the most pressing issue at hand was getting hold of that ancient jade lock around this man's neck.

With this in mind, Lin Yanran continued to question: “I’ll ask you again, where did you steal this ancient jade lock from?”

“Who said I stole it? I obtained this from collecting junk!” He Dust was somewhat annoyed.

This jade lock was a heirloom left to him by his parents.

It was also a token for him to come down the mountain and get married.

His master had told him that as long as the Lin family saw this lock, Lin Yanran would be married to him.

He Dust understood that Lin Yanran was specifically here for his jade lock.

As expected, in the next second, Lin Yanran pointed at the jade lock and boldly stated: “I want this lock. Name your price.”

He Dust noticed that Lin Yanran had an identical jade lock hanging around her neck.

The ancient jade lock was a treasure passed down through the generations of the Lin family, also serving as an engagement token.

A long time ago, Lin Yanran's grandfather told her that a heroic figure would come and marry her, carrying an ancient jade pendant identical to hers.

Initially, Lin Yanran didn't pay much attention to his words. But when she passed by the garbage collector and saw the ancient jade pendant in his hand, identical to hers, she was taken aback and hurriedly stopped to question him.

Much to her relief, the young man had acquired the jade pendant from someone else. If this garbage collector was indeed her future husband...

She'd rather die than that be true.

"I'm not selling," He Chen responded without a moment's hesitation.

The ancient jade pendent was intimately linked to his origins, it was something he could never sell!

"Why won't you sell it?"

"My stuff is my own business. Whether I sell or not, what's it got to do with you?"


Lin Yanran widened her eyes in disbelief.

A stinking, garbage-collecting man really dared to disrespect her like this?

She was so angry, she felt like turning around and leaving. But thinking of the ancient jade pendant around the young man's neck, which was vitally important to her, she had to stay.

She took a deep breath, took out several stacks of notes, and handed them over, asking, "Is sixty thousand yuan enough?"

"Not selling."

Lin Yanran asked with a cold face, "How much do you want in order to sell?"

Sixty thousand yuan and he still won't sell, is he deliberately raising the price?

"I've already told you I'm not selling regardless of the price, are you deaf? Move, don't block me from collecting scrap."

He Chen's attitude remained indifferent.

He didn't want to grovel like other men before this young Miss Lin.

If he were like that, how would he maintain his dignity as a man after marriage?

"You…you are telling me to leave?"

Lin Yanran clenched her fists, her brows knitting sharply, "This is the entrance of my family's hospital, do you believe I can have security chase you out?"

"No need for you to chase, I can leave myself."

Having said that, He Chen began to push his tricycle, ready to leave.

But after he took two steps, he suddenly turned back to look at Lin Yanran.

"Just a word of advice before I go, it seems that there's a strange cold toxin in your body. If it's not treated in time, it might be life-threatening."

Having finished speaking, He Chen didn't wait for Lin Yanran to retort and continued pushing his tricycle towards the exit.

At this moment, a large Benz suddenly stopped, and a young man dressed in branded attire stepped out of the car.

Ignoring He Chen, he stared at Lin Yanran with a lecherous grin, "Yanran, are you standing at the door to welcome my arrival?"

Lin Yanran looked at the man with slight furrow in her brows, a face of disgust.

"Chu Dong, what are you doing here?"

"We are about to get engaged soon, I came to discuss with you where to choose for our engagement banquet," Chu Dong spoke in a frivolous and cheerful tone.

"Are you out of your mind? Who's going to get engaged with you?" Lin Yanran looked bewildered.

"Aren't you aware? My dad just agreed to loan two millions to your Lin Group, your Uncle Lin Tianyao has already agreed that we will hold the engagement ceremony in two days."

"I will decide my own marriage. It's not up to anyone else," Lin Yanran snorted coldly, her face covered in frost.

"That's not up to you. Your uncle is the head of the Lin family and the chairman of Lin Group. Can you not obey his orders?" Chu Dong had a look of triumph.

Looking at Chu Dong, Lin Yanran sternly warned in a cold voice, "Chu Dong, I advise you not to harbor delusions. It is impossible for us."

"No matter what my uncle says, does it mean that if he sells me out, I have to count money for him?"

"Yanran, I know you actually love me, but you're just too shy to admit it. Anyway, we'll be getting engaged soon, and we'll have to sleep in the same bed. What's there to be shy about..."

Chu Dong kept his eyes glued at Lin Yanran's enchanting figure, cheerfully reaching out to grab Lin Yanran's hand.

"What are you trying to do?"

Scared, Lin Yanran immediately tried to pull away her hand.

Chu Dong firmly grabbed her, dragging her towards his Benz.

Chu Dong smirked, saying, "Yanran, since we're destined to become family sooner or later, why don't we just go ahead and seal the deal?"

At these words, Chu Dong's bodyguard stepped forward to assist, pushing Lin Yanran towards the car.

Now Lin Yanran truly panicked. She blurted out in a loud voice, "Help! Let me go."

But the surrounding onlookers simply lowered their heads; no one dared to utter a word.

"Hehe, save your energy. Even if you scream your lungs out, no one would dare come to your rescue. Why not just obediently come with me? I'll surely treat you well…"

Just as Chu Dong was preparing to get in the car, He Chen, who was pushing a tricycle, moved.

The next second, with a resounding slap, a loud smack landed on Chu Dong's face...


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