My Contract With A Billionaire

My Contract With A Billionaire




Richard wanted to get married as soon as possible so his mom could stop bothering him. Kaylee was struggling financially and she needed money to pay for her dad's hospital bills. Richard and Kaylee met in a bar and After they shared each others problems, Richard asked Kaylee to marry him and in return he would take care of all financial troubles and with Kaylee recent situation she had no choice than to agree to Richard's proposal and soon they were married. months into their marriage, Kaylee and Richard's relationship had taken a better turn and soon they developed feelings for each other. Kaylee was devastated and furious by the news she had just received about Richard. Richard had a genetic disease and his chance of survival were low and he only got married to Kaylee just to get her pregnant and continue his family name. Kaylee was finally pregnant but there wasn't any time to celebrate as Richard had just fell into a comma and the doctors couldn't tell if he was going to wake up. Three long years and Richard still wasn't showing any sign of waking up. Kaylee received pressure from her family to get married to someone else as they weren't sure if Richard was going to wake up. will Kaylee be able to wait for Richard? or will she just moved on with her life?
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Richard's pov.

Hey babe! I really missed you let's meet up this Friday.

Anger boiled inside me as i read the text leah had just sent to him. The nerve she had to even think of messaging me after what she did to me.

Leah was my girlfriend until she publicly dumped me on social media for some old cargo and now she was texting me to meet with her she must be nuts in the head if she thinks i would agree to meet with her. We are done!

Leah and i have been together for almost two years and i was already planning on getting married to her well not until she made a post on her Instagram page with some asshole calling me out that she was done with me and she found someone better. I couldn't explain how angry i was with her when i first saw the post and the comments were all mean and was directed to me saying i wasn't a good boyfriend and she deserves better.

How dare they say i wasn't a good boyfriend, i know i wasn't the best but i still tried to be the best i can and what did i get in return a public humiliation.

Honestly, no matter how i tried to think of a better reason as to why Leah dumped me for that old cargo i just couldn't. He was rich but not as rich as me and I had a better influence than him so what could be her reasons or maybe she wanted to see how old men treated girls in bed, i hoped she got what she was looking for and she better stay with him cause we are done!

The sound of my phone ringing brought me back to reality and when i saw the caller ID my face fell. It was my mom and i knew exactly why she was calling. My mom had been on my neck about me getting married and having a kid and ever since Leah and i started dating she was pressuring me to get married to her immediately. I'm glad i didn't listen to her because i would have regretted it so much.

"Hi mum" i said picking up the call

"What is all this I'm hearing" she sounded angry

"You won't even reply to my greetings first before asking questions"

"Don't change the topic what's going on between you and Leah, don't tell it's true"

"Mom, i and Leah won't work"

"What do you mean you and Leah won't work? You've been together for almost two years and now you are saying you guys won't work!"

"Mom I'll explain this later to you I'm busy" i ended the call after that and threw my phone on the sofa next to me

I didn't have the time to deal with my mom and whatever she had to say could wait till i get home.

I did some work at the office and then called it a day and headed home to face my raging mom.

I parked my car in front of my mom's house and then headed inside and i was immediately greated by my mom's angry face

"You have to fix things between you guys and get married to her as soon as possible" she said as i came inside

"No hello or how was work or anything" i said to her

My mom rolled her eyes at me "I've talked to Leah and she says she sorry and she regrets deeply what she did and I forgave her"

"She didn't offend you, you have no right to forgive her"

"Do you really want to throw away your relationship with her over just one silly mistake"

"Silly mistake? She called me out publicly for not been a good boyfriend and also dumped for an old cargo"

"She already took down the post"

"Taking down the post won't change anything, I'm done with Leah and that's final"



"No not after you made me wait for two whole years for you to get married and have a son"

"It's my life mom you have to stay out of it"

"You are my son and i won't stay out of your life. You know why I'm doing all these"

Must she bring that up right now "I won't get married to Leah"

"Fine. Then just get her pregnant"

I couldn't believe what my mom had just said, was she serious about what she just said? I should get Leah pregnant. I understand her reasons but could she be this desperate

"Leah won't bear any child for me"

"I don't have any more time to spare, get her pregnant!"

"You have to wait if you still want to have a grandchild"

"There isn't any more time to wait don't you see!" She yelled back

"We are done with this conversation" i walked out immediately and i could hear my mom screaming my name but i ignored her i couldn't deal with her drama this night.

I got into my car and drove straight to the only place where I could clear my head. The bar.

It was a Friday so the bar was crowded. I glanced around all the unfamiliar faces in the bar and then made my way to the counter to get a drink.

"Richard" the bar attendant said my name as soon came here.


"The usual?" He asked

"Yeah but make it a little dirty" he then proceeded to pour me a glass of special whiskey and passed it over to me

I picked up the glass and was about to gulped down the entire content when i heard an unfamiliar voice besides me "why is life so unfair" the lady besides me said

I didn't know who she was and i didn't even want to know what she was talking about so i picked up my glass and stood up looking for a place to sit.

"How rude" she said drunkly

"Excuse me?"

"You are rude"

"Rude? Do you just talk to anyone in the bar and then called them rude?" I asked her

"No. only the handsome ones" she said.

"Excuse me!" Who was this lady. Before I could mutter another sentence, she launched at my drink and then gulped than the content "hey!"

She let out a growl after gulping the drink "relax it's just a drink it's no Biggie"

"What kind of person calls someone rude and then proceeds to steal their drink"

"Buy me a drink and I'll tell you what kind of person i am" she said playing with the glass in her hands

Whoever this lady was, she is crazy. I just had a heated argument with my mom and i came here to clear my head not get caught up with what ever this lady has to say. "I don't have time for this" i was about to leave when i she stopped me

"Fine I'll tell what kind of a person i am you don't have to buy me a drink" she said tugging at my jacket

"I'm not interested anymore, let go of my jacket"

"Jeez you are cranky" she said drunkly "I'll pay for your drink if that's your problem"

"You'll pay for my drink! because you think that's my problem? Huh! You think my problem is with you taking my drink" i yelled at her. I didn't why I yelled probably because of what going on in my head

She looked stunned after my mini outburst

"if the drink is not your problem then what is your problem"

"My problem?" I asked her. Was she really asking me that. I decided to go away from there but something in me decided to just sit down and have a chat with this lady. I looked over at the bar attendant and signaled him to pour us drinks.

I gulped down mine immediately and let out a growl. "My mom is on my neck about me getting married" i blurted out to her not thinking at all

"That's your problem? Just getting married? How is that a problem" she asked looking totally shocked

"You won't understand. Forget i said anything" i said to her then signaled to the bar attendant once more to bring more drinks

"If getting married was my problem right now, I'll be the happiest person on earth" she said taking a sip of her drinks

"Really?are your problems much worse than mine"

She looked over a me and then let out a loud laugh "if there's another word for problem then that's what I'm currently facing"

"What's that"

She gulped down her entire drink first before answering me "imagine you still haven't cleared your college loan yet and your dad is in the hospital with tons of medical bills and if life couldn't get any worse, you got fired from work today"

I was stunned by what she just said. But if her dad is in the hospital and she had just lost her job then why was she in a bar i didn't really see any solution to her problem here. "Shouldn't you be with your dad at the hospital instead of drinking?"

"Ah what's the point of going there i already knew what's going to happen the moment i step my foot into that hospital. They'll just throw more bills at my face and i can't bear to deal with them right now, so drinking" she said raising her glass up "helps me not to think about those bills"

"That's not going to solve your problem"

"What about you, you are here drinking instead of getting married and make your mom happy"

We both went silent after that. I didn't know what came over me but I just had the craziest idea and as crazy as it may sound it could help solve both of our problems right now.

"You need money right to sort out all your bills right?"

"Yeah weren't you listening"

"And you don't have a job right now"

"Are you mocking me?" She said looking all angry

I ignored her and continue with what i was saying "I have an offer for you"

"The only offer i want right now,is the one that can clear all my bills" she said gulping down her drink

"Let's get married"


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